The Transformative 11-11 New Moon Astrology 2015

11-11 new moon astrology 2015

The 11-11 New Moon is all about planting seeds for the future and allowing our roots to take hold in the earth below us in order to create something new. 

The last few months we have all been creating space in the gardens of our soul. We have been digging up plants, pruning and weeding and now we have space to plant something new. 

This sacred space is destined to be filled with something that has arisen within us through a deep shift in consciousness.

Back in September around the time of the final Blood Moon Eclipse, we were all done with creating space in our gardens. It was a difficult time for many as the loss of some of the trees and flowers would have been felt on a deeper level. 

We would have felt empty, raw, exposed as without the plants and tall trees we could no longer conceal our wounds, our hurts and our traumas. 

Now however, as the November New Moon dawns, we have reached a time in the energetic cycle where we have cleared those wounds and are ready to start planting fresh crops. To start laying down the foundation in order to sprout a new way of being.

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The New Moon of November just so happens to fall on the spiritually auspicious date of 11-11, which seems fitting this year seeing as we have been playing with some intense energies.

In fact, every year it seems that the energies of the Universe are creating stronger waves and this can only mean that as a collective, we are all raising our level of consciousness.

11-11 is a powerful numerological combination that signifies awakening and messages delivered from the realm of the Divine.

Often when we see the 11-11 number pattern anywhere, our angels are sending us a message to pay attention to any signs or symbols and to raise our level of awareness.

You can read more about the significance of 11-11 here, but when there is a New Moon on this date, the energy is set to be more powerful and more evolved.

November’s New Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. While this is nothing new, for the last three or so years, Scorpio New Moon’s have felt particularly heavy and challenging due to the planet Saturn, which has been ruling over the domain of Scorpio.

Just a few months ago however, Saturn left Scorpio meaning that for the first time in nearly three years, we will be able to feel Scorpio’s New Moon energy without the influence of heavy Saturn.

In fact, this special New Moon is going to feel like a fresh new energy to play with. It is going to feel lighter, more energetic and it is going to help us really reflect and feel the power of transformation in our own souls.

This transformative energy is one that the Universe has been playing with for a while and with this Scorpio energy, we are all going to feel the power to transform into a new level of consciousness.

This energy gives will give us the power to really lay our roots down, plant our seeds and start creating a new foundation for our lives that is more awakened and conscious.

Because numerologically 11-11 is also about reaching new levels of consciousness, this energy is definitely set to be amplified on this night.

For those who have been feeling the wake up call, for those who have already started walking a more spiritual path, November’s New Moon is definitely going to give the push that you have been waiting for.

It is also the perfect time to launch new projects or lay the groundwork for any new ideas or inspirations.

November’s New Moon is an extremely powerful time that indicates the end of a shift that will bring about a new turn of events, not just in the Universe but also within our own souls.

Use this energy to manifest, create, launch and take action on all of those dreams, goals and wishes.

Start laying the foundation for creation and watch how your roots take hold.

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