The Mars Saturn Conjunction April 2022

mars saturn astrology april 2022

In April 2022, Mars conjuncts Saturn at 22 degrees of Aquarius. While this energy peaks on April 4th, it is something we will feel through the first part of April.

In astrology, a conjunction is the merging of two or more planetary energies. To really understand the energies of Mars and Saturn combined, we have to first understand their individual qualities.


Mars is the planet of action and motivation. It is represented by the warrior and loves to race ahead in order to achieve its goals and dreams. 

Mars is hasty; it wants things done yesterday and is driven by its impulses.

On a deeper level, Mars is the planet that helps us to overcome our fears. It gets us out of our heads and into our body. It allows us to put our fears and trepidations to the side and take that leap of faith into the unknown. 

Whether we fly or fall, Mars helps us to keep going.


Saturn is the planet of boundaries and restrictions. It wants us to take responsibility for our actions and to ensure we are moving from a place of groundedness and integrity. 

Saturn is also considered the Lord of Karma and wants us to sit in our lessons and in all that is uncomfortable, so we can really learn and grow.

Saturn is like a strict teacher, beckoning us to keep doing the work. But if we stick with it, we will eventually find ourselves reaping the rewards.

Saturn also rules over law, order, and government. It likes to honor past traditions and to keep tried and true establishments alive. 

Mars Conjunct Saturn

Mars is all about taking quick, fearless action, whereas Saturn is all about taking responsibility for our actions.

As Mars and Saturn come together, the merging of their energy can stir tensions, force us to take responsibility for our behavior, and can zap our energy levels if we have been overdoing it.

If there is anything in our lives that we have been careless about or if there is something we have been continually ignoring in the hopes that it will go away, the energy of Mars and Saturn can bring it fully into our awareness, making us take responsibility for it once and for all.

Similarly, if we have been taking risks without paying attention to the consequences, or doing something we know we shouldn’t be doing, the energy of Mars and Saturn can make us finally face the music.

On a positive note, the Mars Saturn conjunction can help us to take our ideas and go the distance. 

We can use the tenacious and fearless energy of Mars to take that leap of faith and then rely on Saturn’s sturdy, groundedness to bring that idea to life for the long term. 

Mars gives us the fuel to go, but Saturn gives us the longevity and integrity that is needed to keep going. Saturn wants us to use the fearless energy of Mars in a grounded and thoughtful way. It wants us to take our time and ensure that we are not acting on impulses but on logic.

This energy is a good time to get hard things done and to find the stamina to go the distance on bringing our goals and dreams to life.

On a global level, Mars and Saturn can definitely stir tensions and escalate anything that is already volatile. Whenever this planetary energy is strong in our cosmic skies, we often see protests or general unrest between people and their governments/leaders.

Exercises and Journal Prompts 

Here are some questions or journal prompts to help you work with this energy-  

  • What is my biggest challenge right now? What can I do to feel supported as I navigate through it?
  • What are three ways I can step up and take better responsibility for my life and what I desire?
  • Where do I need to step up and take a leap of faith?
  • If I couldn’t fail, what would I do?
  • How can I manage my energy levels?
  • How can I keep myself motivated to not give up on my dreams and goals?
  • What dreams and goals do I need to let go of?
  • When I am at my highest level of motivation, I feel…

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