The Rebirth of Venus Ritual June 2020

rebirth of venus

As Venus is reborn so too is your own heart center.

On June 3, 2020, Retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun and becomes a morning star, signifying the Rebirth of Venus.

As Venus will be in the direct path of the Sun, we won’t be able to visibly see morning star Venus until June 13. This is another day to observe and a time for ritual work as well.

The Rebirth of Venus is similar to the energy of a New Moon and is a powerful time to set intentions, especially when it comes to themes relating to our relationships, love, values, and money.

While we experience the rebirth of Venus every 18 months or so, this year is extra special as Venus is also completing a larger, 8-year cycle on this day too known as the Rose of Venus.

You can read more about the meaning of Venus and its cycle here and here.

To make the most of this radiant Rebirth Venus energy, here is a ritual to guide you-

Venus Rebirth Ritual 2020

This ritual is best done between June 3-13, 2020

You will need:

  • Pen and paper
  • Heart Chakra Meditation (free)
  • Aura cleansing tool of choice (herb sticks, sprays, bells, etc.)
  • Crystal of your choosing (jewelry also works well)


1.) Have all your ritual ingredients nearby and in easy reach. Begin by cleansing your aura, focusing on your heart center. As you cleanse, recite the following-

“With every breath, I release the burdens my heart has had to carry. I allow my breath to lift away the fear, pain, and stagnant energy that surrounds my heart. Anything that I no longer need is now released into the heavens in order to be cleansed for good. The space around my heart field energy is clear and it is true. My heart radiates the purest love and light with every beat it makes. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Get into a comfortable position and do your Heart Chakra Meditation. Before beginning, make sure your pen and paper is next to you.

3.) After your meditation, take your pen and paper while trying to remain in your meditative state, and begin drawing the sacred symbol for the heart chakra or Anahata.

Allow your drawing to take you deeper within, to connect to your creativity, and to the magic that is contained in this symbol. Don’t worry about how it looks, just draw your expression of it.

Below I will share the meaning of the heart chakra symbol, but try not to read it till after you have drawn your own symbol. See if you can connect with it in your own way first.

4.) Once you have drawn your heart chakra symbol, just observe any thoughts and feelings that have come up for you.

5.) Now on the back of that same paper, write down intentions for your heart, love, relationships, money, or anything else that comes to mind in the moment.

6.) Hold your crystal against your heart center and chant the heart chakra mantra –“Yam” (pronounced yum) ten times.

7.) Place your paper with your drawing side up and put your crystal in the center of it. Keep it on your altar or a safe place for 8 days.

After that, you can remove the crystal, but keep regularly checking in with your intentions whenever you need.

You can now read into the meaning of the symbol and see if you were able to resonate or pick up on any of it.

To dive deeper into what this Venus Retrograde means for your sign, you can also download my Venus Retrograde Cosmic Report.

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