You’ve Earned It!

How’s your week going so far? Good, but ehh? Has it just been one big blur of the same routine: waking up, going to work, and then time for bed?

Yeah. This can often be a bad ritual of mine. I’ve been trying to fix it though.

Someone once told me that when you get an acting audition, let that experience be in that room and don’t bring it with you as an added pressure for the rest of the day. You did the best you were able to do, and if you didn’t, then you didn’t. There’s no going back. Just enjoy that you went on an audition. Reward yourself with one treat after, whether it’s buying a new book or getting some ice cream. Be happy that you did it.

Ever since I heard that advice, it’s been a breath of fresh air when I go out for a role. I feel so much calmer, and always make sure to tap myself on the back afterwards.

Why can’t this be for everything though? Why shouldn’t you reward yourself everyday?

In my previous blogs I’ve mentioned that I am an actor. I used to say “struggling actor” but I decided to drop the “struggling” half and found a job where I can audition and still make money when I’m not hired on a project, which for now, unfortunately, is most days out of the year. I’m not down though. I want to succeed, and I aim to keep pushing towards that direction. But, I am also able to pay rent and bills now, without feeling a massive migraine at the end of the month.

Work is work. Just be grateful that you’re able to have a job. Even if it’s not your dream job. Just know in the back of your mind that this is not it. Don’t let it be in your future if you don’t want it to be. That alone is a ton of weight lifted from your shoulders.

Some weeks can be very stressful for me. I sometimes find myself working longggg hours, and can’t even tell you what I did that stood out that day, without it having to do with work.

My new method is trying to leave work at work. The office will keep it fresh for me, I’m sure. I can tell you a story about work, but make sure it’ll only be an quick anecdote. I choose not to think about assignments I need to do the next day. I’m not in the office anymore. I’m not getting paid to work when I’m not working, so why is it that all I am doing is thinking about working?

This all needed to end.

When it seems like you’re losing your mind and don’t remember the last time you treated yourself, then something is clearly wrong. You owe it to yourself to do at least one thing for you every day. It could be buying new shoes, or even just being lazy for a few hours sitting in front of the TV. Do something for you!

You’ve earned it. 

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