Visitation Dreams and How to Know You’ve Had One

visitation dreams
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If you are a regular here you may know that my younger sister passed away recently due to a battle with cancer.

After she passed I was madly looking for signs. Yes, the lights flickered, yes, I saw rainbows and dragonflies, and yes, sometimes I could hear her whispering messages to me. But the most profound way my sister has come to me is through my dreams.

Visitation dreams to be exact.

A visitation dream is a great way for a deceased loved one, or even your spirit guides or angels, to may contact with you as you are in a more relaxed, resting state and you are not blocked by ego, fears, grief or daily distractions.

While a regular dream is a product of your subconscious mind, a visitation dream is actually a visit from the other side. Even though your body is sleeping, your soul is active and is connecting with your loved one or messenger from the other side.

Visitation dreams are deeply profound and are often used by your loved one to deliver a message or to let you know that they are ok.

Here are some common characteristics of visitation dreams-

Visitation Dreams…

  • Are often linear, unlike a regular dream which may jump around
  • Have a different look to them- the picture is clearer and more life-like
  • Are easy to remember- often they are so profound you just can’t forget them!
  • Usually happen when you are in a half-sleep, not a deep sleep
  • Include a message from your deceased love one or guardian angel- this can be done telepathically, verbally or just through a sense of knowing
  • Sometimes include physical sensations, such as feeling a touch or a kiss as if it were real
  • Feel a lot more literal and to the point than a regular dream which is often more symbolic

Ultimately, you often know upon waking if you have had a visitation dream or just a regular dream. They just feel different and seem to carry more significance than a regular dream. While a regular dream can feel jumbled, a visitation dream is often very clear, straight to the point and comforting.

How to Understand Your Visitation Dream 

1.) After having a visitation dream it is really important to thank your deceased love one for coming through and delivering a message to you. Let them know that you appreciate whatever messages you have been given.

2.) The next step to understanding your visitation dream is to write it down as soon as you wake up. This way you can get all the details down on paper. Even though visitation dreams are often clear, sometimes the messages that you receive may not be so easily interpreted. Sometimes they take time to understand, so having things written down will really help.

Remember, your loved one or guides from the other side often have a better perspective on things, so they may be sharing information with you that will only make sense in the long term. If you are struggling to make sense of their message, write it down and come back to it. You never know when it may come in handy or when it may guide you in the right direction.

3.) Talk through your dream with a family member or friend. Sometimes doing this will also help you to make sense of any messages that were shared. It is also comforting for other family members to know that your loved one is around and is communicating messages.

My older sister and I have been sharing our visitation dreams with each other and its uncanny how similar the description of them have been. By sharing our dreams it has helped to validate the fact that our sister is in fact visiting us.

4.) If you are still struggling to determine the message in your visitation dream, pay attention to how the dream made you feel. Often it is the feelings associated with the dream that provide the clue or the message.

5.) Finally, if you would like to experience a visitation dream or receive more clarity, simply ask your loved one or spirit guides to come to you in a dream before going to bed. While there is no guarantee that they will, it can’t hurt to ask.

It may also help to meditate, clear your mind or do a spiritual practice before sleeping.

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