Abundance Oracle: Pisces Lunar Cycle

pisces lunar abundance reading
This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more at www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram.

Here we are at a New Moon, the beginning of a lunar cycle and a perfect time to set an intent for collaboration with the cosmic energy.

Our focus in this series is ABUNDANCE! Abundance, a signature of our Universe, has the magic of desire; desire to be it, understand it, and manifest it wrapped in all its divine mystery. It is so often forgotten that all cosmic roads lead to abundance if we allow.

Our Universe is still breathing out and expanding, and knowledge is still birthing. As we embark on this new decade, we have the most amazing opportunity to step into Divine alignment with All That Is and all we could be!

In this series, I will bring abundance wisdom to empower your journey in a way where you can explore the divine aspects of this universal energy.

Each month I will share two cards from my Abundance Oracle deck that will reveal how you can work with the New Moon cycle to create abundance.

This New Moon in Pisces, feels like an in breath; a moment to gather as we complete the astrological year and bring to fruition the last 12 months, which may have felt like a cosmic workout. The theme of digging deep and building structures is here to stay!

Your Abundance Magic

The two-cards were selected intuitively, their combined message indicates a time for expansion. Your invitation to step forward has been since the Universe dreamed you into being. 

As I am writing this in London, a gaggle of geese has just flown by high in the sky, with a message that this is a moon cycle for your higher mind.

Card One: No. 27 Conscious Abundance, element Aether

Conscious abundance is about how awake, alert, and aware you are to abundance. The affirmation that we are being given is: Abundance is all around me.

This card reminds us to stop looking for evidence that there is no abundance and to stop putting things in boxes as good or bad. 

Everything that happens in the Universe is part of the bigger plan, which none of us will ever be a party to, however we all contribute to. We can make our contribution from a place of limitation or from a place of abundance. What will you choose?

One of my favourite ways to use an affirmation is to repeat it daily eleven times while looking at my reflection in the mirror. That is the rhythm that is needed.  

Just as the planets, astrological signs, and stars move, we too are reminded that we are here to move and shift our energy with the simple tools the Universe gives us.

Affirmations work to shift the mind and often this is where we trip up and miss opportunities for true soul and cosmic alignment. Bringing the mind along to align with affirmations is where magic can begin, and where the doorway can be opened.

Card two: No. 15 Aligning to Abundance, element Air

This card, though an Air element, feels very Piscean in how it has shown up as it is asking us to create a spiritual practice that moves us forward and assists us in letting go of what has been.

Sounding your soul note clears the way for your connection to your true abundant soul path to open.

Your soul note is a frequency sound you make from your heart to your throat. It isn’t about being musical, this is about vibration.

The more you practice the more you will find the sound takes on a totally different vibrational frequency and its resonance and duration will feel and be different from anything you have experienced.

It may even feel as if your third eye is making the sound. When you experience the shift, you will know.

Allow the practice to guide you and accept that it isn’t about melody but frequency!

Here are some steps to help you get started:

1.) Stand up. Take a deep and gentle breath and as you exhale, start to make an ‘oo’ sound, (you aren’t pushing your breath out). Keep relaxed, keep your eyes soft or closed. You will probably try different tones initially and that is fine.

2.) When you are ready to breathe in again, do it and repeat the step above.

3.) Do this three times as the card invites you to do. Be patient and enjoy this opportunity to step into alignment.

As you sound your soul note, you send a call out to the Universe, galactic center, and to your masters, teachers and guides, it tells them you are open to manifesting more of who you came to be.

Choose to practice this regularly over this moon cycle!

I would love for you to share this article with others and share in the comments how you get on with the cards or if you experience any shifts.

Wishing you abundance and magic,

Sarupa Shah

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Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award-winning spiritual business mentor, channel and voice for Spirit and creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Go to www.abundanceoraclecards.com /www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarupa