Intuitive Astrology Forecast Libra Season 2020

libra season 2020

Libra Season begins on September 22, which is also the Equinox, a time of equal night and day. For most countries, the Equinox also brings the start of a new season.

We are reaching a stage of change and transition in the calendar wheel, and we may begin feeling this sense of transition and change in our own lives too.

Even though we may notice things changing around us, under Libra Season we are called to find a state of balance and equilibrium.

As Libra is an air sign, we are called to achieve this state of balance through our mind. It is time to let go of old mental constructs and allow the winds of change to replace them with something new.

We are encouraged to look at both sides, to weigh up the facts, but to also trust our own judgment and intuition. This is going to be especially important as we journey through Libra Season 2020, as both Mars and Mercury are going to be in retrograde.

Having both of these planets in retrograde indicates a time of heightened confusion, but also heightened intuition. Together these two retrograde planets will thin the veil, making it easier for us to connect with our authentic truth and inner voice.

On the outside, we may not be able to see the road ahead, but on the inside, we will intuitively know and have access to where we need to focus our attention.

Libra is represented by the scales. The Greek goddess, Themis is often associated with Libra as she holds the scales of justice. She can be seen at the front of court houses around the world.

While Libra is all about fairness, justice, and equality for all, there is a deeper message that the scales offer us as well and that is the idea of Divine law.

While the scales may help us to follow the rules and laws of society, on a deeper level, they also remind us of our own morals and truth.

They remind us to act in accordance with our own inner divinity and to acknowledge what feels right and wrong according to our own compass.

We can look to Egyptian Astrology for further guidance on this. In Egyptian Astrology, Libra is commonly associated with Ma’at.

Ma’at is a powerful Goddess that wears a feather in her crown. It is this feather that is weighed against our heart when we die, to see whether we lived a true, authentic life.

If our heart matches the weight of the feather and is in balance, it is considered that we lead a life that was pure of heart.

The feather doesn’t really care how many rules you have followed or how well you have lived up to society’s expectations, it is more interested in whether you lived to the full potential and calling of your soul. It is more concerned with how authentic you have been.

Of course, most of us aspire to be good, responsible citizens and contribute to harmony on this planet, but we also have to consider our own truth and what we have been put on this planet to achieve.

Libra energy reminds us to never judge a book by its cover. Everyone has their place and purpose in this world, and all of us are considered equal, regardless of where we have been or what we have done.

Libra energy is the ultimate forgiveness and compassion. It is about recognizing that we all have our own karmic journey to walk, and that our responsibility is about doing what we feel is right and true in our own hearts, not in the hearts of others.

So, this Libra Season, connect with your true authentic self. Watch when you find yourself going along with the opinions of others without checking in with what you feel.

Stay out of the opinions of others and comparison, and find a way to honor your own truth, your own wisdom, and your own thoughts and feelings.

Clear space for your own soul voice to shine through. It has wisdom that is unique to only you. It shares messages that are unique to only you. It offers to you what no one else can do.

No one can be you- so own that. Embrace who you are, embrace the unique melody of your soul. Decide for yourself what is right and wrong, what you are going to stand for, and what values you are going to hold dear.

Go with your soul. Walk the path that leads you to having your heart weigh in balance with the feather of Divine Law.

Key dates for Libra Season:

September 22: Equinox

On this day of equal dark and light, we can embrace the idea of Oneness. While we see duality on this planet, in higher dimensions, there is only One. Dark and light are of the same, they only exist because of each other, and as we realize this, we can find the ultimate balance.

September 28: Saturn Direct

Saturn turns direct after being retrograde since May. This is a powerful energy shift that will guide us to complete a karmic cycle we have been working with since December 2017. Saturn has also been closely linked with the lockdowns, so we may receive more updates at this time.

September 29: Mars Saturn Square

This is the second square alignment between these two planets. You can discover more of what to expect here.

October 1: Aries Full Moon

This is one of two Full Moons that October brings us. Like all Full Moons, this brings an opportunity for us to release. There are some heated tension and emotions bubbling around this Full Moon. It activates Mars, which is currently in retrograde and may illuminate some upsetting or volatile information.

October 4: Pluto Direct

Pluto is now out of retrograde and slowly inching its way forward. This is a very subtle energy, but we are likely to see more of the transformative energies of 2020 unfolding.

October 9: Mars Square Pluto

This is the second Mars Square Pluto alignment. You can read more of what to expect here.

October 13: Mercury Retrograde

This is the big event of the season with Mercury going direct along with Mars. Both of these planets in retrograde may contribute to feelings of confusion, delays, and general fogginess. Go within.

October 16: Super New Moon in Libra

The closest Super New Moon of the year, this is a beautiful New Moon that opens a portal to high-frequency energies.

October 17: Arcturian Portal

The Sun aligns with the star Arcturus, heightening the advanced frequencies being sent to the planet. A time of awakening, heightened energy, and increased sensitivity. More to come on this!

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