The Real Paranormal Activity

Paranormal occurrences are becoming more widely understood and accepted and while there are many Hollywood films that glorify the presence of paranormal entities, they often mean no harm.

As we grow in consciousness we also become more susceptible to encountering different energetic forms so understanding and having knowledge of paranormal experiences is key.

Here are the most common energies or ghosts that make themselves present in this realm:

Intelligent Ghosts:

These ghosts act like intelligent beings and can communicate and interact with the living. They often gravitate to areas they once lived in order to resolve unfinished business. This is usually seen when a person dies traumatically-the ghost often stays around to make sure their family are looked after or to make sure justice is served.

Intelligent ghosts are usually quite rare and take on the personality they had in their waking life. Most of the time, these types of ghosts just usually want to be “heard” or may be protecting their space, such as a house that formerly belonged to them.

An intelligent ghost has the ability to turn things on and off, to move or hide things but often they are just waiting to be recognized. Often it is to deliver a message or sometimes they may also need help crossing over. Other times, the ghost may be trapped in between worlds due to strong emotional ties or it may not even realize that its dead.

They can often appear as orbs, apparitions or as mist and can communicate through EVP.

An orb caught at a cemetery- a reflection of the flash or a ghost?

An orb caught at a cemetery- a reflection of the flash or a ghost?

Residual Ghosts:

This is the most common type of ghost and is often the main reason for hauntings. Residual ghosts are not intelligent beings and are simply just an energy imprint.

Residual ghosts often appear in areas where a trauma has taken place and its almost like they are an energy imprint of what happened there. Its almost like the energy from the traumatic event acts as a giant storage battery which saves impressions, sights and sounds from the past.

These impressions are then sometimes recognized and are believed to be ghosts, but more specifically, they are just energy impressions.

One of the main features of residual ghosts are phantom footsteps or sounds that appear to come from no where. These types of ghosts also do not have any ability to interact with the living and the activity is usually random.

They also do not have the ability to move things but may be able to open or close doors, this is not a ghost doing it but just simply the energy expanding itself.

Sometimes residual ghosts can appear as apparitions however, they are not harmful.

Ghosts may also be identified through mist or energy in photos that is not visible with the naked eye.

Ghosts may also be identified through mist or energy in photos that is not visible with the naked eye.

Poltergeist or Noisy Ghosts:

These ghosts are known for their destructive and sometimes violent behavior. Poltergeists are often characterized by noises, movement of objects, doors slamming, lights turning on and off and even fires breaking out.

While they are classified as ghosts, poltergeists are often an energy that attaches themselves to a particular person or agent, causing them to subconsciously create the disturbances. Researchers have found that pubescent females are often targets for this type of energy however it is not really clear why.

Poltergeists often have the ability to interfere with electrical currents and can make things levitate. In very rare cases they can also physically attack.

Activity is usually short lived when it comes to these types of ghosts. Often activity can be high  when the agent is experiencing stress but then just dissipates over time.

Demonic Spirits:

Demonic spirits are evil, malicious presences that are not usually human. They make themselves known in a very subtle way at first and activity can be very similar to a poltergeist.

Demonic presences can usually trap other spirits in the process of crossing over so often there could be many types of ghosts in the same area as the demon.

These powerful, supernatural beings are extremely intelligent and have immense power. They can attach themselves to people, objects and locations and can elicit emotional, physcial and mental turmoil on humans. They often also have a terrible stench.

Demons can often morph into any shape they want and most commonly will trick people into thinking that they are a child ghost or a relative.

They often appear as a black figure or shadow, as a beautiful being that coerces or manipulates, or as something simply terrifying. Demons can gain power from the energy of the living and will often do whatever they can to possess a human.

Because they are not human, demons cannot be destroyed but they can be forced to move on or leave through blessings or other rituals.

If you ever suspect the presence of a demon, professional help should be sought through a paranormal investigation team or a spiritual advisor.


Elementals are a type of nature spirit and are believed to exist as the living force in all things. They are often likened to fairies or gnomes.

Many believe that elementals originate on another astral plane and have a primary purpose of maintaining harmony in nature.

While they are not evil, elementals can play tricks on humans and are thought to be quite mischievous. More often than not, elements can help us to feel good and connect with the life force of nature.

Artistic representation of elementals

Artistic representation of elementals

Angels/ Spirit Guides:

While these are not ghosts, spirit guides or angels sometimes visit in times of need or crisis. Their presence can be made known by way of signs, light, feel-good tingles or just a feeling of peace and calm.

Many people believe that spirit guides are assigned to each soul in order to help and mentor them through this life. Sometimes, a sprit guide may mentor more than one person.

Spirit guides or angels are just levels of consciousness that have ascended and often do not have human qualities. They can appear as beautiful beings of light but this is rare. Often, spirit guides or angels make themselves known through gut feelings and dreams. They can also send people into your life to help guide you or can set up events.

In order to connect with your guides, meditation, free-flow writing and listening to your intuition is recommended.


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  • james

    over many years and different locations I had the experience of something pressing on my bed (always on the left side) moving from lower to higher up towards head. The last time this happened “It” attempted to speak through me, I could feel it in throat, trying to manipulate my vocal cords. Needless to say I was frightened by this and was shaking my head violently so it would not take hold, it didn’t. Immediately after throwing it off, so to speak, I rebuked it, and asked whatever or whomever? well meaning or not to never attempt contact or use me in this way again. To this date I have never experienced any of the above. What could this mean? What kind of entity could this have been? I have so many questions, are there any groups or individuals that I could contact to study and learn? I have many other experiences over my lifetime and they ,seem not to have a pattern, they seem disparate.
    PS I live in queens, NY, Thanks!

  • ᒏᕩᔚᔛᓮᘹᗩ ᕮᕓᕨ ᖱᕦᑕᗩᔚᖶᖇᓍ

    Hi Tanaaz, thank you for this helpful article! I have actually always had a fear of the paranormal/supernatural/ghosts since I was a little girl (a paranormal investigator actually told me once that I’m probably sensitive to them and that’s why I have the fear, which actually blocks me from sensing them). However I had a negative experience a couple of months ago where my boyfriend, who is psychic, was able to see and hear the spirit but I had no idea that it was around — just a really bad, uneasy feeling, but nothing I saw or heard and no sense of a presence).

    When I read the book “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton I was comforted by his statements that there is no such thing as the devil or demons, just beings from other dimensions that may feel like extremely heavy, dark, or negative energy to us, and that can sometimes be maleficent but cannot ‘posses’ a living person’s body, etc. What you wrote brought up a few questions for me. In your experience, are there really entities that can possess living people? What can be done to protect yourself from this type of thing?

    I’ve heard stories from people that I know personally of entities that tried to strangle or suffocate them. The sensation always stops, but it is very scary. Do non-human beings have the ability to actually harm or even kill a person?

    I honestly don’t know how I would handle this type of thing if I ever experienced it, I am such a scaredy-cat about this stuff!! lol

    • Hi! Thank you for your questions. I hope my answers don’t scare you even more. The important thing to understand when it comes to the spirit world is that it is not like the horror movies! I don’t regularly encounter spirits, but when I do all my dealings have been positive. Even if I do encounter a spirit energy that feels “heavy” it really is not as scary as the movies would like to make you believe. Don’t get me wrong, it can be unnerving! But I have always believed that with some good tools of protection and white light, there is nothing that can’t be handled! I do believe that possession is possible. Again, I don’t think its quite like you see in the movies, but I do think it happens. Spirit possession can be harmful, but it is also very rare. You may find this article helpful- You can block this energy out so don’t worry, but also there is nothing to really be afraid of. If you have the ability to sense things it is because buried deep within you, you have the tools you need to overcome it. You have the abilities to protect yourself and learn from this 🙂 Hope that helps!

      • ᒏᕩᔚᔛᓮᘹᗩ ᕮᕓᕨ ᖱᕦᑕᗩᔚᖶᖇᓍ

        Hi Tanaaz, thank you for your response! Your answers seem very realistic and make a lot of sense. I appreciate the reassurance that it’s truly nothing to be afraid of and nothing that can’t be handled! I think I need to focus on my personal connection and empowerment and I’m sure would then be less fearful. I’m not always afraid of these things, but once in a while my imagination does run away with me! I am going to check out the link you shared right now. 🙂

  • BLAKK9

    I was driving down the street leaving a friend’s house last night and I almost hit this girl sitting in the street Indian style facing away from me in the dark. I didn’t see her until the last minute but she was looking at me and she didn’t move. It loomed like she was holding a doll or something but this was a teenager and he was light or white in complexion.
    When I got home everything was normal but then I noticed something on the floor so I turned the light on. It was a slug the size of my thumb in the middle of the hall but it wasn’t there when I came in.
    I am just wondering if what I saw was a ghost and if the slug had some kind of connection because I stay on the second floor and I never had any type of creature’s in here that do not fly.

  • Yuna

    Hey, I got a question too.
    2 years ago we lived on a farm outside the city in a flat in the old farm house. When I first started beeing interested in spirit world and the energy types around us I experienced some very strange things. It started with a very realistic dream of a young woman watching me. When I looked up to her I saw she had no eyes but I sure felt how she watched me and suddenly I felt strong negative feelings like anger and grief of some kind.
    I realized I was dreaming because sourroundings were changed from what things look like in real. So I tried to wake up and reminded me I wa dreamung but waking up was impossible. The dream went on and I saw myself running away from that strange woman following me and knowing in that dream she wanted to harm me. When I finlly could wake up it was really late (normally I do not sleep that long) I was wet all over my body and scred of course.
    From that day on we experienced many strange things. Open cupboards in the morning and repeated dreams of that woman watching me. It became havier and by coinsidence we moved away. The last night before we went away I woke up feeling strange and heavvy, when under the shower my husband found two lrge scratches on my back that definately weren’t there when going to bed.
    Since we moved away things went back to normal.
    Do you think this could have been a spirit and what kind of?
    How could w protect of such a thing?

    • Very interesting. All the signs are there but it is very hard to know for sure. You would probably have to hire a paranormal team to get a definitive answer, but it definitely sounds like it could be possible. When it comes to protecting yourself from this type of energy, there are some tools like sage, crystals and prayers that can work. Sometimes however, just sending the being light and love can also help. In most situations, the spirit is not evil, it is pained or upset for some reason and is probably looking for attention or to be heard. There are so many variables and factors to consider, but hopefully that sheds some light on things for you.

      • Yuna

        It really freaked us out specially those last days there..
        Since we live in the old part of the town things did stop imidiately.
        Whatever that was, seemes bound on that place and we know some terrible things had happened there bit we would habe never imagined to meet such strange happenings anywere. Things are still unexplained and some folks we tould our story keep thinking were freaks. But what happened back than was far beyond imagination and really showed us there was something around. We contacted someone who believes to be able finding out some more, so we’re very curious.

  • John Pilkington

    Hmm. Elementals are cone shaped entities varying in size depending on function. They exist in 3 variants. Red, White and Blue. The red ones are the ones that used to be wound down for strength. The blue ones for serenity & the white ones for intelligence. They occur either singly or as a trio each one overlaying upon the others. They have been known about for a long, long time and evidence of that knowledge can be found in architecture all over the world. Important doorways and arches were constructed inordinately high to ensure no impediment to the attendance of the person. People used to be important because of what chose to live with them – not because they were popular or rich.
    Elementals can also be considered as the caretakers and cleaners of this planet usually living in bodies of water or parks & open spaces in urban areas. They come out in the twilight or early evening quite often perceived as conical mist and if you have the connection and know the movements or dance that attracts them they will live with you.
    Gnomes are akin to little sarcastic versions of elementals (Ie cone shaped entities) and are up to 18 inches high – this is how the garden gnome made it’s appearance being a humanisation of the conical shape people mistook for a hat.

  • Tracey Wilson

    Hi I was awakened by paper crunching sounds but it then stopped my bed felt like it moved a bit I went back to sleep then when I awoke in the morning my bedroom door was open anybody explain please ???

  • Mendy Eytyxia Antonopoulou

    I need some guidance. About 2 years ago, while sleeping, I had the sensation that I was being embraced, but from underneath my body. Like being hugged from behind. When I opened my eyes, I saw my mattress settle back to a flat state. My mattress was embracing me. I was so startled that I blurted out “knock it off” 3 times. I knew I had to take control of the situation. Two years later, the other night to be exact while sleeping again, I felt my comforter being raised and when it did this I felt a breeze under the covers. Much like when someone is getting into bed next to you, raises the blanket to get into bed. I had no windows open in my apartment of the air conditioning running. The air in the apartment was still. This is what woke me up. It didn’t end there. I suddenly felt something lay up against me from behind while I was laying on my side. Much like when two people spoon when sleeping. I felt this for at least one minute because I froze and didn’t know what would happen if I moved. A minute or so later I got out of bed. I’ve saged my apartment with a mantra. Can someone tell me what this spirit wants?

    • Lex –

      I think it’s pretty obvious what that entity wants and it’s not welcome in your home and certainly not anywhere near you. That type of behavior is considered aggressive and vampire like.

  • Darlene

    I have a question and need some advice ….my dad past away last February and I moved into his home in June of last year …but recently over the last few weeks…i feel his presence and also my friend had her 3 year old over my dad’s house for the first time and she has never met my dad ….and when she was on the drive home with her mom.from my house she told that she seen a man in the livingroom watching tv and that he was a boy who was sick because he was big and he tickled her on the neck….and since then some things have been happening …..could this interaction with the 3 year old opened the energy for my dad to try and tell me and my husband something ?????

    • it is very hard to say, but usually when a loved one comes through the energy is loving and supportive. they would not try to do anything that would scare you, so if it feels loving and safe, then it could very well be your dad. you may find this article helpful-

  • Christie Viar

    Tanaaz, thank you for your writings on Spirit Guides and elaborating detailed information. I have always had a “weird” vibe about “situations”, but have never really understood or how to learn more about how to connect more with my psychic abilities. If you can suggest books for me to be able to learn even more and how to really learn all I can, I’d love to get your advice. Thank you so much.
    Christie Viar

    • Hi Christie, i would set an intention to the universe to help you find the right teacher/mentor. in the meantime i would read lots of books and even search online. i really like the blog she is a psychic medium and posts some interesting stuff, i have not taken any of her courses but she has some good insights. is also a good reference as well. 🙂

      • Christie Viar

        Thank you, Tanaaz! I definitely will start with these two sites and I’m actually headed to our public library tomorrow.

  • LifeBeyondTheGrave

    Hi Tanaaz, just wanted to say that we love your website! We love it so much that we used it in a recent project. Our page is about ghosts and spirits and proving that they exist on our world. It would be great if you would check it out!

    • will do! thanks so much 🙂

  • Redneck Smith

    Hello. Earlier today (a few hours ago) I had a very unpleasant experience. Me and my friend were at his house which is very old (1800’s) and it is on a farm.I very much believe in spiritual beings and “ghosts” after today. It was just after sunset, and we had been cleaning out a barn that had a lot of corn in it. We loaded it into his 1981 Chevy pickup, and drove back into a field to dump it. We found a grown up place in the middle of the field with rocks and some wire, and it had a strange feeling but I didn’t say anything. We dumped the corn here, and as we were unloading it, the following things happened: it started by lightning way off in the distance. It was very hot and we suddenly felt a cold breeze and it stopped abruptly. Then there was a very strong smell of onions. Me and him both were experiencing these things and had a very eerie feeling. So then I mentioned something about ghosts and then it got worse. We started to feel like someone was very close by, but this is an open field and we could see no one. Then something that sounded like a distant voice. He said he thought he saw a face in the tall grass. So we were obviously very scared. We jumped into the truck (it was dark now) and floored it. Something was giving me a very strong feeling to get out of there. As we were going back up the hill, we both saw a distorted figure run in front of the truck, and then, it simply vanished. We got back to the house as quick as we could and went in, and we haven’t gone back out, and plan to not go around that location again. It seems we encountered something that wasn’t very friendly. Any advice?

    • wow! that seems really intense, thanks for sharing your experience. it could be a spirit/ghost that perhaps has ties to the land in some way? i would just avoid going back there like you stated!