Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance November 2017

taurus full moon ritual

The Taurus Full Moon on November 3/4th is all about bringing abundance into your life. This can be an abundance of prosperity, health, love, wellness, gratitude or even laughter.

Whatever you need most right now, the Universe is going to be on your side and will be helping deliver it into your life. But, in order to activate this energy you need to start taking small, methodical steps forward.

You need to get clear with your intention and then make small steps in the direction that most supports what you desire.

This Full Moon is not going to change your life overnight, instead it is going to help you activate new pathways of opportunity and potential. All you need to do is stay open to the energy and know that it is working for you and not against you.

Taurus energy is all about taking methodical and practical steps forward. When the Bull charges full speed ahead, things can get messy. You don’t want to be the bull in the china shop. Instead, you want to get grounded and then make a plan on how to best move forward.

This ritual is going to help you do just this. For best results, do this ritual between November 2nd-8th, 2017.

Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance

You will need:

  • Two of your favorite crystals
  • Pen and Paper
  • A candle
  • Sage for smudging or your favorite smudging tools
  • A special/sacred object that represents what you want to bring into your life (for example if you want money you can use a dollar bill, for love you can use a heart shaped stone or something that reminds you of love, for gratitude you can choose something that makes you feel blessed and so on- just choose whatever resonates with you)


1. Start by smudging your aura and then your surroundings. For more specific instructions read this.

2. Light your candle and take a few deep breaths to center and calm your mind. Holding your crystals in each hand, place your hands on your stomach, just below your belly button and take 10 deep breaths in and out. Feel your stomach rising and expanding as you breathe. Feel the power of the air filling your lungs and body and cleansing away any stresses or anxieties.

(Note: if your crystals are too big to hold in your hands, simply place them on your lap)

3. Once you feel still in your mind and body, place your hands with your crystals over your heart center. Take 5-7 breaths here and then quietly in your mind ask your heart- What do you need most? Don’t worry if no answers come, just sit with the question and take 5 more breaths, gently observing any sensations or thoughts that arise.

4. When you feel ready, open your eyes, take your pen and paper and write down your intention for this point in your life. Your intention can be anything that you want to bring into your life, or feel in your life. Here are a few examples-

  • “My intention is to learn how to accept the current events of my life and learn how to bring in joy and motivation so I can live life to the fullest”
  • “My intention is to open myself to the abundance of the Universe so I feel prosperous and financially secure.”
  • “My intention is to be kinder to myself.”

Whatever intention you chose, try to condense it to one sentence and make it really clear for yourself.

5. Once you have your intention written on paper, place it under the special/sacred object that you have chosen. Then, place your crystals on either side of the object.

6. With your intention fresh in your mind, write down at least 3 things that you need to remove from your life in order to make obtaining your intention easier.

For example, if your intention was to bring in more financial abundance, perhaps you need to remove- insecurities about not having enough, self limiting beliefs about starting a new job/project or asking for a raise, jealousy towards the success of others etc.

7. Now write down 3-10 steps that you are going to take to make this intention a reality in your life. Keep the steps really small and methodical. For example-

  1. Every day I am going to wake up an recite an abundance mantra
  2. Whenever I feel self limiting thoughts arise, I am going to recite my mantra in its place
  3. I am going to check to see if I am being paid according to industry standards
  4. I am going to explore alternative streams of revenue
  5. I am going to trust that the Universe is providing for me

There is no right or wrong with the steps that you chose to write. Just try to keep them based in the present moment, this means that you need to make your steps all things that you could start today. Don’t try to get too caught up in the future. All of your steps need to be things that you can start taking action on right now.

8. Now, you are going to make a commitment to what you have just written. State out loud-

“I, Bob Smith intend to (insert intention here)…..In order to do this, I, Bob Smith am going to work every day on releasing (insert things you need to release here)…..I, Bob Smith am going to achieve my intention by taking small steps forward starting today including (insert your steps here)……”

9. Leave your intention, special object and crystals out to charge for 3 nights (preferably under the light of the moon). Snuff out your candle to close the ritual and give thanks.

Happy Full Moon!

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