Cancer Full Moon Ritual December 2020

cancer full moon ritual december 2020

The last Full Moon of 2020 falls in the watery sign of Cancer on December 29-30 (depending on your timezone).

This is a sensitive Full Moon that may stir our deepest emotions and feelings, but being stirred allows us to release and let the heavy weight of all we have been carrying crash to the shore like a wave.

There is a cleansing energy attached to this December Full Moon, so give yourself permission to purge, to let it all out, and to free yourself from anything you no longer wish to take with you into the new year.

Here is a ritual to guide you –

Cancer Full Moon Bathing Ritual

Please note this is a bathing ritual, if you don’t have a bath you can prepare all the ingredients in a large pot/jug and then pour it over yourself in the shower, or alternatively, you can do this ritual as a hand or foot bath. 

This ritual can be done anytime but for best results aim to do it between December 26, 2020 -January 7, 2021

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of choice (dried herb bundles, incense, bells, oils, etc) 
  • December Cosmic Guided Meditation 
  • Mug of warm water 
  • Pen and paper 
  • Heat-safe Bowl 
  • Ingredients for your bath (choose at least three of the following)- essential oils, rose petals, lavender buds, flowers, chamomile/herbal tea, bath salts, sea salt, lemon slices, baking soda, fresh or dried herbs like rosemary, mint, or sage.
  • Cancer Full Moon Reading (optional)


1.) Start by cleansing your aura using your cleansing tool of choice. As you work around your aura, be sure to get the bottom of your feet, behind your neck, under your armpits, and around your groin area. These are all places we can sometimes overlook when cleansing. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following- 

“I cleanse myself from top to toe. I cleanse myself so I do glow. I am releasing and purging all that no longer serves. I am allowing all that no longer needs to be to wash away under the light of the Full Moon. I am cleansed. I am radiant. I feel free and light. My body, mind, and soul are in perfect harmony. Thank you. Thank you.”

Once you are done cleansing your own aura, use your same cleansing tool to clear your space and any ingredients you will be using in your ritual. 

2.) Next, take your pen and paper and write down 10 things you would like to release and let go of. 

3.) Once you are done writing, reflect on all that you have written. When ready, fold up your piece of paper and place it in the heat-proof bowl. Take your mug of warm water and hold it with both hands. Recite the following- 

“I program this water to cleanse and wash away the past and all that no longer serves.”

Begin pouring the water over your piece of paper in the bowl. As you do this, recite the following- 

“I release and let go of these ten things. My work with them is done. I clear them, release them, and cut the cords to any attachments with them. I release and let go of all the trying, all the controlling, all the wishing, all the hoping, all the wanting, all the pain. This water washes it all away. I now welcome the new space that has been created. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

4.) Allow your paper to sit soaking in the water while you do your December Guided Meditation. This meditation will help align and activate your energy and allow you to receive wisdom and intuitive guidance from your spirit guides or higher self. 

5.) After your meditation, start filling your bath. As it is filling, take the ingredients that you are using in your bath and program each of them with an intention. 

To do this, hold the item in your hand and verbally recite an intention. The intention can be anything you would like to call in, leave behind, or manifest for yourself or the planet. Once you are done with the intention, drop the item into your bath. Repeat this for all the items you are using in your bath.

6.) Before stepping into the bath, take a spoonful or handful of your releasing water (the water that is sitting with your paper in the bowl), and add it to your bath. This symbolizes the final cleansing and releasing of whatever you wrote on the paper. It also acknowledges the lessons and wisdom gained from all you wish to now release from your life. 

8.) Enjoy soaking in the delicious energies of your bath. When done, take out your ingredients if applicable and discard the water down the drain. As the water goes down the drain add the remaining water from the bowl with your paper in it. (Discard the paper in the recycle/trash, not down the drain.)

9.) After your bath is complete, you can discard all of your bath ingredients if you wish, or you can choose to dry them out and keep them if you feel called to do so. You will however, definitely want to discard the paper that was sitting in the bowl.

10.) End your ritual with the Cancer Full Moon Reading if using. These readings are designed to strengthen your intuition and provide guidance.

And your ritual is complete! 

Happy Full Moon! 
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