What are Steeped Candles?

For the last few years I have been going through many changes. I moved countries, houses, jobs, I left everything I had ever known behind in pursuit of an amazing life journey.

During my journey I began exploring creative outlets and on one sunny Los Angeles morning I decided to make candles.

I love cooking and thought candles would be an easy craft to make, plus I had all these cute little jam jars that I wanted to reuse.

I also wanted to make sure the candles were clean and non toxic. Finding this in the candle supply shop was hard but eventually I was able to source GMO free soy wax, cotton wicks and natural essential oils.

Making candles suddenly became my passion and I started trying all sorts of fragrances and playing around with infusing different items in my kitchen and different crystals from my collection to enhance their vibration.

Soon I had developed what I call, THE STEEPED CANDLE.

I know the name is not very catchy but for some reason it just felt right.

I began steeping all sorts of fun things in my candle wax for fragrance until I had developed five of my favorite and most unique scents which include:

-Calming Vanilla SpiceCalming Vanilla Spice Candle

Vanilla is my favorite fragrance in the world. I think there is something so ridiculously delicious and calming about the fresh smell of vanilla, especially when it has just been scraped from the bean.

This candle is actually infused with real vanilla beans. I scrape the seeds off and allow them to be infused in the wax, just like you would if you were making creme brulee.

Along with the vanilla I add my favorite spice, cardamon. Cardamon has a sweet and spicy smell to it but its not over powering. It seems to balance the vanilla really nicely.

Finally, I stir in some lavender essential oil all while reciting a calming and powerful mantra that helps to ground, connect and ease the mind, heart and spirit.

The result is a soothing, delicately fragranced candle that helps to ground, evoke clarity and clear the mind.

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– Balancing Herb Garden balancing herb garden 1.0

There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of a homegrown garden. To make this candle I steep an array of seasonal organic herbs including sage, thyme, rosemary and oregano. Sometimes if I am feeling adventurous I even toss in a hint of fresh mint or basil.

All the herbs are organic so there are no nasty chemical residues in the wax and as they steep I surround the pot with balancing crystals such as quartz and Himalayan rock salt to create harmony and energetic equilibrium.

Once the herbs are steeped I then add a hint of lavender and lemon pure essential oils. These fragrances just give the candle the aroma of a luscious garden and when showcasing them to friends and family, this scent was an overall winner.

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– Rose Coconut Moon moon (1 of 1)

On the night of a new moon the Universe gives us new energy to play with and a new cycle or a new chapter to explore. The cycles of the moon are so heavily synced with the female body that it seemed only natural to create a feminine inspired candle on the night of the new moon.

These moon candles were designed with the intention of helping women to realize their inner goddess, facilitate reproductive system healing and help with the menstrual cycle.

Because they are hand poured on the night of the new moon they are also excellent for use in manifestation and intention rituals.

One of the most potent feminine scents is rose, so I used culinary grade roses and steeped them in the candle wax along with fresh virgin coconut. The candles are then finished off with a hint of sweet orange and rose geranium essential oils as they soak in the energy of the new moon.

See more here: http://steepedcandles.com/gallery/our-candles/

– Energizing Citrus Mintenergizing citrus orange candle

Nothing is more energizing then the smell of citrus and mint. When making this candle I wanted to inspire passion, creative energy and a strong sense of confidence.

Citrus fruit is not only bright, bold and colorful but it’s scent is fresh and clean. Using the peel from organic citrus fruits these candles take on this ‘citrus energy’. Lighting this candle should feel just as uplifting as biting in to a super juicy, cold orange on a hot summers day.

The addition of mint essential oil also just helps this candle to smell fresh and invigorating, (kind of like that feeling when you have just brushed your teeth).

In terms of sales, this candle has been the most popular so far.

See more here: http://steepedcandles.com/gallery/our-candles/

– Conscious Clearing Jasmineconscious jasmine

If you are looking for a candle to help with deep inner work or something to help facilitate healing or intuitive gifts then this is the candle for you.

I wanted to create a potent candle that would help people to clear negative energies and raise their vibration to help them communicate with their spirit guides.

To do this I sourced a special blend of herbs, spices and flowers. This custom blend is created with pure energetic intention and is of a high vibration. The candle is also steeped with jasmine and sage essential oils.

Jasmine has such a strong fragrance and I believe that it helps to evoke light beings and channel the higher source.

The sage helps to clear energy and can facilitate in cleansing auras, spaces and emotions.

These ingredients come together to create a magical smelling candle that is steeped in a cleansed room filled with crystals and fresh sage.

See more here:  http://steepedcandles.com/gallery/our-candles/

All of my candles are made in my home kitchen with love and intention. I only use GMO free soy wax and cotton wicks and I use organic and fresh ingredients whenever possible.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the candles mentioned in this article or you want any more information please visit www.steepedcandles.com

If you run into any problems with your order please email us at info@foreverconscious.com

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I really hope you love your candle as much as I love making it!

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.