Spring Out of Bed!

It’s that time of the year again!

No, I don’t mean ingesting sugar coated bunnies and chocolate covered eggs. It’s time to set your clocks forward and get ready for spring!

Most of us use smartphones and aren’t actually setting our clocks forward (unless you count the microwave) but many of us are definitely affected by the time change.

Did you wake up this past Sunday (March 9th) and feel like you could use about another hour of sleep? I know I did, but I decided to do something different this year instead of complain about losing an hour of my time.

I decided to somehow gain an hour of my time back. I know this is impossible, unless my plans for a time machine worked out  very soon. I still need to figure out a few equations…then again what IS time? Isn’t time subjective? Who started this whole daylight savings anyway!

Ok..sorry…back to what I was talking about…

I wanted to make today a little different because of the mentioned “loss of time.” So I decided to really push toward a goal twice as hard in order to gain my time back. For example: When I wake up in the morning,  I usually write for at least an hour. This past Sunday? Two hours! Then I hit the gym for at least a half hour. Sunday? At least an hour! You get the picture..

The point of this exercise was to feel like I didn’t lose any time because even when I am not setting my clock an hour forward, I feel like I am already losing track of time.

Today I was able to sit back and focus on time and use it wisely. I got so much done this past Sunday all before noon.

This may be a half-baked idea but for me, I actually feel like I accomplished my goal of gaining an hour of my time back. It really makes me wonder what this year would be like if I just tried twice as hard at everything.

This crazy plan for me also made me think about what ideas I could come up with when we have to set our clocks back…hmmm any ideas? I was thinking a day of staying in the moment and not focusing on the past or future…I tend to do that a lot.

Did you feel like you loss track of time this week? Did you remember to set your clock? Do you own a microwave? Let me know in the comment section below and we can go over our time travel ideas!

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