The Energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn July 1, 2015

july full moon 2015

The Full Moon in Capricorn will fall on July 1, 2015 and will mark the midway point between the April Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming September eclipse.

Eclipses always fall in cycles and this Full Moon will be the halfway point, the point where you will have to decide how you want to proceed before the cycle comes to an end.

Chances are, issues from April will be stirred up at this time and the Universe will really be calling on you to work out what you need to let go of in order to move through the turning point.

Because the April eclipse fell in the sign of Libra, most of the themes that this cycle has bought up have been centered around relationships with others but also ultimately, the relationship with ourselves.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth will also be in close aspect to this Full Moon so chances are any deep issues you have had surrounding yourself or a relationship are likely to transform and take on a new shape or energy.

When Pluto and the Moon come together it can also indicate vulnerability and control, so be mindful of this if any of these feelings arise.

Another energy playing out around the Capricorn Full Moon is also the meeting of the Sun and Mars.

Mars represents action, energy, aggression and masculinity. This is a great day to take action in business and your career, but in relationships it could manifest as being a time when emotions run high.

Astrology is not predictive, rather it provides an ‘energy snap shot’. If there are weaknesses in your relationships chances are you may notice a heightened feeling at this time but, if everything is good you may not feel anything at all.

It is not all doom and gloom however, as around this Full Moon we also have two beautiful aspects.

One is a fortunate interplay with Jupiter who will ensure that whatever comes up for you is absolutely in your highest and best interests.

The other is with Venus who will be working alongside Jupiter and calling on you to take action in your relationships.

If you are in a happy place with your partner you may feel called on to deepen your connection and perhaps even take your relationship to the next level. If you have been unsatisfied in your relationship however, Venus will be gently coercing you to speak your truth and to illuminate all that is bothering you so you can bring it into the light and let it go.

She is also going be bringing this same energy to your career as well. If you are looking to start a new job or want to get a new project of the ground, you will also be supported right now to jump in and start making progress.

This Capricorn Full Moon is actually the first of two this month, with the next falling on July 31st in Aquarius. This Aquarius Full Moon will be known as a Blue Moon as it is rare and special that two Full Moon’s fall in the same month!

With that said, take this Capricorn Full Moon in your stride. It is really here to awaken and enlighten all of us on how we should move forward, not just in relationships but also in ourselves.

We are all midway through a cycle and the turning point is definitely coming- now is the time to set your intention as how you want this cycle to end.

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