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face reading

Face Reading involves looking at the shape, color, and texture of your facial features in order to understand your inner wellbeing and what may be going on in your energy field.

It is believed that Face Reading began sometime in the 6th century in China. While techniques to read the face are unique and individual depending on the person, there are a few things that are universal. 

Julie Civiello Polier, a facialist, reiki healer, face reader, and the creator of LINEA, shares that according to the 5 Elemental Chinese method of facial reading, the left and right sides of our face can reveal our relationship with the feminine and masculine and the quality of our outer and inner lives.

In order to interpret what may be taking place in regards to both these two sides, Julie looks for “skin messengers” which may come in the form of a pimple, rash, eczema, rosacea, melasma, or even a new wrinkle. 

The Right Side of the Face

Julie shares that when skin messengers appear on the right side of the face, it can indicate a need to look at our relationship with the feminine. This may be with a particular person, like our mother, sister, or even ourselves, but it can also be our relationship with feminine energy too.

Feminine energy is about going with the flow, trusting our intuition, and acknowledging the subtler vibrations in life. Feminine energy can also be connected with the cycles of the Moon and our relationship with nourishment and self-care. 

Skin messengers on the right side of the face are also linked with our public persona, social life, and career. Noticing issues on this side of the face can serve as clues as to the quality of outer life.

The Left Side of the Face

Julie shares that when there are skin messengers on the left side of the face, it can indicate a need to look at our relationship with the masculine. This may be with a particular person, like our father, brother, or even ourselves, but it can also be our relationship with masculine energy too. 

Masculine energy is planned, deliberate, and forward-moving. It allows us to take charge, make decisions, and take action. Masculine energy is also linked with the cycle of the Sun, and how we are choosing to use or shine out our own inner light. 

Skin issues on the left side can also be linked to our inner world or inner personality and how we express our true self, or shy away from what we know to be true in our hearts. 

Facial-Organ Map

While the sides of our face can indicate issues relating to feminine and masculine energies, the specific area any skin messengers are showing up on can also be linked to the inner workings of our body.

According to the 5 Element Chinese method, each area of the face corresponds to a different organ.

Creating Harmony

In order to create harmony in our inner and outer world, and to bring our masculine and feminine energies into unity, creating a face massage ritual can help.

To assist with this process, Julie created the LINEA method, which is a reiki-infused quartz crystal massager combined with a specially blended facial oil that can be used for a meditative facial massage.

By using the oil and the massage tool in a deliberate and ritualistic way, you can create a simple meditative practice that allows you to heal your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies all at once. 

The LINEA tool comes with step-by-step instructions on how to massage the face to achieve optimum balance and to help promote the health and wellbeing of your skin, but here are some suggestions from Julie on how to use LINEA for certain skin messengers that come up-


Wrinkles can indicate different meanings depending on where they show up on the face. For example, wrinkles on the upper lip may have to do with the stomach. If they’re deeper on the right side of your upper lip, this could be that you’re holding onto some old hurts with a prominent female in your life.

Remedy: Lovingly apply a little LINEA Luminous oil anywhere there is a wrinkle. Using the comb edge of your LINEA tool gently comb into the wrinkle and against the wrinkle, so horizontally and vertically. This breaks up the patterning in the tissue that with repeated expressions becomes our default.

The best results are from daily massage. Your aim is not to scrape or bruise the skin, the pressure is soft. Invite your breaths to be long and allow your body to soften while you work. Notice if your jaw starts to tighten while you are combing out the wrinkles, and remind it to relax.


Refer to the facial-organ map to determine what organ is connected to that pimple. A pimple at the corner of the mouth, for instance, can be an indication of constipation as this area is the duodenum and also the colon.

If this pimple is on the right side of your mouth this can also be a further clue that there is discord or simply something to acknowledge with a female in your life or yourself if you identify as female.

Emotionally the colon is about letting go. Letting go is often a multi-layered process, which can sometimes include forgiveness, identifying the root issue and reframing the stories and beliefs around it, and processing with a counselor or mediator. 

Remedy: Lovingly apply a little LINEA Luminous Oil to your cleansed skin. With very gentle pressure, place your LINEA tool just underneath your pimple and massage with a slight pumping motion, as if you invite all that pressure to drain out the bottom of the pimple. Then sweep underneath the pimple out towards the sides of the face and very, very lightly down the neck. Repeat this process 3-5 times.

You may also use an ice cube directly on your pimple to relieve all the inflammation and then eventually wipe off the whitehead, completely avoiding squeezing and popping and potential scarring.

As you’re massaging, invite long, deep inhales and release on each exhale whatever the issue may be, allowing any emotions to come up and out of your body.


Melasma is also known as hyper-pigmentation. Melasma is often associated with the darker skin spots that can visit during pregnancy as it is believed in the medical community to be more hormone-influenced.

I have found quite often in working with facial clients that melasma is an indication of overwhelm around the amount of growth and change that is happening in your life within a short amount of time.

I also find that in some people, hyper-pigmentation or melasma spots can crop up when more emotional boundaries are needed.

Remedy: In addition to creating boundaries, you can also offer yourself some healing touch. Using your LINEA tool’s combed edge or even the corner of the triangle, flick from the middle of the darker spot outwards in all directions, almost like you’re drawing the rays of sun.

The pressure is not hard, but the rhythm can be a bit vigorous. You’re breaking up the concentrated proteins here. As you flick outwards over each darker spot, breathe in and out slowly and deeply.

Breathe in space for yourself and breathe out overwhelm, anxiety, the noise of others’ critiques as well as your own. Repeat this flicking over each darker spot 3-5 times and repeat daily.

Sunken Cheeks

Sometimes one cheek may be more sunken than the other and I often find it’s on the left side more than the right. This sunken cheek is an indication of depravity. What are you depriving yourself of? 

Remedy: Lovingly apply LINEA Luminous Oil, using your clean hands or the LINEA tool, and begin massaging intuitively, following your own pleasure.

Moving in rhythms and patterns that feel best to you all while filling up your lungs with deep breaths. As you massage, notice what intuitive information pops up and if it feels good, write it down so you can refer to it later. Life is too short to cut off your own pleasure and joy. 

You can learn more about Julie and the LINEA method here and join her on Instagram here.

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