Venus Retrograde and Soul Mate Karma

venus retrograde soul mate

Before we begin, I want to clarify what I mean by a Soul Mate.

When I use this word, I am meaning anyone that is an important part of your soul journey. It can be a friend, a lover, a stranger, a pet, an enemy, a family member.

A Soul Mate is essentially anyone that is sent to bring growth to your soul.

Soul Mate relationships work both ways, that means as they bring growth to your soul, you bring growth to theirs as well.

So now that is clarified, let’s dive deeper into Soul Mate Karma and how it can be triggered when Venus is in retrograde.

Soul Mate Karma

It is my belief that before we come into this life, we work out what it is that we would like to learn and explore during our time here.

With the help of our Spirit Guides and our Soul Group, which is like our soul family, we map out the journey we would like to take and what lessons we would like to work through.

As part of this process, we may also map part of our journey with souls that are on a similar path or mission, or souls that have wisdom that we would like to be reminded of while we are on Earth.

Our past lives may tie into this too. If we have unresolved karma with another soul in a previous life, or simply more work to do together, we may organize to join back up with them in our new life in order to complete and finish our work.

These encounters are essentially Soul Mate Karma. They are predestined encounters that serve the purpose of advancing your soul and reminding you of who you truly are.

How to Know When You Have Met a Soul Mate

There is no real checklist, it is often just an inner knowing that only you can explain.

You may feel a sense of familiarity when you see the person for the first time, or you may just have a strong knowing that you and this person are destined to do something or be apart of each other’s lives in some way.

Along with this instant recognition, there can also be a feeling of unexplainable connection or a strong physical reaction of some kind.

You may also find yourself feeling triggered by this person, even if you don’t know them that well.

Soul Mate Karma and Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde is a time of heart healing which is why it can stir Soul Mate Karma. (You can read more about this retrograde cycle here and what that’s all about.)

It’s not that we will necessarily meet more Soul Mates during a Venus Retrograde, it is more that we will be encouraged to work through the lessons of our previous encounters.

As Venus Retrograde exposes the cracks and wounds of the heart, we can work on healing and clearing any karmic bonds we may have collected over our lifetimes.

These karmic bonds will, of course, differ from person to person, but generally, they involve learning how to forgive, set boundaries, to stand up for ourselves, and to open to a deeper and greater love.

During this time, we may be guided to clear heart wounds or outdated beliefs about our self-worth, love, and relationships that we have been working with for some time.

If we have a strong connection to anyone, and we suspect they may be a Soul Mate, we may be able to see the journey and the lessons that are being presented to us with greater clarity. Especially as Venus turns direct again.

Everyone comes into our life for a reason. Sometimes that reason is for joy and friendship, and other times, it can be for something more heavy and growth-filled.

While everyone can touch our soul, there are certain souls that leave a stronger mark. There are certain souls that carry more significance and weight in our lives.

It is these souls that help to inspire, challenge, and shape us. It is these souls that we have agreed to walk our journey with. And this is what we can be required to dig through during a Venus Retrograde.

Read More on Venus Retrograde here and try my Heart Chakra Meditation.

If you want to dive deeper into Soul Mates, Soul Contracts, and Soul Families, I highly recommend Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

Using hypnotherapy, he regresses clients back to the moment when their soul was mapping out their life and asks them to explain what they see.

His clients talk about the soul contracts that they made with others, how they chose their parents, and how they organized to meet up with certain souls at certain junctures of their lives to remind them of their path and the growth that is needed to get them to the next stages of their life.

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