3 Ways to Clear Your Crown Chakra

clear your crown chakra
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Known as Sahasrara, or the ‘Thousand Petal Lotus’, the Crown Chakra is one of the most powerful energy centers of the body.

Sitting at the top of your head, the Crown Chakra is your personal connection or life line to Source energy.

When your Crown Chakra is open and healthy, it helps you to feel connected to something greater than yourself, and it allows you to also feel guided by Divine realms.

For your Crown Chakra to be in alignment, all of your other Chakras need to be healthy and full as well. It is almost like all your other Chakras fuel the energy and potential of your Crown Chakra.

Sometimes however, the energy of your Crown Chakra does needs to be cleared. This is especially true if you feel-

  • Disconnected from Source or the Universe
  • Unloved or unsupported by life
  • Closed off from your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Depressed or upset about the situations life has brought you
  • Out of alignment with your higher path/destiny
  • Mentally foggy, confused, prone to headaches

If any of these states resonate with you, a Crown Chakra clearing may definitely help to harmonize your energy and bring you back in balance.

Here are 3 ways to clear your Crown Chakra-

1. Work on Your Lower Chakras First 

There are 7 main Chakras in the body including the Crown Chakra. For your Crown Chakra to be healthy, all your other Chakras need to be healthy as well. To support your 7 Chakras here is a quick exercise you can do-

Gently move your hand in a counter-clockwise direction then a clockwise direction over each Chakra, starting with your Root Chakra and working your way to the Crown.

Imagine cleansing away anything that is blocking the chakra using the counterclockwise motion. Then, once you feel that the energy has been cleansed, shake off your hand and follow with a few clockwise circles over the Chakra. This clockwise motion will help to seal and protect your Chakra.

Use your intuition to guide you to the duration you should spend on each Chakra. Most people will find they need roughly 20-30 counterclockwise circles and 3-10 clockwise circles- but do what feels best to you!

2. Create a Quartz Grid 

You will need four pieces of clear quartz for this. You can also use selenite or any other white/clear crystals that you have on hand.

For added benefits, keep your crystals out in full sunlight for about 10 minutes before doing this.

Lay down and place one of the crystals at the very top of your head on the floor. Place the other two crystals on either side of your ears on the floor. Place the final crystal directly in the middle at the bottom of your feet on the floor.

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Imagine the crystals forming an energy grid around you. This grid will help to charge your energy and cleanse away anything that is no longer serving you.

On your next inhale, visualize energy pouring in from the crystal at the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet. Almost like the crystal at the top of your head is sweeping energy through your body.

Now on your next exhale, imagine the crystal at the bottom of your feet collecting all of the muck and negative energy.

Repeat this ‘sweeping’ for another 10 breaths or for as long as you need.

3. Get some Sunshine

The Crown Chakra can be awakened and invigorated through the energy of the Sun. Simply spending sometime out doors in the sunshine can be a quick and easy way to help open up your Crown.

Another way you can use Sun energy to clear your Crown Chakra is by eating foods that have been placed in the sunlight (drying your own foods for example) and working with or wearing crystals that have been left out in the sunlight.

When your Crown Chakra is in balanced you feel at one with life, on track with your higher calling and connected to all of the Universe around you.

Why not try these cleansing rituals and see how they help you to invite Divine energy into your life.

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