Sandalwood Scent May Heal Your Wounds

sandalwoodBelieve it or not, a new study shows that the scent of sandalwood could potentially help heal your aching wounds.

Skin cells have olfactory receptors, and when those receptors are exposed to sandalwood, a popular essential oil in perfumes and incense sticks, the resulting changes in cell activity could help wound healing, according to Dr. Hans Hatt of a university in Germany.

People typically think of olfactory receptors as having to do with smell, but we are learning now that this isn’t always the case.

People have about 350 olfactory receptors in the nose, but now studies are learning that those same receptors also exist in sperm, in the prostate, in kidneys and in our intestines. Now with this research we are also finding out that there is receptors found in keratincytes. These are cells that form the outermost layer of the skin.

Hatt’s team also recently discovered that when those receptors in the skin were in proximity to sandalwood, they become activated, prompting cell proliferation and cell migration.

Dr. Hatt is on a mission to convince his colleagues that olfactory receptors play an important role in cell physiology and will continue to study his findings.

Hatt is curious about the other discoveries this research could lead to as well, including applications for cancer, because some cancer T-cells have olfactory receptors.

Dr. Hatt mentions that it will take a lot of work to prove his theory correct but he has an enormous group of participants who believe in his work and will be his subjects for his new tests.

What do you think? Could olfactory receptors be helpful to your healing process? Or is this just another crazy theory? Have you experienced healing from a certain scent? Share the article or let us know in the comment section below.


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