Weekly Oracle Reading: October 28-November 3, 2019

weekly oracle card reading

Nikki, who has been doing the Weekly Tarot Readings is taking a break, so in the meantime, I am filling in with these weekly Oracle Readings. The deck I am using is the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid. Hope you enjoy!

The Well Watcher and Gaia’s Garden

One of the reasons the Scorpio New Moon on October 27-28th is so potent is because at the same time, the Sun aligns directly opposite Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of great awakening and the Sun represents the core of who we are, so simply put, this New Moon is likely to shake us so we can awaken to a new truth.

The New Moon energy along, with this alignment with Uranus, will be felt all week, plus we have Mercury going retrograde and both of Scorpio’s ruling planets- Mars and Pluto- very active too!

If that wasn’t enough, this week also brings Samhain and the night when the veil between this dimension and others is thinnest.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a big week and we have the Well Watcher and Gaia’s Garden to guide us.

The card of the Well Watcher is a card of surrender. It is a time to allow the Divine to take the lead. There is no need to rush, push, or force your way through, rather you need to take pause and to allow the Universe to show you the way.

The Well Watcher calls you to the well to pause, take a drink, and to remember that we have little control over the events that happen to us, all we can control is how we choose to handle and perceive them.

No matter what is stirred for us under the New Moon, the Well Watcher wants us to rest and to not be in a hurry to make a move. It wants us to surrender to the Divine and to trust that there is a higher purpose and higher reason for whatever we are going through.

As we drink the water from the well, we are also drinking in the magic of miracles, we just have to give them time to manifest and work through our energy field.

This week, take the time to charge up a glass of water with a prayer or affirmation. Hold the glass of water in both hands and recite your intention out loud.

Then, as you sip on it, feel the miracles and magic of your words sinking deep into your soul.

Feel the healing qualities of the water and trust that your prayers have already been answered in the most perfect way.

The next card we have to guide us through this week is Gaia’s Garden. Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus, which is Gaia’s sign, so it is interesting this card came through this week.

It has always been important to protect and look after our planet, but this week we are being called to take our efforts up a level. Put the effort in to make less trash, to recycle more, to reduce food waste, and to minimize the use of plastics.

No effort is too small, so try to remain conscious this week of what you can do to protect and create a cleaner environment.

Along with this, Gaia’s Garden also comes to remind us that nothing blooms all year long, and neither do we. But, even when Mother Nature is not blooming, she always has something to offer and some beauty to share.

Find the beauty of the season you are in. Find the gratitude for whatever life brings, for even if you are tested and pushed, once the intensity passes, all you will be left with is the abundant opportunities that follow.

These opportunities are your chance to rise stronger, to soften deeper, and to advance your soul. For just like Mother Earth, when something dies within us, eventually something is reborn.

With the thinning veil this week and the celebration of Samhain, we can also be reminded to connect with our loved ones on the otherside, for although their feet no longer touch Gaia’s soil, they still walk with us.

To guide you through these lunar energies, try my Scorpio New Moon Ritual here.

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