SPIRITUAL? “Yes- I’m.. not…umm”

Don’t go out. Don’t say yes. Don’t “put on that smile”. Don’t meditate. Don’t even drink your daily cup of lemon water.

Sounds a little harsh and contradictory to being “forever conscious” right?

With a world full of self help books, gurus, spiritual leaders etc- how many of you feel the “need” to be conscious? The need to be enlightened? The need to be a source of inspiration? The need to live up to who you are meant to be?

In this Western society it is important to maintain perspective on “the pursuit of happiness”.. and make sure it is not a “pursuit” Sometimes all the gratitude affirmations in the world wont shift the pain that needs to be shed from deep within at times in our lives. Sometimes, that box of Kleenex and a few hours alone to release your pent up fears, embedded griefs, sadness and icky gunk within is what is truly required..

We live in a fast paced world. Fast cars, fast food, fast information; in a click of a button we can receive a million answers to our questions thanks to the internet and the endlessness of “answers” at our fingertips. Instantaneous living. Heck- you need toilet paper- don’t bother going to the store, you can order it on Amazon for half the price and you don’t have to move a muscle…This is our world, the “seek and you shall find” has been replaced by “click.. and you have options. Many options,”  ( but don’t get anxious now!)

Connection to our true and higher selves should never be a race. It can not be ordered online. It can not be studied and mastered as a degree to be put on the wall alongside your Yoga Teacher Training certificate. It is within us. It is “sort out” through us. And through our reflection- that we see in others. Even in our most “non spiritual” moments, we are here- surviving, learning, laughing and crying into that box of Kleenex.

There is no method, formula, or reward.

In every moment is the beauty of you. And the world that lies before you. In tears, or joy- what is better than that?

So ease the breaks in your “race” of happiness. If your oh-so-smiley friend holds a Sunday gathering that you really do not feel in the “zone” to attend, honor yourself. Scream in to your pillow. ( If that’s what you prefer… )

Stillness, simplicity, and the acceptance to allow yourself to be in whatever way you are– is OK. You are OK. We are human after all. Allowing yourself to be human, to not know the answers, to sit in meditation and be pondering about how hot that check-out-guy was at Target today, instead of seeing the light— Is OK. Perfect even.

Enjoy all the colors of the rainbow that you are.

Because really- that’s all those funky folk upstairs out there want us to be— ourselves. With tissue in hand, and our snotty gooey nose and all.

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