Can Someone Really Put a Curse on You?

can someone curse you

Is it really possible for someone to put a curse on you or send bad energy your way? The simple answer is yes, however, this doesn’t mean that the bad energy has to impact you.

Just like you can send good wishes and vibes out into the Universe you can also send negative ones as well. These can be deliberate and conscious or they can be unconscious.

Whenever we think badly about someone or feel jealous about someone, essentially we are sending them bad vibes, and these bad vibes don’t just effect the person but they also effect the environment and your own energy levels too. They also contribute to the lowering of consciousness for the entire planet.

Sending out bad vibes or putting a curse on someone has consequences, which is why we want to think positively about ourselves and others as much as possible. After all, as the old rule of magic states- what you send out comes back to you three times over.

So, while it is possible for someone to send bad vibes or even put a curse on you, this negative energy can only penetrate you if you are in a lower state of consciousness.

When you are vibrating on a higher frequency, when you take measures to protect your energy, and keep your thoughts positive, no curse or bad energy can harm you.

When you are in a low vibration or operating with fear, it is more likely that you will notice the bad vibes around you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone can actually harm you, but it can make it harder for you to step out into the light and find your positive.

In a way, we are constantly fending off negative energies all day long. The bad moods people carry around, the aggressive drivers on the road, these people can only really affect us if our mood is low or we are in an extra sensitive state.

Notice how when you are in a good mood you don’t even notice these seemingly negative things. Notice how differently you move through the world and how people interact with you.

When you are vibrating on a higher level, you see the world differently and no amount of cursing on bad energy being sent your way will be able to bring you down.

There are many ways to raise your vibration and your energy levels, such as focusing on gratitude, meditating, being creative, moving your body, and so on, but if you suspect that someone is sending bad vibes your way, here is what you can do –

Clearing a Curse or Bad Vibes

1.) Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful white light around you. See the light covering your entire body and extending outwards so it surrounds your physical and energetic body.

2.) Once you have a clear visual, imagine all the bad vibes being sent your way as a cloud of black smoke in front of you. If you know the person who has been sending bad energy your way you can also visualize their face.

3.) See the dark cloud of bad vibes in front of you. Know that your golden light is protecting you and these bad vibes cannot penetrate your shield. Now imagine hugging the cloud of bad vibes or the person who is in front of you. As you hug them, imagine the beautiful white light from around you cleansing and diffusing the negative energy. See the black cloud of bad energy in front of you turn to white light. See the person in front of you turn to white light.

4.) As you are holding this white light visual in your mind, repeat the Ho’ponopono chant- “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Repeat this 10 times.

5.) Now imagine yourself stepping back from this energy. See yourself pure and whole with the white light in tact all around you. Repeat quietly to yourself three times- “I am safe and I am always protected. Divine energy is always around me.”

This simple exercise will help to diffuse any negative energy being sent your way and will also help you to clear your own.

Remember, do not be fearful! No one can harm you without your permission, no one can cross your energetic barriers unless you allow them to. You are in control!

If you need more support, ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help protect you and keep you safe. You can also call on Archangel Michael, who is known as a great protector in the angel kingdom.

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