Tarot Reading for the Week of April 17-23, 2017

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5 of Cups and 6 of Cups

Good Morning little caterpillars, we are in for a powerful week! With Mercury in retrograde we are tapping into our unconscious feelings and moving them into our consciousness.

The 5 and 6 of Cups in succession lets us know that feeling pain is necessary for experiencing joy. And that we shouldn’t harbor feelings of sadness or anger if we want to enjoy the pleasures of life.

On first glance, receiving the 5 of Cups, also called Disappointment, may not seem like a good thing.

Depicted on the card are empty cups, representing our feelings of depletion. And the decaying water lilies and their knotted roots symbolize inner troubles below the surface. There is real pain associated with this card.

Disappointment can come in many forms. Disappointment with ourselves, others or world itself. Maybe we had high expectations and things did not turn out the way we thought. Maybe we feel overwhelmed by the all suffering in the world.

But the 5 of Cups is asking you to feel your feelings! It is telling you it is okay to feel disappointed, it is part of the human experience. Let yourself cry. Write down your thoughts. Grieve.

But if you look closer at the bottom of the roots you might see something else. A butterfly! The message here is that pain can be our catalyst for change and the fuel for our metamorphosis.

When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it literally digest parts of itself. Then certain cell groups turn the liquid-y material that’s left into the eyes, wings and other structures. It is truly amazing.

While we can’t do the exact same thing, we can digest our pain and turn ourselves into something new. We can be our own version of a butterfly that soars on the breeze and drinks the nectar of life.

The 6 of Cups is all about enjoying the fruits of our emotional labor. The card is called Pleasure for a reason! We just felt a lot of tough feelings and we are ready to feel good.

The cups in this card are radiant and glowing and the roots are strong and golden. We can receive goodness since we processed pain that was blocking us.

Moving through our troubles has opened us up to relationships as well. The 6 of Cups helps us to feel stable, creative and sensual.

If you listen to this powerful message you could feel worlds lighter. You will be ready for the loving energy of the Universe.

There is only one crystal with this reading, Black Tourmaline. It is excellent for removing negative energy and emotional blockages.

Mantra for the week: “It okay to feel pain and allow myself grieve. It is all part of opening myself up to joy and pleasure.”

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