Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual May 2022

scorpio blood moon eclipse ritual may 2022

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse peaks on May 15-16 in the water sign of Scorpio.

Under this Eclipse, we may find ourselves reaching a completion point, feeling called to wrap up loose ends, or put an end to things that are no longer serving us.

As Eclipse energies are so strong, we often find ourselves guided by the hand of the Universe. No matter where we find ourselves, it is worthwhile to remember that Eclipses always put us where we need to be for the highest evolution of our soul.

Under an Eclipse we can feel extra sensitive, so it is important to protect our energy. In this ritual, you will be gently guided to work with the May Eclipse energies in order to bring harmony, healing, and peace into your life.

You can read the full astrological forecast for the May Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse here.

Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual for Calming and Settling the Heart May 2022

You will need:


1.) This ritual is best done right before bed. Prepare your essential oil and carrier oil mix in a little bowl. You will only need a few teaspoons for this ritual.

2.) Start by cleansing your aura using your energy clearing tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following –

“As I cleanse, I protect and restore my energy field. I allow myself to return to wholeness, clearing away all that no longer serves my highest good. I am restored. I am recharged. My energy field is cleansed, whole, and perfect.”

Next, cleanse your ritual space, including your carrier oil mix. As you do this, feel free to recite the following three times-

“I cleanse this space and this oil with light and loving energy.”

2.) Get nice and comfortable and begin your Surrender to Peace guided meditation. This meditation is designed to restore harmony and is perfect to use under the lunar eclipse energies.

3.) After your meditation is complete, dip your finger into the carrier oil mix and begin rubbing your heart center in a gentle, soothing motion. As you do this, ask the Universe for help or guidance on one area of your life that is troubling you the most right now. You can use below as a template, or you can just speak from your heart-

“Dear Universe, please guide me through (the situation). Allow me to let go of all that is not mine to carry. Allow me to feel at peace with how things are and how things may be. Allow me to let them go so I can feel relaxed and at ease. Allow me the strength to let things be just as they are, and to find the faith that a resolution will be born soon.”

Allow any thoughts or feelings to come up.

4.) When ready, take another dab of oil, and this time, begin gently rubbing your third eye chakra (in the center of your forehead.) As you do this, recite a loving prayer of compassion to yourself. Imagine you are speaking to your inner child or that you are a spirit guide for yourself in this moment. You can say what you feel in the moment or use the following for inspiration-

“I love you. You are doing such a great job. I know I don’t tell you this enough, but I am really proud of you for all you have accomplished. I recognize that things have been difficult, especially…..but you handled it so well, and you have learned so much. You are doing really great so be easy on yourself. Moving forward, you should focus on…”

5.) Take your final dab of oil and this time rub it on your belly in whatever way feels best. As you do this, recite the following mantra 22 times, or feel free to create your own-

“I am soothed and nourished.”

6.) Pour yourself a soothing drink and do your Blood Moon Oracle Reading. Contemplate any messages that have come up for you. Feel free to journal or simply close this ritual when you are done.

Blood Moon Eclipse Blessings!

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