Your Horoscope for Libra Season September-October 2023

libra season horoscope september october 2023

Libra Season 2023 begins on September 23rd and runs until October 22nd. The start of Libra Season is always an auspicious time as it aligns with the September Equinox.

The Equinox represents a shift in the flow of energies. It is a significant turning point in the year and a halfway point on our cosmic journey through the zodiac. Depending on where in the world you live, Mother Earth also reflects this turning point, either shedding her leaves in preparation for dormancy or blooming blossoms as she rebirths after a long winter.

As we begin Libra Season, we may feel this turning point mirrored in our own lives in some way. We may feel a growing sense of change in the air or that we need to shift gears in some way.

This sense of change and shift will be amplified by the Libra Solar New Moon Eclipse, which falls on October 14. This Solar Eclipse is probably the most significant event of Libra Season, and acts as a portal to new beginnings.

Leading up to and after the Eclipse, we may feel the waves of transformation coursing through our lives. Eclipses can sometimes change the direction we are traveling in, either by opening new potentials or clearing something from our lives.

Preceding this Solar Eclipse, we also have the Aries Full Moon on September 29, which is a powerful Full Moon for seeing our manifestations and creations come to life. If you have been working on manifesting something since the start of this year, this Full Moon can give things a major boost and can help whatever you have been dreaming and focusing on to take shape in your reality.

Libra energy guides us to find our balance; to collaborate rather than compromise, and to honor and appreciate the beauty that is around us. Working with these themes may help to keep us centered as we work through all of the energies on offer.

We can also dive deeper to see what Libra Season and this powerful Libra Solar New Moon Eclipse will bring for our zodiac sign. You can read the horoscope for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the best perspective.

Your Horoscope for Libra Season


Libra sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so moving into Libra Season is always a time of reflection for you. You may notice patterns in the world around you with greater ease, or synchronicities may line up more flawlessly around you. You may also find that what you are experiencing in others, is something you need to work on in yourself too. If you can move through Libra Season looking at things in this way, you may just experience a breakthrough in your own personal growth and development. On September 29, the Full Moon will light up the sky in your sign! We only get one (maybe two) Full Moons in our sign each year, so this is your special moment! It has been said that when the Moon is Full in your sign, your pineal gland can be further activated, helping you to strengthen your intuition, raise your vibration, and receive wisdom from higher sources. The Full Moon in your sign can really stir your waters, illuminating, revealing, and guiding you to see things in a new way. This Full Moon is closely connected to the energies we were experiencing back in March-April of this year, so similar themes may creep back around, or you may find that whatever goals or intentions you set during that time period are now finally materializing in your life. As we move into October, we will be feeling the transformative buzzing of the Eclipse energies moving around us. The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14, will be influencing your relationships. Chances are, you have been doing a lot of relationship work and healing this year. Strong relationship energy has coursed through our cosmic skies, helping us peel back layers and work through blockages and barriers around our hearts. We may have seen relationships dissolve and new ones form, but either way, a lot of growth has been achieved. Under this Libra New Moon Eclipse, all of this energy will be triggered. Whatever path you have been walking when it comes to your relationships will be activated, helping to progress more of the story. You may find that a lingering relationship that has been blocking you or holding you back comes to an end, or someone new and special may enter your life. While romantic relationships are likely to be a theme, it doesn’t have to be. This relationship energy may also manifest with a business partner or coworker, a friend, or even a family member. It all comes back to the way you relate and move through the world. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for partnership, or even signing with the right business partner, this Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse will sprinkle some luck on your side. Enjoy what is to come!


As Libra Season begins you may be feeling pulled in many directions. Life may take on a busier tone, and your plate may feel piled high with things to do! While it seems a lot of what is piling on your plate is rewarding, you may have to be better at setting boundaries and learning when to say no. You don’t want to burn yourself out or take on more than you can handle, so be sure to prioritize, delegate, and be firm with the boundaries you set. The Aries Full Moon on September 29, has the potential to bring something that was once hidden out to the surface. Something from the past may also creep back around, wanting to be looked at once more. Think back to what was brewing for you around March-April of this year, you may find that things left incomplete from this time come back around for closure. This Full Moon is also fantastic for bringing our hopes, wishes, and dreams into the material world. If you have some intentions you have been working on this year, this Full Moon is a fantastic opportunity to take a step forward and see the results of your efforts. The Universe may just deliver something special under this Full Moon, so stay open to whatever comes your way! While the energies around this Full Moon are fortunous there is some volatility brewing too. The fiery quality of Aries, matched with the sensitive and emotional moon may bring some heated emotions to the surface. We may have to confront something difficult, or perhaps we may feel easily triggered by the actions of other people. Those around us may be more irritable, or in turn, we may find ourselves feeling irritated or on edge about something. Breathe through these emotions if they are to arise, and try to be gentle with yourself and others. Often when we feel irritated or angry, there are some deeper emotions at the root. See if you can weed out what is really bothering you and then work to communicate that with yourself or others. Mercury, the planet of communication will also be gaining strength at this time, so if you need to have a difficult conversation, know that the planets are on your side! As we get into October, we will be feeling the push of the year coming to a close. This may intensify any feelings of busyness, but once again, return to your center and be firm in your boundaries. It is ok to say no, and it is ok to outsource if you can’t take on everything yourself. It is amazing how willing people are to help when we ask! Keeping your energy levels balanced and away from burnout will also be incredibly helpful as we approach the powerful Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14. This Eclipse is powerful, and will very likely bring a new opportunity your way. Hopefully, you have some open space to receive what the Universe is sending your way. It could be a new job opportunity, or perhaps some changes to your routine that allow you to make more time for the things that really matter to you. Alternatively, you may receive a promotion or new job position, which may change how you are managing your time. It seems whatever opportunity comes your way, it will force you to change how you have been approaching your day-to-day routine. If you need some guidance, think about what is truly important to you and what you truly wish to spend your time doing, and follow that! As we reach the end of Libra Season, you will likely feel more balanced and centered with whatever has come up for you.


There is so much going on behind the scenes in your life right now. Perhaps you are aware of some of the inner workings, but chances are most of it is subconscious for you. To say it in a different way, you have planetary alignments working in your life right now that are akin to a guardian angel working in the wings. You have no idea they are back there, orchestrating things, aligning things, and creating opportunities for you, but they are hard at work, helping to make your dreams fall into place when the time is right! There is no doubt that luck has been on your side, and hopefully you are able to feel this resonating in your life in some way. To use the words of Deepak Chopra, luck is simply opportunity meeting preparedness. You are responsible for whatever the “preparedness” may entail, but the Universe is taking care of the opportunity part for you! This energy will continue through 2024, so put it to use! The Aries Full Moon on September 29, is one of the best for seeing your goals and dreams come to life. If you have been working hard on a project since the start of the year, this Full Moon will help things come to fruition. Alternatively, a project you have been working on since the start of the year may come to a close, freeing you to launch into the next venture. You have a lot of success on your side, and this is only going to intensify in the coming year, so go big and be bold with whatever your heart desires! As we move into October, the energy of change and transformation may flow in. This may feel a little unsettling for you, and you may find yourself needing to step away from all that is comfortable and familiar and delve into some unchartered waters. You may even find yourself needing to step away from what you wish to be working on to focus on something else more important or pressing. As the Libra Solar New Moon Eclipse reaches its peak on October 14, waves of inspiration will stream your way. You may be feeling more passionate, more certain about the future, or more in tune with what is next for you. This is a great Solar Eclipse for helping to realign your values and focus on what is truly important for you. Your creativity may also be at an all time high, so put that energy to work! A relationship may also come into your awareness under this Solar New Moon Eclipse. If you are looking for love, this Solar Eclipse may bring someone special your way. Alternatively, you may find yourself reaching a deeper connection and greater harmony with the people you love. Overall, Libra Season is a powerful and positive time for you- enjoy the energies to come!


As a Cancer, you are ruled by the Moon, and seeing as we are experiencing lots of lunar activity this Libra Season, you are going to feel all the feels! So, as we begin this journey, put some protective measures into place. Work on clearing your energy field, don’t take on other’s problems as your own, and be mindful of who and what you choose to give your energy to. You will have to be firm with your boundaries right now, and clear in what you are willing to tolerate and what you are not. Libra Season is all about finding our balance and rhythm, so this cosmic energy will be on your side. On September 29, we have the Aries Full Moon. This Full Moon holds fantastic promise for your career. If you have been looking to reach new heights in your career or feel more with purpose in your life, this Full Moon will bring some fantastic rays of support. What you have been dreaming about or trying to manifest may very well become a reality for you under this Full Moon energy. This Full Moon is also fantastic for launching any work projects, or wrapping up projects that have reached their end. If your career is not on your mind, you can channel this energy to feeling more aligned with your purpose and what it is that you want to give to the world. We each have our unique gifts and talents that we are born to share with the world, so this Full Moon may give you some inspiration pointing you in that direction. Very often, we get tricked into thinking our purpose has to be a career or something grand, but there is a much deeper flow in recognizing that our purpose is to simply be. To be in our truth and to be all of who we are. A tree doesn’t set out to fulfill its purpose, its purpose is built into the very fabric of its being, and yours is too. Recognizing that can help you to feel more aligned and connected, and this Full Moon offers the perfect energies to guide you. While this Full Moon can help to bring feelings of purpose to the surface, it also has some volatility attached to it too. Anger, feelings of irritability, or frustrations may rise, forcing you to confront something. While our emotions may get the best of us, often anger or frustration comes from a deeper place. Focusing on the roots of those emotions can be particularly helpful and can help you approach the situation and others with some gentleness. As we move into October, we will begin feeling the transformative Eclipse energies brewing. Eclipses tend to bring change; they are portals that fast track us to a higher state of consciousness. While they can be beneficial, they can also be incredibly challenging. The good news is that this Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse does feel to be gentle. It also holds some nice healing energies too, helping us to realize more of our true power and potential. Peaking on October 14, this Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse may bring up matters in your home and family environment. That may be where your focus is led during this time. It is possible that a door may close for you under this Eclipse too. But don’t worry, know that any blank space is now fertile soil, waiting to sprout into something new.


The last few months, or perhaps even the last year, may have felt a little unstable for you. A lot of the energy around you has been in flux, ebbing and flowing, bringing both busy periods and periods of stagnancy. Navigating all of this may have been difficult, but things should be easing for you during Libra Season. Under the Libra Sun, you may find yourself moving with greater ease and rhythm. Perhaps it will be easier for you to find your balance and focus on the things that are feeding you, not depleting you. One of the greatest teachings of Libra energy is learning to collaborate, rather than compromise. So this may be something you wish to explore in your life. How can you work with the energy of collaboration, especially where you may feel you are compromising too much of yourself? Before we get stuck in to the cosmic events of Libra Season, I can’t ignore that you have Jupiter, the planet of abundance, shining down in the part of your chart that rules over your career. If you have been working to advance your career and make a name for yourself in your chosen industry, you have some of the best energy to work with! This energy only comes around once every 12 years, so use it to your advantage! Make those leaps, be bold, believe in yourself, and see how far you can climb! If making leaps in your career is not at all entertaining right now, or you are retired, you can channel this energy to bring more inspiration into your life and to fill your cup with things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Moving back to Libra Season 2023, we have the Aries Full Moon on September 29. This Full Moon holds some volatile, fiery energy. Heated emotions may be stirred, and things may spill over. As a fire sign yourself, be careful of what you say and do around this time. Move mindfully and try not to get caught up in the drama of others. In other news, this Full Moon may also bring a travel opportunity your way. You may be invited to speak or participate in an event overseas, or you may decide to finally book that vacation. Alternatively, you may find yourself learning something new or heading back to school to sharpen your skills. This Full Moon is also connected to March-April of this year, so whatever was going on for you at that time may come around again in another form. Moving into October, we have the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th. This is a power date in the month and indicates the opening of a new chapter. This Eclipse will see you shining in the spotlight! If you are working on a communications project or need to pitch an idea, this Eclipse is going to be on your side. This Eclipse is also fantastic for bringing new inspiration into your life and for moving closer to all that inspires you. Eclipses can bring change and sudden moves that we didn’t see coming, but it seems that whatever is stirred will help you to express more of your true self. As Libra Season comes to an end, we will still be in the throws of Eclipse energy, so stay tuned for more pieces of the puzzle to unfold.


The Sun has been shining bright in your corner of the zodiac, but now it is off on a new journey, not destined to return again for another 12 months. While the Sun was in your corner of the zodiac, you may have felt more recharged, more revitalized, and more like yourself. With the Sun now gone, all that was illuminated by its magnificence will come into closer view. You may have new realizations, new understandings, and even new appreciation for things. Facts that were blurry may begin to feel clearer. On September 29, the Aries Full Moon will light up the sky, sending waves of fiery, passionate energy your way. This Full Moon has some charged energy around it, which may have you feeling a little on edge. Emotions may be high, or you may find yourself feeling increasingly irritable. While these triggering emotions are often a sign of something deeper brewing below, it may be difficult to get clear on what exactly is troubling you. Under the Full Moon, you may find it more beneficial to take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel all that you feel. Trying to suppress or wrap your emotions up in a pretty package may not be the best course of action. Allow yourself to feel all that you feel. Express all that is coming up. Practices like journaling, spending time in nature, and meditation may also be particularly beneficial at this time. The Aries Full Moon is also connected to events that were stirring in March and April of this year. Cast your mind back to any unresolved issues that were happening, as this Full Moon may bring a conclusion point. Similarly, any goals, wishes, or dreams that you cast into the Universe at that time may begin to manifest in physical form. If you write down your intentions each month or on each New Moon, go back to the Aries New Moon and Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse that we had in March and April, and see if your intentions have materialized- you may just surprise yourself! Aries is the sign of creation, so there is strong creative potential around this Full Moon. If you haven’t set any intentions as yet, you can still work with this Full Moon to create and to put your inspired ideas out into the world. Aries is also the sign of the entrepreneur, so trust any innovative ideas that float in your direction. As we move into October, we will be feeling the deep transformative energies of Eclipse Season brewing. We have two Eclipses in October, but only one of them falls during Libra Season. On October 14, we have the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is the gentler of the two, however you may find that issues around your self-esteem and self-worth are triggered. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to stand up for yourself or set a firm boundary with someone close to you. Having such conversations can be difficult, but the New Moon Solar Eclipse will be on your side. This Solar Eclipse is also fantastic for increasing your income! It has wonderful rays of abundance around it, so breathe it in and see what you can do to help channel some of this energy. You may be offered a new job, a promotion, or decide to turn your hobby into a side job. Of course, abundance isn’t just about money. You may feel abundant in other ways too, so stay open to this frequency, especially under this New Moon Eclipse. As Libra Season comes to a close we will still be moving through the magical energies of Eclipse Season, whatever is stirred under the Libra Solar Eclipse, chances are more will be revealed as we get into Scorpio Season.


Happy Birthday, Libra! The Sun is in your sign, shining down its rays of warmth and optimism. When the Sun is in your zodiac, you can feel more energized, recharged, and renewed, so make it a point to soak up these energies as you celebrate your trip around the Sun! The Sun moves into your sign under the Equinox, which is an auspicious point in the year that brings a turning point. This turning point of energy will continue to intensify as we move through Eclipse Season too. Before we launch into the Eclipse energies however, let’s take a look at the Aries Full Moon, which peaks on September 29. This Full Moon holds some volatile, fiery energy that may feel a little uncomfortable at times. You may find suppressed or unresolved feelings floating up into your awareness, however this is a good thing, as once they are out you can begin to resolve them. This Full Moon also holds wonderful energy that can support your relationships. You may find yourself making a deeper connection with a romantic partner, or you may decide to partner up with someone in a business capacity. If you are experiencing relationship troubles, this Full Moon will illuminate what needs to be addressed so you can move closer to a resolution or to an ending. As we arrive to October, the Eclipse energies will be rolling in strong, and as the first Eclipse falls in your sign, you will be feeling it! Eclipses are highly transformative, and this Eclipse is going to be making you feel all the feels. Peaking on October 14, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to light a spark in you somewhere, activating a new potential or a new pathway. You may feel called to venture in a new direction, or you may find yourself planting seeds for your future. This Solar New Moon Eclipse is leading you down a new path, and even though you may not see your destination just yet, something is in the works! You may feel extra inspired or creative around this New Moon Eclipse, so follow any inspirations that greet you. This New Moon Eclipse is also very healing, so if you have been dealing with some illness either on a mind, body, or spirit level, this Eclipse will help to guide you forward, and may even bring some resolutions. As we approach the end of Libra Season, the energies will be intensifying as we move closer to the final Eclipse of the year- the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 28th. This Lunar Eclipse falls in Scorpio Season, but is a powerful point of endings. As Libra Season comes to a close, you may feel that something needs to close in your own life, but you may have to wait for the end of October to realize the full extent of this. Having Eclipses in your sign, which is a trend that will continue for the next 18 months or so, means there is a lot of growth on the horizon for you. But it is also an incredibly empowering time that can leap you forward in your consciousness. The future is bright!


The Sun moving into Libra means that you are up next, Scorpio! Right before the Sun moves into your sign, you may begin to feel a sense of endings and closure. Your trip around the Sun is coming to an end, and you are about to embark on a new journey. Libra Season may therefore, be a time where you naturally feel like the time has come to end certain dynamics and do away with things that you no longer wish to carry. The Aries Full Moon on September 29, will be supporting you on this journey. The Aries New Moon is special, as it is a highly creative and potent time when we can see our manifestations and desires come to life. You may wish to think about the intentions or goals you set under the Aries New Moon back in March and April. Chances are whatever those intentions were, you may be seeing them come to life under the Aries Full Moon. While this Full Moon holds awesome creative potential, it also holds some volatility too. The fiery energy of Aries coupled with the emotional Full Moon may leave you feeling a bit sensitive, overwhelmed, or energetically vulnerable. It will be important for you to protect your energy field, clear away psychic energy that is blocking your flow, and to not take on other people’s problems as your own. Emotions may bubble to the surface, but if you give them space to flow, you should feel a cleansing that follows. As we move into October, we have the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse kickstarts a brand new Eclipse cycle that we will be working with for the next 18 months. This new Eclipse cycle will be working our relationships and issues around self-identity. While it remains to be seen how this will all manifest, we may get a small glimmer under the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse may feel heavy because the energy seems to be drawing you inward. You may feel like going into your own shell and hiding from the rest of the world. The Hermit card in the Tarot deck comes to mind here. It may be important for you to venture within to your quiet inner world in order to deepen your understanding of the world around you and your journey in it. This New Moon Solar Eclipse may also be incredibly insightful for you, revealing things or even secrets that are necessary for you to know at this point on your path. Eclipses can be intense, but they are leaps to higher states of consciousness. You have been working hard through all of the Eclipse energy recently, so in comparison, this Libra Eclipse energy should feel much gentler.


Libra Season begins on the Equinox. If we look at the astrological calendar, the September Equinox represents the halfway point in the year and a time when energy tends to shift around us. We can see these shifts in Mother Nature too as we experience increasing or decreasing hours of daylight, and a change in the seasons. All of this can be reflected in our own inner state too, so ride these shifts and try to find the beauty in any changes that seem to arise. On September 29, we have the Aries Full Moon, which is a beacon of creative energy! This Full Moon can help us to bring our ideas to life. It is also a powerful Full Moon for helping to manifest all that we desire. If you set intentions under the Aries New Moon, which we had back in March and April, you may find that the Aries Full Moon brings those intentions into your reality. While this is a powerful Full Moon for creation for everyone, you are receiving a double dose of this energy! So soak it up, use it to put your mark on the world and to bring your visions to life. Any steps you take under this Full Moon will be supported tenfold, so use this magical energy to your benefit! This Full Moon may also light up your inner flame and get you excited about life again. If you want to dive deeper into a passion project, or reconnect with passions you have forgotten about, this Full Moon also offers a fantastic opportunity. As we move into October, we will be feeling the building energies of the Eclipses. We have two Eclipses in October, but only one of them will fall in Libra Season. This is the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14. This Eclipse is the lighter of the two and represents a brand new entrance into a new Eclipse cycle. This Eclipse cycle will run for the next 18 months or so, and will set us up on a new path of evolution. You can think of an Eclipse like a portal to a higher state of consciousness. They bring events that push us out of our comfort zone and get us moving along on our highest path. While they can be challenging, they are also gifts of the Universe! This Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse is quite gentle and a good introduction to this new Eclipse cycle’s energies, which will kick into gear in 2024. This Libra New Moon Eclipse will be inspirational, and may even fuel a desire to get in touch with your deepest dreams and desires. There is also a strong healing energy attached to this New Moon Eclipse, which feels almost spiritual for you. Perhaps you are coming into a new understanding of your spirituality, or creating a strong connection with the divinity that lives within. This Solar New Moon Eclipse may also stir something when it comes to your friends. A new soul may enter your life that feels special; this person may be a teacher or even feel like a soul mate of sorts. Alternatively, someone may exit your life under this Eclipse. A friendship may have served its time, or you may find that you are not longer resonating with certain clubs or groups that you were once a part of. While making changes can be hard, it can also create space for something new to arrive, and that is the promise of this Eclipse, we just have to give it time.


Welcome to Libra Season! Libra is a cardinal sign, just like you Capricorn! Cardinal signs are the natural leaders of the zodiac, they represent the starting point of a journey or the first few chapters of a book. They set the foundation and create the path that the rest will follow. As Libra is a fellow cardinal sign, you will always feel more aligned and at peace when this zodiac season rolls around. In fact, it is a good time for you to focus on bringing more peace into your life and soaking up some of that balancing energy that this season has to offer. What are you giving your time to that is draining your energy? How can you make more deposits into your energy reservoir? These may be important questions to ask as we begin Libra Season, because it is a busy one! On September 29, we have the Aries Full Moon. The Aries Full Moon is one of the best for creative work! It can bring our creative ideas and visions into reality, which is something you are naturally gifted and talented with! Use this Full Moon energy to take action on your dreams and goals. Use it to bring your creations to life in some way. Any action you take will be supported and enhanced by these Full Moon energies so use it to your advantage! Under the Aries Full Moon, your home and family life may be on your mind too. You may find your home or family responsibilities increasing, or you may decide to take on a project within the home. If you are thinking of expanding your family, this would be a good Full Moon to support conception! Whatever comes up for you in your home and family life, learning to juggle responsibility and set boundaries is going to be important. As we move into October, we have the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse. While this won’t occur till the 14th, we will be feeling it strongly before it arrives. The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be lighting up your career and bringing new opportunities your way! This is a fantastic Solar Eclipse for setting intentions around your career path and what you would like to manifest in that area of your life. If you have big dreams, this Libra New Moon Eclipse is a wonderful opportunity to take leaps! If career goals are not on your mind, this Libra New Moon Eclipse can be wonderful for thinking about what you would like to spend your time doing. Perhaps you are retired and looking for new interests or hobbies- well, this Solar Eclipse would be a wonderful time to put feelers out there or sign up for something new. This could also apply if you are a stay-at-home parent, or not looking to advance in your career in any way. You can instead, channel this energy into doing something that fills your life with a sense of purpose and meaning. You have a lot to give the world, and this Solar Eclipse is a great time to take action on that!


Libra Season begins under the turning point of the Equinox. On the zodiac wheel, reaching the September Equinox is like reaching the halfway mark of the year. It is a time when we have moved far enough away from the beginning of our story that we start making our way toward the end. Whatever book you have been writing since the March Equinox of this year has now reached its turning point and the conclusion is coming! We can also see this turning point of energy mirrored in Mother Nature. Depending on where you live in the world, the hours of daylight may be changing, or the seasons may shift, showing that change is in the air. This sense of change will be growing under Libra Season as we prepare for the last two Eclipses of the year. Eclipses tend to bring transformation and even sudden change, and while their presence can be intense, they can also be viewed as quantum jumping pads that help us reach a new level of consciousness. On September 29, we have the Aries Full Moon. This Full Moon is connected to the Aries New Moons we had back in March and April of this year. We actually had two Aries New Moons in 2023, the first was a regular New Moon in March, and the second was an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse in April. These were incredibly powerful points of manifestation and sacred energy. They were points in the year that we could plant seeds and set our vision. Now, under the Aries Full Moon, the time has come to see some of those visions materialize! If you set intentions under those Aries New Moons, you may very well see them start to come to form under this Full Moon. If you didn’t set intentions, don’t worry, you can still use the creative gifts of this Full Moon. Any steps you take under this Full Moon will be supported tenfold, so if you have a creative idea or something you want to see materialize in your life, take inspired action under this Full Moon! As we move into October, we will be in the direct line of all the Eclipse energy. We have two Eclipses in October, but only one of them will fall in Libra Season, and that is the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th. This New Moon Solar Eclipse represents the entrance point onto a new Eclipse cycle that we will be working with for the next 18 months. While it remains to be seen what this New Eclipse cycle is going to bring, we may get a clue under this Eclipse. We can also look back to the time period between 2014-2016, as this was the last time we experienced an Eclipse in this same cycle. It’s not that the same things will happen again, but similar themes or motifs may be experienced. This Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse will expand your mind in some way. You may decide to return to school, travel, or try something completely new. You may also meet a teacher or mentor that becomes a powerful and valuable ally for you. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is opening your mind and expanding your vision to new levels. What you believed to be true, or the small thoughts you have about yourself will shift to something more expansive. This is a great time for you to raise your self-worth, and to know there is nothing you can’t achieve when you set your mind to it. Find your inner strength and determination, and go after what you desire for yourself. As Libra Season comes to an end, you may be feeling a little more tired than usual. Eclipse energies can be hard, and with another Eclipse on the way at the end of October, you are going to want to do all that you can to recharge your cup.


As we reach the end point of 2023, you may be starting to look back and feel the weight of all this year has brought your way. It is likely you have been working hard this year to step up and take responsibility in a new way. It’s like the Universe has been challenging you to take your destiny into your own hands and be the keeper of your own future. This is definitely a challenge, and perhaps lonely work, but there are many gifts to be found too. This energy comes from Saturn, which has been making its way through your sign. Saturn is known as the Master Teacher, and while it can deliver tough lessons and perhaps some tough love, it can also help us to transcend, reach new levels of consciousness, and rise up to the best version of ourselves. It’s a long journey, but here you are, making your way through! The Aries Full Moon on September 29, may be a trigger point for you to work through all of these feelings and weights you have been carrying. If you have been trying to manifest something since the start of the year, or for several years even, this Full Moon holds strong energy that can help bring your manifestations to life! If you like to set intentions around the March Equinox, it is usually by the September Equinox that we start to see things come to fruition. Go back and read over the intentions or goals you set for yourself around that time, you may just be surprised to see what has come to light! As we move into October, we are going to be deep in the transformative energies of Eclipse Season. As a sensitive water sign, you tend to feel these energies stronger than most. It may all feel a little overwhelming for you. You may have to take extra steps to protect your energy and to ensure your boundaries are being enforced. If you need to take some time to step away and recharge, make sure you do that for yourself. As a water sign, being near the water or even taking a bath are all great ways to center your being and find that Libra balance that is on offer. It may also help to look at what you are choosing to give your energy to, and assess where more balance and boundaries are needed. The Libra Solar New Moon Eclipse is going to be a powerful one for you. It may stir your subconscious and even bring uncomfortable topics or fears to the surface. You may have to confront something that challenges you; something that keeps you up at night. It’s almost like the Universe is asking you to push past some deep-rooted fears so you can make it to the other side. While New Moon Solar Eclipses are generally considered powerful portals to new beginnings, for you, the first step in reaching this new beginning will be an ending. Something may exit your life under this Eclipse, but don’t worry. Whatever space has been created will soon enough be your birthing ground for something new and more aligned. This Solar Eclipse may also bring health concerns or money matters to the forefront of your mind. However, there is a silver lining here, this Solar Eclipse could actually bring solutions to these areas. A new stream of income may open for you, or you may find yourself on the receiving end of a raise. And with your health, you may receive some new answers that help guide you to a deeper healing. Healing is another theme of this Eclipse, and there is power under this energy to reach a new level of closure on any ailments that have been troubling you. As you can see, this Eclipse is loaded for you! If you want more insights, you can also look back to what was happening in your life around 2014-2016, this Eclipse is part of a similar series so, we tend to see patterns from the past creeping back around too. Remember, it’s not that the same events are going to happen, but you may just find yourself going through similar themes.

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