Pisces Season Horoscopes February-March 2024

pisces season horoscopes 2024

It’s the final stop on our collective trip around the Sun. On February 18/19, the Sun makes its way into Pisces, the 12th and last sign of the zodiac.

It is said that Pisces holds a little energy of all the other 11 zodiacs, but without exploring the depths of Piscean energy, we can never really understand the whole. Pisces is our final resting point, our final completion stage on the wheel, and sometimes, it is only once we have reached the end that we are able to make sense of the journey.

Under the Pisces Sun, we may begin to feel a sense of culmination and endings. We may begin to feel that things have reached a closure point, or that we can no longer continue the way we have been.

We may also begin to feel a sense of understanding and resolution to problems or issues that have been troubling us. A light at the end of the tunnel may suddenly appear, guiding us to a new solution and perhaps even a new beginning.

Because all endings hold the promise of a new beginning. All endings, all points of closure, eventually give rise to a rebirth that we will feel come the March Equinox.

Until this point, we are wading through the watery vibrations of Pisces, ebbing and flowing and finding our way.

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Even though they both seem to lead completely different lives, they both end up in the same place, for their journey is a circle. These fish represent the duality of life and how it is just an illusion. But it also represents that there are no wrong paths, for all paths have the potential to lead us exactly where we need to be.

Pisces Season 2024 is preparing us for one of the biggest cosmic events of the year, which is the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus.

Although Taurus sits far away from Pisces, this building of energy is going to be felt all through the season and will set the stage for what’s to come. Jupiter and Uranus coming together represent a big shift or a big change that we will feel on a global scale.

Saturn is also touring through Pisces and will be active as the Sun journeys through there. Especially on February 28, when the Sun and Saturn align. Saturn is considered the Lord of Karma and our Master Teacher, so we may very well feel our karmic lessons being pulled and triggered under this alignment.

We can take a deeper dive into what Pisces Season will bring for your zodiac sign below, but overall, Pisces Season 2024 is a magical time of the year that we can focus on doing away with the old and preparing to welcome the new.

Pisces Season Horoscopes 2024

It is recommend to read for both your Sun and Rising sign.


Pisces Season is a time of deep cleansing for you. You may find yourself clearing out and organizing your space or doing away with relationships or habits that are no longer serving you. Pisces Season can also feel a little unsettling for you due to the flowy nature of its energy. You are very directed and tend to do well with some structure and order. During Pisces Season, we can feel a little more scattered and less centered, but there is magic to be found in this state. Try to work from your feelings rather than your head. See if you can connect with your emotions on a deeper level to understand where you may be coming from and what is driving you. You may just experience a breakthrough this Pisces Season that can shift and elevate your life to new levels.


Pisces Season is a time to embrace endings. If there is something you wish to complete or wrap up, this is a good time to focus your energy in that direction. Endings can be difficult at times, but they always pave the way to new beginnings. Don’t worry too much about what this new beginning is going to look like just yet, instead focus on the here and now and trust that the rest will fall into place as it needs to! Piscean energy can sometimes feel a little scattering for your earthy soul, so come back to what you know will put you in balance, like a walk in nature or a day of rest. Jupiter and Uranus are inching closer together in your sign and are about to put on a fireworks display come April. While there is still some time before this happens, you may feel the merging of these two powerhouse planets coming closer and closer. Jupiter and Uranus may spark new ideas, inspire change, and bring sudden surprises into your life. Stay open because this is a once-in-a-lifetime energy for you and could open the door to an incredible and surprising new beginning for you.


As we arrive at the last sign of the zodiac, your attention may turn to your career or your feelings of purpose. You may be wondering what is next for you when it comes to your work life or how you wish to spend your day. If you are getting ready to retire, the end of Pisces Season may bring a good opportunity to finally make an exit. You may also find yourself wrapping up a project you have been working on for some time. It feels like whatever creativity you have been birthing out into the world will finally begin to take shape. While your career may be on your mind this Pisces Season, so too will your home and family life. You may find yourself needing to spend more time with your family or tackling unexpected renovation projects. If you have been thinking about expanding your family, this is also a good time to make plans and take action.


Pisces is a fellow water sign, so you are always going to feel at ease under this energy. You may find yourself feeling extra creative during this time, and perhaps your attention will turn to putting your creative visions out into the world. In fact, if you have been working on a creative project or learning something new, Pisces season would be a good time to put your work and skills out into the world. You may just surprise yourself as to what doors will open when you do! It feels like you will be reaching a graduation point this Pisces season. Whatever you have been working hard to achieve can come to fruition, so put the finishing touches on and get your work out into the world.


Pisces Season is a good time to unwind and flow rather than try to control. You may have had a lot on your plate recently, but the vibrations of the Pisces Sun are asking you to step into your creative shoes and just allow your mind to wander. You don’t have to have it all figured out, instead you can just float and see where you may land. If you have a creative project you are working on, you can channel some of this energy in that direction, but don’t put pressure on yourself. Use this time to explore, create, imagine, and see what unfolds. If you release any expectations, you may just surprise yourself and come up with new and inventive ideas you didn’t see before. Plan for some self-care this Season or even a short trip away. Spending time by the sea can be extra recharging for your soul. Reflecting, journaling, and meditation can also be powerful for you this season, too. Essentially, this is a time to nourish yourself from within.


Pisces Season sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so you are very connected to its energies. Pisces season is your opportunity to release control and allow yourself to flow. Rather than trying to plan or strategize, this is your time to surrender and trust in how things will unfold. While it is your nature to be organized and planned, this is a good opportunity to challenge yourself to be a little more spontaneous. Do something different, shake up your routine, or try something you have always wanted to try. Your relationships may also be on your mind this season. Pay attention to messages and teachings from others, as it seems like a lot of your gifts and lessons of the season will come from an outside source.


Your schedule may have felt super busy, or perhaps you have felt pulled in many directions, but Pisces Season is your chance to start crossing things off your to-do list. It may feel like a lot of work, but if you put your mind to it, you can really get a lot achieved under the Pisces Sun. Lean on your creative and artistic vision to find solutions and bring things to a point of completion. Of course, all work and no play is no fun, so try to bring balance by carving out some time for things that fill you with joy. Joining a club, starting a new hobby, or taking a class are great ways to do this and can also help you build a sense of community around you.


As a fellow water sign, Pisces Season may have you feeling all the feels. This is a good time of the year for you to reflect and take stock of what is really important to you. What is allowing you to feel like yourself, and what is blocking or hindering you from being yourself? Your attention may also turn to your home and family life this season. You may find you need to be there for a certain family member, or perhaps just your childhood upbringing and wounds come up to bring you healing and a sense of deeper understanding. This is a reflective time of year for you, and one that you can really use to deepen the relationship you have with yourself.


Your fiery spirit tends to feel a bit damp when the Sun is in Pisces, but you can use this cooling-off period to your advantage. This is a good time to focus on resting and recharging. See if you can make the time to settle your emotions and bring your body back into a state of balance. Pisces Season is also a good time to wrap up and bring an end to projects that have served their time. Work to let go and complete all that you no longer wish to carry. The energy of endings and closure will be on your side.


Questions around your self-worth may come up for you under the Pisces Sun. You may be thinking about what makes you feel valued and what you wish to give value to in your own life. Getting clear on what you value may also help to guide any decisions that need to be made. When you get clear on what you want, and align all your decisions in that direction, it is amazing what can be accomplished. While Pisces Season is a time of endings, you have some supportive energy for new beginnings too, so create space in your life for what you desire and hold your vision strong. Pisces Season is a good opportunity for you to manifest and set intentions for the year ahead.


The Sun has just left your corner of the zodiac, and as it does, a new clarity may emerge. You may start to see things clearer or start to become aware of things that are hidden or foggy. This is a time of clarity for you, and your intuition and instincts are going to be your biggest ally. Focus on what is in your control and try not to stress too much about the things that are not. As Pisces Season comes to an end, you may be feeling the urge to start something new or make changes to your routine. Embrace this way of thinking and bring some fresh energy into your life – it is time!


Happy birthday, Pisces! This is your season of the zodiac and your time to shine! This is a great time for you to focus on yourself. Bring the attention back to you! What fills you up? What makes you feel good? This is your chance to really focus on self-care and self-love and channel some positive energy in your direction. Make time to spoil yourself this birthday season, and take the time to unwind and recharge. Your health with be a priority for you this season, so be sure you are taking care of yourself and balancing your needs with the needs of others. Shine bright, Pisces!

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