7 Ways to Get a Better Nights Sleep Using Feng Shui

feng shui for insomnia

Do you suffer from restless nights, insomnia or nightmares? Feng Shui may be able to help.

Everyone loves a good night sleep yet statistics show that nearly 80% of all Americans suffer from sleep deprivation.

A lack of sleep has been linked to a variety of physical and emotional health problems including weight gain and anxiety.

If you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to get a peaceful nights’ rest, using Feng Shui may help.

7 Ways Feng Shui Can Help You Sleep Better

1.) Make your Bed:

Here is a fun fact, people who make their bed are 20% more likely to get a good night’s sleep as compared to those who don’t.

Coming home to a made bed after along day creates an inviting feeling of peace and serenity. Seeing an unmade bed however, reminds you of the stresses in your life and creates the feeling of “unfinished business.”

Even though you may not look or even think of your unmade bed throughout the day, according to Feng Shui leaving your bed unmade does not bring closure to the act of sleeping and can subconsciously impact your motivation and energy levels during the day.

Making your bed is also important for helping attract a romantic relationship or bring passion to a current one.

2.) Remove All Technology, Books and Mirrors: 

TV’s, phones and computer all emit harmful rays that can not only disrupt your sleep but also reduce your Chi or energy.

Mirrors have the same effect as their reflective nature can interrupt your sleep and are considered to be negative Feng Shui in the bedroom.

If you can’t remove technology or mirrors from your space try covering them up before you go to sleep.

Books should also be taken out of the room as they are stimulating in nature and may impact on a good nights sleep.

3.) Remove all Clutter and Don’t Store Things Under the Bed:

Having clutter in your room can not only contribute to a restless night’s sleep but it can also impact on your ability to manifest goals, dreams and money.

Are you hoarding things under the bed? In order to wake up feeling revitalized and refreshed, it’s best to store things under the bed. The space under the bed should be kept clear and clean in order to promote a healthy flow of Chi or energy.

4.) Stay Away from Sharp Edges:

Having sharp edges pointing towards you while you sleep are considered to be negative Feng Shui and could contribute to bad sleep. This includes large chandeliers over the bed, artwork over the bed that is unstable, bed side table corners that are in line with your head, sharp headboard edges or having the bed lined up with a sharp corner of a room.

The optimal position for the bed is in the Feng Shui Command Position, which is the spot in the room where you are able to easily see the door but are not directly in line with it.

The back of the bed should also be against a wall and face images, objects or art that is relaxing.

5.) Remove Photos and Large Plants:

Having photos in the room can subconsciously create a feeling of lack of privacy and can impact on your ability to switch off your mind and go to sleep.

In Feng Shui, having large plants in your bedroom are also a bad idea as they can drain the nurturing energy of the room and create an energy of “growth” rather than relaxation.

6.) Peaceful Colors, Textures and Smells:

In order to create a peaceful bedroom choose colors that promote calmness such as warming pastel shades. In Feng Shui, a warm pink color is one of the best for the bedroom as it promotes love, romance and peace.

When it comes to textures, opt for rich, soft fabrics such as a fabric headboard and natural, organic sheets.

Diffusing essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, vanilla or rose can also be calming and help you to sleep.

7.) Create Balance:

Make sure both sides of the bed are balanced, especially if you are looking to attract love into your life. Both sides of the bed should have identical pieces of furniture on either side. The same goes for decorations and artwork- having things in pairs of two helps to stimulate a connection and bond with your partner, or helps you to attract one.

Having more “stuff” on one side of the room can make the person sleeping on that side feel burdened or that they are carrying more weight in their relationship.

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