Taurus Full Moon Ritual November 2019

taurus full moon ritual

The Taurus Full Moon on November 12 is one of the most abundant of the year!

It carries lovely, expansive energy that will allow us to reap the rewards of our hard work and guide us to bring closure to some of the things that have been weighing us down.

What is heavy on your shoulders? The time has come to let it go, to find the closure, and to make way for the beautiful expansiveness that will follow.

With an open heart, this Full Moon is sure to shine a light on some new treasures and opportunities!

Here is a ritual to guide you through this energy. It is best done between November 11-21, 2019:

Taurus Full Moon Ritual November 2019

You will need:

*When picking a crystal to work with go with your intuition! Ask yourself to be guided to the perfect choice for this Full Moon Ritual.


1.) Start by smudging your aura, then your surroundings and ritual ingredients. As you smudge your aura, recite the following-

“The time has come to lift myself, to let my spirit soar. May I be protected as I open to these energies, may all that weighs me down fall to the floor. I let the dense heaviness go, I am ready for what awaits. I am open, my heart is full, abundance surrounds me now. I am cleansed. I am aligned. I am a channel of love and light. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings and ritual ingredients, recite the following-

“May this space be cleansed with the energy of love and light. May my home be protected, may this room be safe, may the energy of love greet all those that enter. Bless this home, bless these ingredients. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Put your crystal on your lap or in your hands and start with the November Cosmic Guided meditation if using, otherwise, meditate on your own for 10 minutes. If you are meditating on your own, place your hand over your heart and imagine that you are breathing in and out from your heart center. (During the cosmic meditation, I guide you through this process and help to elevate your heart energy- I highly recommend using it if you can!)

3.) After your meditation, place your crystal to the side and feel free to write down whatever came to mind. Then, when ready take your sheet of paper and write down your first responses to these questions. Don’t overthink it and just go with your first instinct-

  • I would love closure on…
  • The most helpful thing I can do for myself is…
  • I can claim my power by…
  • I don’t need to make myself feel…
  • The thing that weighs heavy on my heart is…
  • I want to learn to…
  • I deserve…
  • My wish for the coming months…

Your answers can be short or long, the idea is that you try to answer them as rapidly as possible. Once your answers are down on the page, take a minute to reflect on what you have written.

4.) Now, take your paper(s) and rip them into long strips. As you rip, recite the following-

“I release and let go of all that weighs me down. I ask for closure on all that is unresolved. I ask for peace and love in my heart. I am ready to forgive, I am ready to move on. I am ready to welcome in the new. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Take your strips and begin burning them one by one. As the strips get too hot to hold, place them into the bowl of water. As you burn the strips, imagine that you are releasing and letting go of the past and all the weight that you no longer need to carry.

5.) Now take your crystal and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Take a few deep breaths here and then think about something you would like to bring into your life. Whisper it into the crystal and then on your next exhale, blow into the crystal, like you are sealing it with your wish or prayer.

You can make two to three more wishes like this, blowing into the crystal each time if you would like.

6.) Before closing the ritual, do the Taurus Full Moon Reading if using.

7.) To close the ritual, snuff out the candle and discard the water and papers. Sleep with your crystal near your bedside for three nights and carry it whenever possible to keep the energy of your wishes close to you.

I also recommend drinking lots of water after this ritual to help with the release.

Happy Full Moon!

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