Aries Season and the Astrological New Year

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Welcome to Aries Season! As the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac on March 19-20, 2020 we also start the astrological new year. The Sun is ready to kickstart a new journey around the 12 zodiac signs and so too are we.

The Sun moving into Aries also signals the Equinox, which is when we have equal hours of night and day. This is a powerful moment in the cosmos and brings heightened energies to work with.

All of us are going to be able to tune into the energy of fresh new starts, new beginnings, and new possibilities.

There is a force in the Universe that will be guiding us to take a leap of faith, put ourselves out there, and to welcome the abundant opportunities that unfold.

This is a great time to start a new project, to go for your dreams and goals, to reach out to those who may be able to support you, to take things to the next level, and to push past any fears or excuses that may be holding you back.

In fact, use this energy to see where you are making excuses in your life. Most of our excuses are based on fear, a limited mindset, or a lack of self-love.

See if you can identify what excuses you are making and try to challenge the validity and truth of them. See if you can debunk your own excuses and switch them to more abundant thinking.

All through Aries Season, we also have zero planets in retrograde and strong cardinal energy too. This indicates a time to lead, a time to step up to the plate and go for our goals!

This is really powerful, forward-moving energy that will help us make leaps and bounds if we put it to work for us.

Aries is ruled by the element of fire but we also have many planets in earth signs too. This combination will help speed up our ability to manifest and build things.

If you want to get a project off the ground, if you want to ask for funding or a grant, if you want to apply for a new school or new job, if you want to start a new relationship, if you want to activate your own ability to heal, if you want to speak up, if you want to forgive, if you want to let down your walls or tell someone yes or no, now is the time to act!

This is not a time to talk, to dream, or to wonder, this is a time to do, to take that first step to stop procrastinating and to start doing.

Of course, we need to make sure we are listening to our intuition and not burning the candle at both ends.

We can make huge, successful leaps and bounds, but we need to do so mindfully.

Aries Season can be a time of self-discovery too, where we can really speak our truth and learn to make our ego work with us and not against us.

It is always a good time to be yourself and to take actions that are aligned with your highest truth, but in Aries Season the entire Universe comes to support us.

Stay open to the signs and the direction of your life through this season, as it is surely to put you on a path that is more aligned with who you are and who you are now becoming.

It is a brand new year; you are growing and evolving, and as the seasons start changing around you, you will find new discoveries and new insights about your path of destiny.

One of the biggest cosmic events to take place through Aries Season is also the move of Saturn into Aquarius.

This is a monumental shift that will take place shortly after the Equinox.

This will be adding to the sense of new energy in the air and will be guiding us to wrap up a karmic cycle we have been working with since the end of 2017.

Aries Season energy will also be heightened on March 24, when we have the Aries New Moon. This energy will also be wonderful for manifesting, making wishes, and setting intentions for the year ahead.

As Aries Season, comes to an end and we prepare to enter Taurus Season, we should be feeling more directed about our journey ahead.

This is a Season to release our fears, to make headway on the path of our highest self, to reach out to those around us, and to stop making excuses.

We will be surrounded in new, fresh energy and supported by the Universe in all our endeavors.

This is an abundant, expansive time that is filled with opportunities, we just have to go out and grab them!

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