Abundance Oracle Reading for the Leo Lunar Cycle

abundance oracle leo

This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more here or find her on Instagram.

Leo is special to me as it is my Sun Sign, and this New Moon feels so exciting and filled with possibilities. There is an air of gregariousness, boldness, and courage – all very Leo.

This energy comes with its requests, asking that you stay open to growth and open to learning. The question we are being asked to explore is –

Are you:

Future is doomed
Future is dreamed?

The invitation in this lunar month is to bring light into your shadow and to find the hidden gems.

A dream time adventure awaits.

Dreaming is the art of creation and a gift for everyone to access. Like any art, it is something to practice.

Shining light on what could be will mean things feel close, within reach.

Equally, with everything going on in the world, the unrest that is bubbling, the pandemic, and financial turmoil, it would be easy to say your dream is fantasy. Yet the bigger picture says this great time of change has come because we are ready.

Dream in the new world for yourself with the creative flair and enthusiasm that the Leo New Moon brings.

How the Abundance Oracle Cards will help you this lunar month…

In every moment cosmic frequencies are weaving a tapestry; beckoning each of us to step forward.

The lunar month heralds the start of a cosmic month, setting a theme which is our thread to follow.

To add to your unfolding, I am delighted to bring you wisdom for the month, using the Abundance Oracle Cards.

They come to assist your journey and to open you up to the limitlessness of your being.

Card 23: Claiming Abundance, Element Aether

Can you see the new world in this card?

Kindness is given for others to receive, but do you give it to yourself? This card is asking you to write 12 ways you can be kinder to yourself and to pick 3 to implement.

Kindness is an aspect of self-love, it is abundance in action and without it whatever you attempt to dream will be limited. It will be old energy whereas kindness is the door to your new.

Card 46: YES

This card reminds you to say yes to you and yes to the light this month. Will you?

Creativity comes from taking the risk, where can you say YES first instead of no?

Card 31: Being Abundance, Element Aether

While this card talks of today it is something for you to practice every day this lunar month, particularly when you find yourself stepping into uncertainty or having a wobble of doubt.

Instead of focusing on the drop in your energy; focus on an act of service instead.

Every time you step into doubt, it clouds your dream and makes conscious creation difficult. And as abundance is abundant, it creates more of what you wish you didn’t feel.

This card ties together with the first card, which focuses on kindness as service and is about kindness for the greater good of all.

Small consistent steps this month will assist you in collaborating with the cosmic energy.

Being a warrior of light is after all a 24/7 magic!

Leo with his vastness and eye on the jungle is never far from his pride
(community). It is roaring to us this month, but this isn’t just about you, this is about us – make it about we, not me.

Will you focus on the light?

If you want to learn the forgotten art of dreaming, step into your higher self, and collaborate with the universe, please check out the divine dream union 6-week programme from me, here. Please come and play in the divine energies and reconnect to the art of conscious dreaming.

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Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award-winning spiritual business mentor, channel and voice for Spirit and creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Go to www.abundanceoraclecards.com /www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarupa