What You Can Expect When Saturn Leaves Scorpio

scorpio in saturn

Saturn is getting ready to move out of Scorpio on December 23-24th 2014, ending a 2.5 year cycle that probably would have bought up some difficult, but much needed challenges.

In astrology, Saturn represents delays, heaviness, authority and restrictions, but also achievements, groundedness and maturity.

When Saturn transits through your chart, his lessons are always about standing up and taking responsibility for your life and what it is that you want to achieve. Saturn does this by giving you a taste of what you want, and what you don’t want, in order for you to determine what is actually worth your time going after.

Although Saturn is always transiting some part of the chart, when he moves through Scorpio the lessons are often more intense, more powerful and more transformative. 

Think back to what events started occurring in your life starting October 5th, 2012 as this was the first day of Saturn’s cycle through Scorpio. Whatever issues, themes or feelings seemed to present themselves around this time is surely where Saturn was doing most of his work.

In order for Saturn to do his work effectively, he often makes you feel physically restricted or tied down to something in order for you to move your attention away from the physical world and into your inner world.

Saturn transiting through the constellation of Scorpio makes this true even more so, as Scorpio’s energy is all about digging deep to uncover the truth- not just surface level truth, but the real deep soul searching truths that we may find confronting to face.

Saturn in Scorpio is all about dissecting our subconscious and conscious thoughts to uncover any patterns or belief systems that we have been carrying that no longer serve us.

Anything that we have felt “addicted” to such as drugs, alcohol, food, money or people, or anything that we have continually seemed to attract in our lives such as certain types of relationships, jobs or situations, are all being bought to the surface now to allow us to identify these life patterns and discover if they are really working for us, or against us.

Saturn in Scorpio amplifies and presents¬†these patterns to us so we can begin to take responsibility for them. In the beginning this may seem impossible, but through the cycle, Saturn also provides you with all the inner strength you need to overcome them. This inner strength stems from Saturn’s energy of wanting you to ground yourself and take responsibility for your life without passing the blame.

Depending where Saturn has been transiting through your chart, events or situations may have come up that left feelings of powerlessness, depression, suffocation or even rejection. If this is the case, remember that Saturn is here to show you how to find your inner strength and take responsibility for your life. He is here to remind you that it is time to step up and own that you are responsible for what you have created and that you have the ability to change it.

Saturn is very much like a strict teacher, as long as you do your “homework” and take on the lessons he is presenting, when he moves signs he always leaves a gift to thank you for your efforts.

Pay attention to what happens around December 23-24th as your gift will surely be presented to you around this time.

Curious what part of your chart Saturn has been working his magic on? Look here.

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