How to Follow the Signs of the Universe

how to follow the signs of the Universe

Following the signs of the Universe or Divine can be tricky as often it is only in the stillness and silence of our hearts and minds that we can truly hear the calls.

Signs will be different for everyone, but in my experience here are the most commons signs that the Universe is trying to lead you or show you the way-

1. Synchronicity

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then randomly bumped into them or received a call from them?

Have you ever thought about going somewhere or doing something and then had it all fall into place a little too easily?

Synchronicity is the Divine’s way of saying that you are on the right track and heading in the right direction. Synchronicity is also a sign that you are connected to the potential of the Universe and are vibrating at a high frequency.

Whenever synchronistic things line up in your life, know that most of the time this is the Universe’s way of saying Yes!

2. Animals

If you are connected to your environment you may of noticed the presence of a particular animal in your life as a messenger.

I for one, have always been terrified of spiders but through my spiritual journey I have come to understand that they always seem to have a special message for me.

Some common animal symbols include seeing a black crow as a bad omen, a flock of birds as a sign of travel, a butterfly as a sign from a loved one who has crossed over and seeing a snake as a sign of transformation and sexuality.

When it comes to animals, the symbolism and message can really change depending on your individual connection or feeling towards the animal. Follow your intuition on this one or perhaps discover what your Spirit Animal is.

3. Illness

Your physical body can provide so many messages about your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

We all know that illnesses usually occur when our immunity is down, however could it be that our body is trying to communicate something deeper to us?

Listen to the signs and clues that your physical body is trying to communicate to you to work out what the Universe is trying to show you. For example, if you always feel drained and tired around a certain individual, perhaps the Universe is trying to point out that this person is a negative influence or challenging you in some way.

If you get a sore throat perhaps the Universe is trying to communicate something to you about your sense of self-expression. If you are constipated perhaps the Universe is trying to show you that you have a hard time of letting go.

Spiritual author Louise Hay wrote a wonderful book about the metaphysical causes of disease, however it is best if you do your own intuitive work to determine what your body is trying to tell you.

4. The Planets and Stars

The location of the planets can tell you so much about the energy surrounding the Universe. For example, a Full Moon is a time of completion and fruition, whereas a New Moon is a sign of new beginnings and potential.

Similarly, the location of the Sun can tell us a lot about how to use our energy. In the most simple sense -we should be up and active in the day time and we should rest and relax in the night time.

For years people have looked to the stars and planets for guidance and using Astrology can help you tap into the energy and potential surrounding you. It can also provide clues on how to use your strengths and weakness and when to take action.

Curious about what energy is floating around this month? Read the astrology of May 2015.

5. Ringing in the Ears 

Have you ever heard a high pitch ringing in your ears?

Ruling out any medical conditions, a high pitched ring in the ears is commonly associated with messages from the Divine. This is usually a sign that a spirit or angel is around and wants to communicate a message to you.

Pay attention to your thoughts, words and feelings while the ringing is occurring to see if you can tune into the message.

6. Dreams

Another powerful way that the Universe can communicate with us is through our dreams.

The interpretation of dreams is usually very symbolic and unique to the individual but try to focus more on how the dream made you feel to determine what the message might be. Often, dreams are clues as to what is going on in the subconscious mind and can sometimes bring up fears.

Seeing a loved one who has crossed over in a dream is also a sign that they are looking out for you and are perhaps trying to make contact with you.

Dreams can also be prophetic and indicate of events to come. If you are interested in discovering more about the messages in your dreams, I recommended keeping a dream journal.

7. Out of the Ordinary Experiences

Sometimes, an event comes along that seems to turn our whole world upside down.

Radical events, especially life changing ones are definitely the Universe’s way of saying that something needs to change or shift. While it may seem chaotic around you, try to tune into the bigger picture and stay present in the moment of your experiences.

Chances are, at the end of the tunnel you will see the light and everything will come together perfectly.

8. Random Encounters 

Have you ever randomly bumped into someone that seemed to offer some insightful advice? Or have you ever been wondering about something and than randomly stumbled upon the answer?

Random encounters happen all the time and the more you stay open, the more you will see and experience. I definitely believe that the Divine sends us all sorts of people to help challenge and guide us on our path.

At the end of the day, we are all connected and we can all take messages and words of wisdom from whomever we meet.

9. Repeated Numbers

Seeing 11:11 on the clock all the time? Or noticing particular number patterns everywhere you go?

This is often a sign from the Divine and that they have a special message for you. You can read more about these messages here – Numerology of Number Patterns.

10. Losing or Breaking a Possession

When this happens, particularly when it is an item that you have cherished, usually it is the Universe’s way of saying to let go and move on.

Often when we misplace or break an item, it can bring up a feeling of loss, anger and frustration. Usually these emotions stem from our subconscious and run deeper than we realize.

When you lose, have something stolen or break something, take a moment to check in and see what message the Universe may be trying to send to you.

If you have lost something, call on the help of Archangel Michael, he is the Divine helper in returning things that are lost to you.

11. Road Blocks

Living in a big city, traffic is part of every day life but have you ever been caught up in a delay for a weird or no apparent reason? In LA, this seems like it happens everyday! But could it be a higher sign from the Universe?

I honestly believe that being behind the wheel can reveal a lot about an individual, and if you constantly find yourself in traffic or hitting a road block or encountering crazy drivers, perhaps it is the Universe’s way of pointing out your subconscious state.

This same energy can be applied to metaphorical road blocks in your own life. Are you pursuing something and always being set back? Perhaps this is the Universe’s way of reminding you to take a step back and adjust your energy before you move forward.

12. Cancellations

Was your flight cancelled? Did your boss cancel a very important meeting at the last minute? While these can seem annoying, cancellations are usually a sign from the Universe that things were not meant to be.

Try to take these events in your stride and see if you can determine if there is a greater message playing out.

At the end of the day, what is meant to come to you will always find its way. Trust in that and know that everything happens for a reason, whether big or small.

13. Seeing Flickering Lights or Orbs

Have you ever seen sparkling or twinkling lights or orbs? Again, ruling out any medical conditions, seeing specks of moving light can be associated with angels and spirit guides.

Seeing white light is indicative of a Guardian Angel whereas blue lights indicate a Spirit Guide.

If you see flickering lights or orbs, pay attention to what you are doing, thinking, feeling and saying and see if there could be any special significance or messages you need to hear.

When it comes to following the signs from the Universe or Divine, the most important thing to remember is to listen to your gut feelings and what resonates with you.

The Universe is always guiding you, are you listening?

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  • Lib Flow

    Hiya there.. The only statement I wish to revise is the one under ‘Illness’, when you wrote that finding out what our body want to tell us better done by ourself. I found this as unhelpful, especially for someone who has no clue to any woo woo stuff, somebody better do the guidance. Louise Hay is a great author, personally I prefer Martha Beck. Her guidance, you can found it plenty in Oprah’s website, is clear, concise, and funny.

    • Thank you! Martha Beck is also a great author. This is what I meant about illness- it’s about taking a more mindful or spiritual approach to the cause of disease. It’s not meant to replace a diagnosis of a medical professional. Hope that helps!

  • Anahit Petrosyan

    This is a spiritual treasure chest. Reading this article made me feel really understood and at peace. Thanks, Tanaaz!

    • Thank you so much Anahit! So glad this article helped you to feel at peace 🙂

  • Lauren

    Hi! I am a person who is a believer in signs of the universe! It wasn’t brought upon me by others or by articles, I’m a believer because I have experienced signs and signals which I believe have come from greater forces! It’s always hard to recognise signs, I don’t purposely seek them, you just recognise them sometimes randomly. Anyways I was given three signs at the start not to participate in Duke of Edinburgh but I disobeyed the signs from the universe since obviously we are human and have freedom to make choices and I persisted to do it and now I did my practice expedition a couple of days ago and the universe gave me another sign a major one this time, that I wasn’t meant to do it and now that I realise it I feel extremely stupid for all the time which I can’t ever get back and money to go to the meetings and training! Anyways I don’t know if anyone will read this or respond or what my purpose is for sending this but I just want to ask, when you go off the path that the universe wants you to be on and it takes you a long time to realise it do you completely waste your time like I did or does the universe let you take something away from it?

    • Hi Lauren, that is a great question! I always think that there is something to learn no matter what path you take. I don’t believe that we ever waste our time with anything. You maybe needed to take the long road to realize something or to realize the potential of your intuition.

  • Matt

    Hello, i have been looking for someone to make this clearer to me. In april i started seeing 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, and other number patterns on all different clocks. I used to see 11:11 three years ago a lot but never payed much attention. I researched it and learned a lot about universal and angel communication. I recently moved to Florida from New York and asked for help with my dream of music (which i had given up on previously) and in less than a month i started a website, created an entire album and met someone with the same interests of mine at a coffee shop and became great friends and have been recording with him ever since. He introduced me to a group of entrepreneurs who want to help grow my brand and market as a musician. Great things have been happening. I began meditating and speaking aloud the things i desire most. About a week ago, A good friend of mine was on the phone with me congratulating me on a song i made and out of nowhere she started babbling and saying i needed to prepare for something big and that she heard a voice tell her that. As if she was clairvoyant. She has had a spiritual past and has told me things i almost couldn’t believe. Now i have a tattoo of The name Juliette on my arm. Its my mothers name and also my grandmothers (who passed away 14 years ago). During meditation i asked who my guardian angel was and i felt a muscle spasm on my tattoo where it says juliette. The next day i called my friend again and she told me that it was my grandmother who told her that i need to prepare for something big. It gave me chills, im not sure if this is coincedental, spiritual or not but lately there has been a lot of interesting synchronicities. Do you have any thoughts on it?

    • wow, sounds cool! thank you for sharing. it definitely seems like you are receiving a sign from the universe 🙂 just go with the flow and things will unfold as they need to. 🙂

      • Matt

        Thank you Tanaaz!

  • Britney

    I know I have met one of my soul mates; however, he and I are both married with families. I am separating from my husband (was not working out prior to the affair), but this person is trying to see if his marriage can work. It is so hard to let go when he tells me that I am the right person for him and that he has never felt for anyone like he feels for me. We have a definite soul mate connection. He stays in his marriage for his kids. I realize we each have our paths, but I am struggling to cut off contact and move on so that he can focus on his marriage and I can go through my own transition (I also have kids). He also is struggling to let me go. I know I need to do it. If we come back together one day, then we are meant to be. But I have never lived my life that way. I always have fought for what I wanted. Granted, that didn’t always go well, but this is a huge lesson for me. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

    • Myridean Prime

      Right person, wrong timing. You never know but if I were in your shoes, I would let go and face forward. And you are right, you have to commit to your own path for your children. Go slow, go gentle with the separation and try to remain friends with your ex. Once everything is stabilized in your own life, you’ve gone through your own grief process (losing a partner though a divorce is something difficult for everyone), you made room for something new to enter.

      He’s not ready to leave and if he leaves just for you, it’s all well and noble but it will be done rashly, poorly and most detrimentally to his children. He has to see his path to its own end with his current partner. What he may be seeking is something that he can’t find in his own relationship and is looking outward for what’s missing instead of looking within and communicating with his partner about his needs and hers.

      As a child of rushed separation and divorce, the adjustment was brutal because my father had found someone and explored the possibility that this was his soulmate, a few months later, my mother was seeking a way out of the marriage herself because she was not happy, the fighting was evident of that over the past few years of their relationship but not more than a month later, this new woman became a step-mother. I barely knew her and her children having met them twice at the most. There was joint custody but I only got to see my mother twice a month but called often with her. My father and my step-mother were right for each other and have been married for over thirty years. However, the way my father has treated her children as his own where I’ve been constantly criticized or belittled because any discipline for my step-siblings were done by her away from me. It took me years to realise that the only validations you truly need are the ones you give to yourself. To this day, it hurts a little that I’m not part of his world as much as my step-siblings and their families spent time with him and their mom doing things together without even inviting me but I’ve always felt like a leftover dividend of a long-division problem when I was there. In return, I have the greatest relationship with my mother and my husband. In looking back though, as my parent, he taught me many great skills to survive and if it weren’t for my step-mother being there, my teenage years would have been much worse to endure as she is such a better communicator than he is.

      So, I apologize for the long rant, and this is more for the “soulmate” than for you but if he can learn from my father’s mistakes then his children will be better for it in the long-run. Once he has separated gracefully after he and his wife realise that the marriage cannot be saved and he has grieved as well, then he can move on too. Or they may find a way to reconnect with one another again because this is what you truly want for him: you want him to be happy and part of that happiness for him is being of his children’s happiness/stability/support/love. This trumps everything.

      The nicest surprise is when after many years pass, you may bump into one another again and it may be the right time to rekindle. My step-grandmother after nearly 50 years of being married after her spouse died a couple of years before had bumped into her old flame from high-school who had also lost his wife of many years around the same time. They picked up their relationship where they left off, got married and spent the remaining years of their lives together before they passed away in a few years short of one another’s. It was awkward for both their kids who were now grown up but were happy to see their respective parents in love again.

      • Britney

        Thank you for your response to my post. He and I have agreed that we are not ready to be together fully. He definitely will end his marriage only if he decides it is right for him. I do not want him to leave for me. My husband still wants to try to work things out, but I do not love him anymore. My love for him has been gone for years (he was depressed and emotionally unavailable for years). He knows about my affair, so that has made everything worse. I do not want to reconcile with him. I also want to let go of this other man in the near future so that he can make his decision about his marriage independent of me. And of course, I want to focus on me and being ready and open for someone else who is available. I do believe this man came into my life to show me how to love again and as the catalyst for me to take a hard look at my marriage. I will not stay in my marriage for my children. But I understand why he chooses to stay for his children. My main focus right now is my children and myself. I am working on giving love to myself rather than seeking it outside myself. Letting go of someone I love and who loves me is very hard, though. We have a connection we have never felt with anyone else ever. Some people want to say it is “just an affair” and that we are caught up in the excitement. But we have had some difficult times, especially after my husband found out. And we still want to be together. He continues to be my support as best he can. I do believe he and I will have to go our own ways at some point so that we can grow as individuals and do what we need to do for ourselves. And then maybe we can come back together. I just am struggling with cutting it and how to cut it. Or could we be just friends?

  • Myridean Prime

    Great article but I have to point out with Number 10 it is not Saint Michael that finds things for you That’s Saint Anthony. He’s the patron saint of lost items and trust me, he has helped me find things numerous times over the years. Sometimes, in addition to my request, I would perform a task akin to making order, a fun one once was finding all my dirty socks and putting them in the hamper to be laundered. Sure enough, something that I was indeed looking for, turned up and it was nowhere near any dirty socks and then I always thank him. Also Saint Jude is great as the patron saint of lost causes when you think all hope is lost, don’t. She manages to help you think outside of the box regarding a problem and lends credence to the saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

    • Myridean Prime

      I was told in a dream to be ‘ware of the 4s. So, subconsciously if anything happens at 4:44 am or pm, 4, 44, or 444, shows up, my mind picks up on it but sometimes, I still don’t understand who is communicating with me or if it’s just some crazy coincidence but I wish I knew how to interpret it. Before I used to think it was “Beware of the 4s” but later on, I was told that these repeating numbers were positive messages. Does anyone else have this number and if they have found its meaning?

  • Lora

    Hello, my name is Lis and i have these strange things happening to me.
    2 years ago, i met a man that i had only a few things in common with. As time went on, my crush on him grew and grew. Now 2 years later, we hardly see one another. He isn’t a complete jerk, though. He never has an ill word to speak of me and always replies when best. Never ignoring unless to end a conversation.
    Anywho, i just have an insane longing to be with him and only him. Mind you, i dated others and had waaaaaaay more physical(dates, hang outs, intercourse) things with them. I found it easy to detach myself from these ex’s(never a relationship) physically, mentally and emotionally.
    So time just goes by and i pray that i can get over Robert, but it doesnt happen. The minute i swear off of him, something happens:
    Im at the grocery store sad that he hasnt asked me out and when i tell myself to forget him, i SO happen to look up and bam. I see his favorite beer. I write it off as a coincidence. 5 minutes later i decide im just crazy and then AGAIN. There it is. Lo and behold, i happen to look up and see a man that resembles him almost to a T. I try ro brush it off. I put my music on shuffle. One of his favorite guilty pleasure songs comes on. I just cant stop thinking about him and feeling like im losing my mind. Why when im trying to get over him do these incidents keep happening?? Am i just obsessed? Am i losing it? Am i delusional? Please tell me this happens to others.

    • roy

      no your not delusional its just called a soul tie aka strong hold on your emotions and mind you can break this by going on a fast from food for how ever long u choose skip dinner breakfast r lunch maybe all 3 for a day and talk to god and ask him to break the strong hold aka soul tie so u can be free from bondage of that person

  • torinna

    Hi, I just wanna say thank you so much for this article. I’m quite in love with this guy and I have a really good feeling about it but I’m not completely sure if he likes me or not. So anyway, I was looking for ways to ask the Universe for a sign, stumbled across this article and gave it a try. As soon as I was done, I looked at the comments below your article. The first comment I read, the girl wrote about a guy she is in love with. And he has the same name as the guy I like. I’m quite overwhelmed to be honest. The universe seems to work unbelievably quickly, doesn’t thank you again!!!

  • Tom Smith

    hello, and thank you for the informative article which has prompted me to open up here about my own experiences. is a little long winded, but ill do my best to abbreviate.
    i had 2 recurring dreams as a boy; 1 involving looking up at a giant red and gold pyramid that nearly blocked out the whole sky and vibrated with an indescribably low rumble, and another more fearful dream of looking up at the night sky to see millions of distant lights swirling around each other. sometimes this dream would continue into the day when strange machines seemed to fill a clear blue sky and swoop down as if to try and crush me. the feelings of these dreams would stay with me for weeks- making me read everything i could about ancient cultures and being mad for aviation. the last time i saw and felt that comforting pyramid in my dream i was aged 11.

    when i started high school things did not go how people thought they would- everyone presumed that because i was bright things would be easy. but nothing seemed to stimulate me and make me happy, leaving me feeling disconnected from everything. at age 12 i started smoking weed heavily. age 13 i started to dream again- but now it was physical night terrors. i would get chronic sleep paralysis and shared the awful symptoms of so many other sufferers who see and feel a dark being that they cannot evade. i became a heavy drug user for many years but always held down work and functioned in society- now having no dreams although many scary experiences whilst awake. after making a severe mess of my life, nearly dying twice and watching it fall apart, i had mental breakdown and was exhausted for some time. i put myself back together piece by piece and got healthy again, but then my past caught up with me and i went to prison, losing my new business and all my belonging. I found myself in prison, strangely calm and without fear, just baffled literally asking myself; ‘what the hell am i doing in here’. it was like waking from a dream, and then i first laid eyes on nigel.

    this guy was no criminal and was not used to being around the criminal element- he had accidentally tipped over a fork truck and crushed his best friend. his wife left him with her 2 kids, although willing to keep kids in contact. nigel struggled and had tried to kill himself on another wing- so he was moved to our wing which was mostly full of lifers in for murder or multiple crimes. it was a calm wing and these prisoners whilst scary on paper- had worked to hard for the few liberties they had on that wing and didnt wanna get in trouble, so nigel kinda went there as an experiment to help him stay calm. i was strangely there by default- a week before my arrival most of b wing had been condemned and i was to be on the lifer wing for only a couple of weeks- however on the day i moved there the guy who cleaned the screws toilet got out,and no one else wanted the job. i took the job, and they kept me on the wing with all the privileges, even though i was to be out in 13 months- one week before nigel. we became each others salvation- he gave me something positive to be a part of in a dark place, i helped with his literacy/letters to kids and solicitor. i find it very easy to get people to open up to me, and in the past had used this for the purposes of manipulation, but now i wanted to do some good- i had found purpose in prison.

    for the next 5 years i worked with offenders and ex offenders all over the uk on behalf of a large retail company. our CEO wanted to change the way people saw someone with a criminal record- and out some bizzare set of links through old jobs and friends, this huge business figure and i heard of each others desires. he wanted people to help him recruit and mentor ex-offenders, and wanted someone who had walked the line. we had great successes together and im very proud of the work we did, but all did not end well. through my over use of empathy and lack of attention to the spiritual energy i was using, i became emotionally and spiritually exhausted- once again having a break down and having to put myself back together.

    to make a long story just a little shorter- i did the same thing again in a different field, having quick success and sudden burnout. after this it started becoming clear to me that something was wrong and began to look inward to my past, at all the almost soap opera like dramas i had created and all the ‘weird’ spiritual stuff. i stopped on that sentence and knew i had to get to reading again, and i started as many do with rekindling my love of ancient egypt. i found no sustenance in the subject anymore, only frustration because it seemed to me that was written was nonsense- it made no real sense and just ‘felt’ wrong or rather incorrect. my study grew wider and deeper across many ancient cultures and different perspectives- looking at first for something in history, i didnt know what- but something. what i really found was something that i had not expected- it was a new, profound and yet simple clear understanding of life, the universe and what most would call god in one word or another.

    this has at times been a huge source of energy- and i literally mean energy so pure and uplifting it is all connecting. sometimes i can literally hold my hands out and feel them interacting with the energy field i once thought of as empty space, and times of real stillness this feeling can permeate my whole body giving me moments of pure joy with powerful ideas. none of this is due to drugs- i no longer and have not for years used recreational drugs. the problem i have now is that the vibe im getting from the universe or the earth or maybe just from within is not a good one. im finding it very hard to meditate and extract positive energy from around me- there is a buzz like usual, but it feels dark and like a warning. i feel a growing urgency inside me to prepare but i dont know what for. I have of course been glued to the sky and have been watching in horror at what is happening with our sun past its 22 year maximum.

    bizarrely a guy id never spoken to a t work got put together with me and started a conversation about ancient cultures, asking if i was interested and had any insight. he it seems was tracing his family heritage in north africa and had come to read some on the same material that i had. i caught him up on some things and shared a few books and now we are friends. about a week later- we both saw very strange phenomena in the sky, both getting footage and then finding others around the world with the same. now i wake up in the night to a deep hum that im hearing but with my mind rather than ears. i see the sky turn pink then dark again, hours before the sun has even started to rise.
    i feel like the universe is telling me to learn as much as i can in whatever time i have left-days/years/decades/millenia who Knows.

    many mental health professionals im sure would address my ‘symptoms’ with mental illness or a disorder of some kind- but i believe in the greater consciousness of an infinite universe, and i think it talks to us all. i am a perfectly rational person who openly admits to being diagnosed with mild depression, like nearly 1 in 5 people in the uk and am not under any supervision of any kind, i just wondered if you thought that my story sounds like the words of a crazy person? or is it possible that the universe is indeed speaking to me? the growing anxiety inside me is something i intend to see a dr about because it is clearly bringing me down- but sadly my experience of GPs in this country don’t take spirituality seriously- any thoughts welcome and thanks for taking time to read this- i know its long winded and im sorry.
    peace love and light

    • hi Tom, thank you so much for sharing your incredible story! it sounds like you have been on quite the adventure so far! you know i have heard so many stories that nothing really weirds me out anymore! you definitely seem to have a link to ancient cultures and civilisations so it very well could be a message and part of your purpose to access some of this information. perhaps writing down your experiences into a sort of journal would help you to make sense of what you are seeing and help you to interpret it in a clearer way? you are a divine being with so much infinite potential inside of you, hopefully that can be your big driver away from depression and into a place of your soul. you have had a long and difficult past it seems, so be gentle and loving with yourself. you can also ask the Universe to reveal to you more information or to be clearer with the messages. Meditating may also help! Keep on your spiritual journey, it will all make sense to you soon 🙂

  • el neuman

    I experience many of these experiences. I recently visited Israel. Granted, it is an amazingly spiritual place by my synchronicity was over the top.! I really watched who was on my mind because when I thought about them, they called or made some kind of immediate contact.

  • Maxine Lubbe

    I have been bumping into forever conscious the whole day on Instagram and finally decided to visit the website. I have been glued to the screen in about 4 different articles and have learnt so much its scary how many of these things are happening to me. Very white light, animals, bumpimg into people, losing or breaking things, synchronicity. Being stuck illness or just very sore ears. Its crazy. Thank you! I will be asking for some answers tonight!

    • so glad you found us! hope you received the answers you were looking for.