3 Crystals for Libra Season

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This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

Get ready for some beautiful energies beaming down from planet Venus – the ruling planet of Libra!

Libras are social butterflies with a strong sense of justice. Naturally graceful and stylish, they are relationship people who strive to maintain harmony and fairness in all areas of life.

During the upcoming weeks, we can all bathe in the harmonious energies of the Libra Season.

I have chosen 3 crystals to help us all make the most of this beautiful energy-


Libras have an inner yearning to get along well with everyone. They are natural cooperators who avoid conflict at any cost.

We can all learn a lot from the peaceful Libras, and Sodalite can help us with its serene vibrations.

These days, a lot of emphasis is placed on our empathy towards others, but sometimes we forget the basics.

Empathy is not some kind of supernatural ability. The basis of empathy is the ability and will to listen to others and to try to understand them.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare to find people who actually listen to others. If we really listened to what others are saying, so many misunderstandings would be avoided and conflicts solved.

Sodalite crystal reminds us to be patient with ourselves as well as others. It has a calming and stress-relieving energy that makes us more receptive and open to hearing out other people’s opinions.

Sodalite sets us on a quest for truth and universal wisdom. It is a great stone for deep meditation, as it can open up the portals to higher dimensions, so we can gain some valuable spiritual insights.


During Libra Season, we will all be influenced by the planet of love and beauty – Venus.

A wonderful way to tap into these harmonious energies is to work with Kunzite – a crystal of love and joy.

Kunzite opens us up to the Divine love. It reminds us that each and every one of us is able to love unconditionally.

We are born into this world with our hearts wide open and ready to give and receive love. Our social conditioning is what makes us feel scared, insecure, and skeptical about love.

Traumas we have taken over from previous generations and past lives can further complicate things.

Working with a Kunzite crystal helps to dissolve blockages and deep-rooted patterns of fear and pain.

It is a great crystal to mend a broken heart and fill us with hope for a more joyful tomorrow. It can also help us attract our soulmate.

Kunzite is a high vibrational crystal that has the ability to dissolve negative energy.

However, it is also important to remember that if our heart and mind is pure, we are protected from any negativity or mean intentions of other people. Negative energy will bounce back from our shield of love and light and will return to the one who has sent it out.

Black Moonstone

During Libra Season, we may start to place a lot of emphasis on relationships with others.

After all, Libra is a highly intellectual air sign who excels at communication. But there is always the danger of losing touch with ourselves while trying to please everyone else.

Black Moonstone reminds us that instead of seeking approval from outside sources, we should focus our attention inwards and start listening to our own intuition.

This enchanting crystal helps us connect with the Moon and unlock our psychic abilities.

Black Moonstone is a stone of Divine Power and the Goddess within us. It tries to show us that we all have a shadow side – that’s what makes us human.

Only when we accept our own darkness can our inner light begin to burn brighter than ever before. For as long as we keep rejecting our shadow side, our soul growth is halted.

Black Moonstone helps us release self-destructive patterns and start over with a clean slate. Once we start taking responsibility for our own lives we are ready to step into our true power.

So what if we cannot go back in time and change the painful stuff that has happened to us. Let’s not forget that we are the ones creating our own future right at this moment.

If we were to meet our future-selves, they would be so proud of us if we finally mustered up the courage to take action and break free from the chains that bind us!

Let’s embrace Libra Season with a huge dose of self-love and peace of mind.

Thanks to the influence of planet Venus, which happens to be the brightest planet in our solar system, we will all be a bit more open to see and experience the love, beauty, and harmony surrounding us.

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