The Spiritual Meaning of Mercury Retrograde December 2016

spiritual meaning of mercury retrograde

Ever heard the saying, don’t shoot the messenger? And yet every time Mercury goes retrograde, do we not shoot him down? Do we not blame him for the truth and illumination that we are responsible for?

“Mercury has very special role of translating wisdom and great personal awareness. He travels between humans and gods, darkness and light, and remains just the messenger not the judge.” – River Rain

Mercury has already started slowing down and is preparing to enter into retrograde on December 19th, 2016 until January 8th, 2017.

Entering a new year on a Mercury retrograde means that things are going to be slow and contemplative during the first part of next year. This may be because 2016 has been a heavy year of releasing for many people.

In order to process and start the new chapter that 2017 offers, it seems that the Universe is givings us some downtime in order to make sense of where we are headed to next.

Many people fear Mercury Retrograde, but it is actually a very powerful and transformative time. A time when we can clear away the fog and see the truth of our soul.

Mercury is the Divine messenger of the gods and rules over communication and the throat chakra. When Mercury is operating as normal, he works alongside the amazing light of the Sun. But when Mercury goes retrograde, he travels into the darkness of the underworld, unearthing secrets and old pains of the past.

It is through this process that Mercury is able to bring truth, awareness, understanding and illumination to the surface.

Mercury needs to go into the underworld because when he is in there, he fishes out old thoughts, beliefs and conversations that need to be cleansed and purified.

Any delays that Mercury brings us during his retrograde are therefore always for a higher purpose. Perhaps it is Mercury’s aim to make us stop, look and really listen to all that is going on around us.

Perhaps the delays or the confusion that Mercury brings when in retrograde is trying to teach us or show us something deeper.

In fact, if you feel negatively impacted by Mercury Retrograde, it could be a sign that you need to look into your life and assess what is really going on.

What are you skimming over? What do you need to pay attention to?

In December, Mercury is going to retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is practical and stable, which means that Mercury is going to be clearing out our closets in a very practical and matter of fact way. There will no room for emotion, instead Mercury is going to clear out our throat chakra with a certain air of disconnect.

This is great, because in many ways it tones down any emotional reactions and allows us to see things from a more grounded point of view.

Practices like journalling, creative activities and exercise are also going to be great outlets during this retrograde period. In fact, anything you can do to get your energy moving may help you to shift and see things from a new perspective.

During a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, we are encouraged to take responsibility for what we choose to express and how we choose to express it. We are also encouraged to clear out and release things that we may have been clinging on to emotionally.

2016 brought us many retrograde planets and perhaps it is only now that we are starting to make sense of all of this. Retrograding planets allow us to dig below the surface in order to uncover hidden truths and hidden treasures.

2016 being a year of endings, required us to do this work so we can enter into the new chapter of 2017 with clarity, purpose and direction.

This final retrograde for 2016 is really going to help cement everything that you have been working on this year. So embrace it.

Allow Mercury Retrograde energy to wash over you like the powerful teacher that it is. Who knows, it may just change your mind about this often misunderstood and feared aspect forever.

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  • nature_queen

    so wut is expected to do during this crappy time then??

    • well the idea is that its not a crappy time, instead its a very enlightening one!

      • CaSandra Stade

        But sometimes you may still experience crap, no? I mean I’m not lying when I say only today Dec 19th, the first day of this retrograde, and because I have been aware of it, I’ve managed to dodge some messy things today that could have gotten worse. So happy I met a friend whom inspired this on me or today would have been a disaster for me. So what would your advice be for when havoc strikes during a retrograde and one experiences difficults?
        Btw I totally resonate with looking inside as to why a retrograde may be affecting us negatively, when you mentioned it previously, a lot of meditation ahead, I assure you.

        • Angylheart

          It can (only) affect one negatively when one is not willing to “see” the darker corners within oneself. If something is bringing awareness and insight into my state of being that may be causing me pain or discomfort in my life, as a direct result of my actions or lack of, how could it possibly cause havoc? So when you view it from the perspective of a blessing, for revealing to me what I am unable to see about me, in order to be free from me, how could that ever be havoc. It may be painful at times to see our true self, to see the darker places within, but once exposed, freedom is found……..when my electronics are faltering during Merc. in Retro, maybe I need to take a break from electronics or when my conversations are going sideways, it’s time for me to re-evaluate how I present and articulate my words, and learn how to “choose my words wisely”….

          • CaSandra Stade

            I really appreciate your reply, thank you tremendously. This is one of the best journeys to experience, the journey inward. I appreciate all the insight I can get. Thank you!

  • Shenelle Micole

    Thank u so much for this wonderful article and all your insight…so helpful to see mercury retrograde as a consciousness raiser instead of this annoying monkey wrench in our plans…self-reflection is much more empowering than trying to avoid the trickster…!

    • thanks Shenelle! You make an excellent point, self reflection is definitely more empowering!

  • Lady Natascha

    What a delightful perspective. Thank you!

    • thank you Lady Natascha!

  • Sally

    Mercury Retrograde…. oh so highly feared!!!! I ask “why”? It’s a cycle of life. Thank you for taking the super sized negativity out of this event!!!!!!!! My sincere gratitude.

  • Angylheart

    Never heard Merc. in Retro put this way but have always considered it a time for “soul review”. You have just confirmed everything I’ve always believed to be true about it. Thank you for your amazing insight!

  • Wow, best mercury retrograde article I’ve read. Thanks for your insight! Spot on to what I’ve been feeling, good to see it in words.

  • Kodi Harvey

    I am reading this a year later.. and let me tell My life was topsy turvy last year. From Oct 31 it began to spin out of control via my marriage. So many things were brought to light. I ignored many problems. And now that another planet is in retrograde a year later, I’m being forced to face those same issues that I buried. (Which is a good thing) This time I am listening & making the right choices. I cannot bury things anymore. I’m looking forward to what this new year has in store for me in 2018.

    • glad it brought you insight! sounds like you are on a powerful journey. peace, love and light to you!