Intuitive Astrology: December New Moon 2017

december new moon astrology

There is so much going on with this Sagittarius New Moon it’s hard to know where to begin. One things for certain however, 2017 is definitely going to be ending on a high note for all of us, thanks to all of the glittering energy the cosmos has on offer.

When the calendar clicked over to 2017, all of the cosmic energy was showing that this would be a year of new beginnings. Since January, all of us have been destined in some way or another to start a new beginning and to lay down new framework for a fresh start in life.

Now on December 18th, as we prepare for the last New Moon of the year, we are going to receive the final push and the final motivation to ensure that whatever we have needed to learn, create, or achieve in 2017 is put into motion.

Falling in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, December’s New Moon is going to kickstart a wave of energy that will be helping us to get motivated and stay inspired as the year comes to an end.

Think of the energy of this New Moon like a cosmic beam that is going to shake us and wake us up to our potential and the new journey ahead.

It seems that we are all being supported to embrace the new beginnings that have been served up over the course of the year, and to connect to the person we are because of it.

We have all been reborn in some way, we have all be changed in some way, and it is now time for us to let go of the past, to let go of who we once were, and to start building on the new.

We have to take the new beginning we have been given and now look for ways to integrate it into our lives for the better.

Most of us however, struggle to let go of the past. This can cause us to relive patterns over and over, or can leave us feeling stuck. Many of us have strong attachments or identities to the past, and this can prevent us from moving forward.

Past experiences can be painful, but unless we release and let them go, they can stay with us and become part of our present and our future. In order to release the past, we have to be willing to forgive, surrender and let go.

If you are holding onto the past, if there are stories that you keep playing over and over, or patterns that you keep reliving, use the energy of this New Moon to surrender and to release.

Use the energy of this New Moon to focus on the wisdom you have gained from the past and then let everything else go. Shed everything that you no longer wish to carry into 2018.

The December New Moon is really going to be helping all of us to think about the positive aspects of the year gone by and to focus on what we learnt and gained. With this information, we can enter into the new year with confidence, strength and hope for the future.

December’s New Moon energy is fiery, motivated, and passionate. All of this energy is going to help us close up 2017 with a bang, and to welcome in the new vibration that 2018 has in store for us.

2018 is going to be a year of building and laying down foundations. Essentially, we are all going to be able to take the new beginning we have been given and start integrating and building on it.

The Sagittarius New Moon is a busy one, and will be awakening and activating all of us on multiple levels. This is a high energy time, and we are going to feel an acceleration, almost like all of our projects and the things that we have been working on are going to speed up and intensify.

This New Moon is also significant as it falls just one degree from the Galactic Center. In astrology, the Galactic Center is believed to hold a powerful force that delivers energy upgrades and rapid awakenings.

This energy is definitely present under the December New Moon and it seems that we will all receive an awakening of some form. One some level, this awakening will allow us to integrate the person we once were with the person we are today.

This New Moon is really about bringing the past and the future together, and building on what you have learnt.

The past is done and finished, and now you have been reborn. In order to keep moving forward, you have to take what you have learnt and what you have gained, and apply it to creating a better life for yourself.

The more you can view life as an experience, and the more you embrace what has come your way, the more exciting and hopeful the year ahead is going to be feel.

2017 allowed all of us to be reborn, and under this powerful New Moon energy, we now get to decide which path we will walk as we enter into 2018.

Here is your December New Moon Ritual

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