Cancer Season Horoscope 2022

cancer horoscope 2022

To get the most out of these horoscopes, it is recommended to read your Intuitive Astrology Cancer Season 2022 Forecast first.

If you can, read for your Sun and Rising Signs.


There is a lot of concentrated cosmic energy beamed your way at the start of Cancer Season. Depending on how you are able to channel, process, and work with this energy, you may be feeling super energized or a bit depleted! At the time the Sun shifts into Cancer Season on the Solstice, there is a line up of planets in your sign, known as a Stellium. This concentrated dose of cosmic energy being sent your way can definitely feel overwhelming, so channel it productively by getting plenty of rest and doing your best to follow a set schedule. If you get the inspiration, this concentrated energy can be great for crossing things off your to-do list. Just try not to bite off more than you can chew. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13th, may feel a bit heavy and trigger some unresolved issues that need to be dealt with. Don’t brush things under the rug, or pretend they don’t bother you, allow your feelings to be as they are, and slowly work through only what is in your control.


One of the key events for Cancer Season is the meeting of Uranus and the North Node, both of which are in your sign. The North Node represents a point of karma and can unlock our highest destiny. If you have been feeling all over the place or walking on unsteady ground, this alignment of Uranus and the North Node may trigger all of this in an effort to keep things moving along. Even though you may feel like you are being flung deeper into the unknown, it is here that you will do your most growing and find your greatest stability. Whenever we are in a period of confusion or the unknown, it is when we are doing our most growth work! Think about it, if we always knew where we were going or always felt stable and sure about every move, how would we grow? If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of more uncertainty, know that the Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13, will be your chance to build some stability. Capricorn is a fellow earth sign, and will be on your side, helping to bring some groundedness and structure to your life. You are definitely going through some strong transformations over the next year, but when you come out the other side, you will find yourself in a much better place!


Whenever the Sun leaves your corner of the zodiac there can be a lull in energy. Having the Sun in your corner can bring a temporary energy boost, but now that the Sun is shining elsewhere, you may feel its absence. This will be short-lived because as the Sun prepares to leave, Venus enters your sign! Having Venus in your sign heightens your magnetism, boosts your attractiveness, and sends waves of creative inspiration your way. The first part of Cancer Season would be the perfect time to schedule any beauty appointments and to make time for self-care. If you have a creative project you wish to get off the ground, try to use the energy of the Cancer New Moon on June 28th. This New Moon, coupled with the energy of Venus will be on your side! The inspiration will follow for you as in early July, the Sirius Gateway will be activated, sending more inspiration and intellectual stimulation your way. Your mind and fingers will be on fire, helping you to write, create, and get your ideas out into the world.


Happy Birthday, this is your Season! Having the Sun in your corner of the zodiac can bring a boost of energy your way, helping to put a spring in your step. This is even doubly true if your birthday falls within a few days of the June 21st Solstice. As a Cancer, you would benefit from spending time in nature and setting intentions to align your energy with the energy of the Earth. As a water sign, you are naturally sensitive and connected with the energies of the world around you, so if things have been feeling heavy, definitely use this Solstice energy to help your system reset. The Cancer New Moon on June 28, will have a similar effect, helping you to reset and start a new chapter in your life. If there is something you wish to do, or a new project you would like to start, this New Moon will be adding fuel to the fire. This fresh wave of energy will be further supported by the Sirius Gateway, which peaks in the first few days of July. Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun and can give our spirit bodies a recharge, helping us to tap into our intuition, creativity, and psychic senses with greater ease. If your birthday falls in the first few days of July, you are really being bathed in this energy, so use it to your advantage. As Cancer Season comes to an end, there is likely to be some unsettled energy swimming through the cosmic skies. This is due to the alignment of Uranus and the North Node. This is more of a universal energy that can bring events onto the world stage. If you are already feeling a sense of instability or insecurity, this may be triggered by the energy of Uranus and the North Node. Do what you can to create stability and structure.


As a Leo, you are on the last stage of your Solar journey. The Sun will move into your sign next, kickstarting a new solar cycle in your life. As you wrap up this previous solar cycle, you may start to see things coming to a culmination point, you may also feel the need to revisit the past and tie up any loose ends. The good news is that we don’t have any retrograde planets standing in your way. Even though Neptune enters retrograde on June 28, this will not affect your ability to get things done, in fact, it may even help! Neptune Retrograde can expose where any deceits or illusions have taken place. If something is feeling foggy or confusing, Neptune Retrograde can actually bring clarity or even intuitive inspiration that helps you make sense of things. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13, may feel a bit heavy for your fiery nature, but is a good point in the month to ground your energy and bring yourself back to your grassroots. If you are in need of a vacation, this energy would be a good time to spend where you grew up or in a place that is connected to your lineage. A trip like this may not only be recharging but also incredibly healing.


Cancer Season always blends well with your energy, making this a harmonious time of year for you. If you are feeling a bit wiped out after all the busyness of the last few months, this will be a good time to regroup and create a more balanced routine. The Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13 will be an especially helpful support with this, allowing you to feel more grounded, and put the steps into place to create a schedule that feels good. Before this Full Moon, the Cancer New Moon on June 28 may highlight a relationship for you. If there have been some illusions or confusion surrounding this relationship, you may find that the New Moon helps to bring clarity. If there have been any lies or deceits involved in this relationship, this New Moon may bring them into your awareness. Even though the truth can be hard to hear sometimes, it allows us to make the most informed decisions for ourselves. You are already a sensitive soul, but under the Cancer Sun, this can be heightened for you. Make it a point to clear any heavy or stuck energy by spending time near the water. If you can, take a vacation somewhere close to water, or simply prioritize relaxing baths and keeping yourself hydrated.


You are a sign that thrives when things are in balance. Under the Cancer Sun, you may be called to check in with yourself to see if there are any imbalances that may be throwing off or draining your energy. The last few months have brought lots of change and transformation, which may only just be starting to sink in. If this resonates, use the energy of Cancer Season to recharge your batteries. Spend time near the water, surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel good, and work on bringing balance back into your life so you can work from a heart-centered place. The Cancer New Moon on June 28, may stir matters of the heart, or bring your attention to your home and family life. Whatever comes up on the New Moon may require you to set some boundaries, or to think about what you really wish to give your time and energy to. Neptune also stations retrograde on the day of the New Moon, but this is likely to be welcome energy and may help you to see a deeper or higher truth when it comes to a person or family member in your life. The Capricorn Super Full Moon that follows on July 13, brings strong waves of support when it comes to your career. Use this Full Moon to boost your career in any direction you choose! If you are looking to switch jobs, or make changes to your work life in any way, try to work as close to this Full Moon as possible, as it will be on your side. By the end of July, things may feel a little unstable with the alignment of Uranus and the North Node, so early July is your best bet!


No one can say that you haven’t been working hard and focusing on your inner growth! The recent Blood Moon Eclipse in your sign would have been challenging and perhaps it stirred some transformative energies in your life. Whatever has unfolded, know this is part of a bigger cycle and if you are looking for clarity, rest assured that it will come when the cycle is all done! If you want to read more on this cycle, check out this article. As you move into Cancer Season, there will be a lightness in the air for you. Use this to spend time with friends and family and to even take a little retreat somewhere. As a water sign, water is always going to be a healing and recharging source for you, however you may also find the mountains just as recharging, especially around the Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13. After all this changing energy that has been flowing into your life, the grounded, stabilizing energies of earthy Capricorn and some mountainous scenery may be just what you need! In the first few days of July, we have the Sirius Gateway which can heighten your intuition and increase your chances of spirit contact. You are naturally psychic, so if you are looking to receive a message or hear from a loved one, use the energies of this portal. Simply set an intention and then ask for a sign, either through your dreams, through a piece of journal writing, or through mother nature.


Cancer Season can be cooling for your fiery spirit, helping to bring calm and ease, and a release to all you have been trying hard to control. Surrender is going to be your keyword for Cancer Season! If your energy has been running high, the Cancer New Moon on June 28 should bring a softening. Use this energy to settle and recharge your nervous system. Try to focus only on what you can control and leave everything else. Cancer is a water sign, so use this water-energy on offer to go with the flow. A few short days after this New Moon, the Sirius Gateway is activated, bringing strong spiritual and mental energy your way. You can use energy to boost your spiritual body and heighten your intuition, but know it can also support you when it comes to expanding your mind. As a Sagittarius, you are a natural learner, so if there is something you want to understand or explore, the Sirius Gateway would be a fantastic time to take action. Don’t hold yourself back, try that short course, take that zoom workshop, read that book, and see where it takes you! The Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13, may feel like a heavy one for you. If this resonates, use the lunar vibrations to clear away all that no longer serves. To support you with this, charge your crystals under the Full Moon and then place them on your body where you feel you are holding the most tension or heaviness. Ask the crystals to melt away any stagnancy or tension that is not serving your highest good.


Cancer rests opposite you on the zodiac wheel, so the Sun moving here is always a special time for you! You also share one key similarity with each other – you both herald the start of the Solstice. Cancer brings the June Solstice, but Capricorn brings the December Solstice. Both of your energies are closely intertwined, which makes this time of year one that flows in harmony! As Cancer rests opposite you on the zodiac wheel, it channels energy into the external parts of your life and your relationships. Do you like what you see on the outside? That is where your focus may turn. Cancer Season is also a good time to think about whether what you see on the outside and what is happening on the inside is a match or if the two are working against each other. Getting your priorities in order and aligning those priorities will be supported under the Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13. This Full Moon may feel like a bit of hard work, and may challenge you to really step up and take responsibility for things. Prior to this Full Moon, however, is the Cancer New Moon on June 28, and this energy is much lighter for your soul and spirit! This New Moon is a fantastic time to take a trip somewhere or spend time with friends and family. Surround yourself with people and things that feel good, you deserve it!


The last few years have been challenging for you with Saturn touring through your sign. Saturn always brings lessons and challenges, and seeing as it’s been in your sign, you have been feeling its work quite strongly! Saturn’s theme is getting us to take responsibility for our lives and what we wish to spend our time doing. It helps us to get clear with our boundaries and can also trigger our relationship with the masculine. While Saturn will continue to weave its magic through the background of your life for a little while longer, Cancer Season 2022, brings plenty of opportunities to reset and get in touch with your feminine side! Feminine energy is beyond gender and is about trusting, flowing, and working in harmony with the energies of the world around you. While it is a soft, compassionate, intuitive, and creative energy it is also incredibly powerful and strong. When you are able to hold your feminine power, you become a force, an instant manifestor, and a powerful co-creator of this Universe. Under Cancer Season, you are getting a chance to step into your feminine power and to own all that you are. This may be heightened at the end of June, when the Sun comes into contact with Black Moon Lilith. The Sirius Gateway that is activated shortly after this may also trigger your intuition, helping you to take charge and know which direction to travel. Out of all the signs of the zodiac, you are usually one of the most galactically connected, so this Sirius portal is likely to bring some profound shifts your way.


Cancer is a water sign just like you, making this season one that flows in harmony with your soul! Neptune, your ruling planet enters retrograde this Cancer Season, however this may actually be a good thing! Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams, and fantasy. When it stations retrograde, it can actually heighten your creativity but also allow you to see a higher and deeper truth. Things that felt foggy or confusing can begin to make sense, and any illusions or deceptions that may have crossed your path can be exposed. Pay attention to what news and insights come your way under the Cancer New Moon on June 28th. Neptune goes retrograde on the same day, and some awakening moments are very possible for you. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13 is one that may feel heavy to you, so be sure to make time for lots of self-care and rest. This is especially true if you find yourself feeling extra sensitive to the Sirius Gateway which peaks in the first few days of July. The Sirius Gateway is a time where our Sun aligns with our Spiritual Sun (Sirius), allowing us to download and channel inspiration from our higher self. As a natural intuitive, you may also find yourself having prophetic dreams or receiving signs under this portal energy.

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