Capricorn Season Horoscopes December 2022-January 2023

capricorn season horoscopes 2022

Capricorn Season begins on December 21st, the same day as the Solstice. Whenever Capricorn Season comes around, I love to tell the story of the Sea Goat.

Capricorn is ruled by the Sea Goat, a mythical creature that is half fish, half goat. There is a lot of rich symbolism we can learn from the Sea Goat. It can scale the highest mountains but also swim to the depths of the sea. The Sea Goat can see things from many vantage points and perspectives. Something other animals cannot do. But, the Sea Goat is also at a disadvantage. It has to work harder than the fish with tails and fins. It has to work harder than the other goats with all four legs. But through its hard work, it can see both the seas and the skies.

There is something we can all take away from the story of the Sea Goat, but for Capricorn Season 2022-2023, it feels like this mysterious creature is preparing us for what’s ahead.

Capricorn Season welcomes us into the new year, and one of the big themes for 2023 is innovation and independence. We are learning not to lose ourselves in others. We are learning that we can be resourceful and use all of our skills to get where we want to be. Just like the Sea Goat that learns to use its legs for walking and its tail for swimming, we too can tap into all of our natural skills and talents to reach further and aim higher.

2023 will be supporting us on this journey, and the Sea Goat is our perfect animal guide as we enter the Season.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s ahead for your sign. You can read for both your Sun and Rising sign-


2023 is going to be a very busy year for you! You have Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your sign, and when that happens, doors seem to open! 2023 is going to be the year of opportunity for you, so get out of your own way, remain open to all possibilities, and see what flies in. On a spiritual level, you can use Jupiter in your sign to expand your energy field. Visualize your energy field or auric field expanding around you, reaching out to connect with all of life. This practice can be very healing and can open you up to the abundance of the Universe. Your ruling planet, Mars, has been retrograde since the end of October, and this may have created some stagnant or slow-moving energy in your life. You may have also just felt the need to slow down, take your time, and relax- all things that are not typically easy for your sign! But now, in Capricorn Season, on January 12, Mars will finally station direct. Mars stationing direct can get things moving very quickly! Anything that has felt sluggish or has been dragging can finally get a big boost! Watch what you feel naturally drawn to or motivated to complete come January, as this is how you can really channel the forward-moving energy of Mars. Projects that you have been working on, or struggling to work on since October may also gain some traction too. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23, brings some strong healing energy your way. While this healing energy can be used to help facilitate the natural healing process of your body, mind, and soul, it is also about honoring your wholeness. We all have wounds, but even with our wounds, even with our perceived shortcomings, we can still find our own sense of wholeness. This healing energy beams in from Chiron, an asteroid known as the wounded healer. Chiron is very active under this New Moon, and reminds us that even though we may be wounded, we can still access our magical, innate gifts and talents. As we wrap up 2022, Mercury will station retrograde on December 29, joining Mars. Mercury will remain in retrograde until January 18. With both of these planets in retrograde together, we may feel the transition between 2022 and 2023 a little foggy, confusing, or stagnant. While many use this transition point to set goals and make to-do lists, it may not be as easy this year. Mars and Mercury in retrograde together seem to be guiding us to go within and reflect, rather than to rush ahead and begin new things. These planets in retrograde may also make us feel deeply tired on both a physical and mental level. Taking time out to calm not only your body, but also your mind will be valuable during this time. You may feel this especially heightened under the Cancer Full Moon on January 6. There is some heightened energy around this Full Moon that can make you feel extra sensitive or irritable. Spending time near water and finding ways to cool down your system from an energetic standpoint can be the antidote! Once Mars stations direct on January 12 and Mercury follows on January 18, things will begin speeding up and cosmic energy will begin flowing quickly and in new directions again. Remember, 2023 is the year of doors opening, so be sure you are knocking!


2022 has been a big year for you. The Lunar Nodes aligned in your sign and met with Uranus. Plus you have also been experiencing Eclipses in your sign too! With all this energy in your corner of the zodiac, you have been guided to transform, to do away with the old, and rebirth yourself into something new. This rebirth phase will still continue into 2023, but don’t worry, you are nearing the end of your journey and this means that clarity is on the way. As you move into 2023, you will feel clearer about your path ahead and what you wish to focus on. You may feel the benefits of any transformation work that has taken place and more confident with where you stand today. If any major life events took place in 2022, you may begin to feel a sense of ease moving in. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23, carries some healing energy that can lift your spirits and get you thinking more positively about your circumstances. You may feel the urge to travel, especially to somewhere that feels healing and restorative. Visiting a relaxing spot or even going to the spa will all have powerful benefits under this New Moon. This is partly due to Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer. It is very active under this New Moon, reminding us that we can be whole; we can lead a full and beautiful life, even though we have wounds that may never heal. Connect with this New Moon energy and allow these soothing, healing vibrations to travel where they need to go. As we reach the end of December, Mercury will station retrograde on the 29th, joining Mars, which is also in retrograde. Having these two planets together in retrograde can create some very sluggish energy. We may feel mentally foggy or just find ourselves lacking motivation. Mars will station direct again on January 12, and Mercury will follow on January 18, so use this window of time to rest and not put too much pressure on yourself. Many people like to set goals and intentions for the new year, but this is more of a reflective time to slow down and pause. Setting those goals and crossing things off your to-do list will be much easier as we reach the astrological new year, which falls on the March Equinox. The Cancer Full Moon on January 6, carries highly sensitive energy, which may also highlight where we need to pause, relax, and reflect. We may find ourselves feeling confused about something or overly emotional. Sit with whatever comes up for you rather than trying to suppress it. When we allow emotions to flow, they can become a guide, revealing to us how we can step into greater harmony. While 2023 will carry more transformative energy, you are nearing the end of the journey. Use the energy of 2023 to channel your transformative journey in the direction of your choosing. Know that you get a say! 2023 will be a great year to push the boundaries on what you thought was possible and leap into the new.


Mars has been retrograde in your sign since the end of October. Mars will leave retrograde on January 12, but will remain in Gemini until March. This is a very long time to have Mars in your corner of the zodiac. It’s unusual and a sign from the Universe that you are being guided to work with its energy. Mars is the ruler of the masculine, our feelings of motivation, our fears, our ambitions, our energy levels, our passions, and even our sexual desires. Mars is also considered the God of War and can stir heated emotions or untapped aggressions within us. You may have already felt these themes playing out in your life in some way, but if you haven’t, you are likely going to feel it as we journey through Capricorn Season. Whatever comes up, take it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and transform to a higher level of consciousness. As Mars stations direct and eventually leaves Gemini, it will be easier to see the results of your hard work! The Capricorn New Moon on December 23 is our last lunar cycle for 2022. This New Moon carries some healing energy, reminding us to be kind to ourselves and to find our state of wholeness. We can have wounds that never leave us, but that doesn’t exclude us from being whole. This New Moon encourages us to radically accept all that we are and to love ourselves for who we are today, rather than trying to fix or change who we are. This healing and self-acceptance energy comes from Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, which is very active under this New Moon. Chiron also stations direct under this New Moon too, leaving its retrograde cycle. There is a theme happening here of planets stationing direct and by January 23rd, we will have zero major planets in retrograde! Retrograde energy always creates a reflective state that requires us to go back and look over things, so with all planets moving direct, we will have some great forward momentum in the cosmos and in our own lives. Until this time, we are really being encouraged to slow down, pause, and make time for all the nagging thoughts and feelings that we tend to ignore. Use this time wisely Gemini, as it won’t be long before things are moving full steam ahead!


It is Capricorn Season which means that your Full Moon is on the way! Falling on January 6th, this Cancer Full Moon is extra powerful and carries some heightened energy that will stir your emotions and sensitivities. As a sign that is already known for its sensitivities, this Full Moon may have you feeling extra emotional. There is also a chance for miscommunications, or perhaps something will come up that just feels like the Universe is not working in your favor. There could be a little disappointment around this Full Moon, or emotions may be working overtime, making everything feel extra disappointing! Whenever there is strong emotional energy, it is important to focus on cleansing. You can cleanse by spending time near water, clearing your auric field using your favorite tool, working with crystals, or just setting an intention to clear away all that no longer serves. Full Moons are naturally a good time for clearing and releasing, and there is a particularly strong cleansing energy attached to this one. You may even feel the urge to clear your surroundings to make space for something new. Before this Full Moon, we have the corresponding New Moon, which falls on December 23 in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac. You are both the signs that lead us into the Solstice, so you share a special connection. Whenever Capricorn Season comes around, there can be a focus on the other or relationships in your life, and that is what you may feel stirring around this New Moon. Chiron, the asteroid of healing, is very active under this New Moon, encouraging you to heal wounds that block you from making connections with others. You may also find yourself healing in a way that allows you to stay true to yourself and assert yourself when it comes to certain relationships. One of the gifts Chiron’s energy gifts us is the gift of wholeness. While it is the asteroid of healing, it really is about finding our own sense of healing, no matter what wounds we carry. All of us can be whole, regardless of our imperfections or traumas. Chiron’s energy also reminds us that each of us has a gift, and that gift can be accessed through our wounds, not only when we transcend them but even when they are raw. What gifts can your wounds show you? Stay open to this question and see what inspiration arrives.


As we move into the grounded sign of Capricorn, you may naturally find yourself wanting to slow down and wrap up projects or situations that have been consuming far too much of your time. In fact, you may even begin to feel that it’s time to take inventory of how you are spending your energy and what you no longer wish to dedicate your time to. Your energy and time are both precious resources, so be sure you are using them wisely! Mars, the planet that rules over our energy levels is currently in retrograde, highlighting this energy in your life even more. Mars retrograde can also create a slow-down effect where you may feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps backward! If you are feeling this in any area of your life, it may be a sign that you need to pause and give things time to breathe. As a fire sign, you are often rushing ahead and wanting to execute and take action, but with this Mars Retrograde energy, we are really being encouraged to slow down and take our time. Use this energy to practice patience and moving with slow, deliberate movements. Be fully present with whatever you are doing, and it will be easier to merge with the pace of the Universe. This slow-down energy is also going to be magnified as Mercury also stations retrograde on December 29 until January 18. From this period, things may feel foggy or confusing. It may be hard to wrap your head around how you feel about something or what the best course of action is. Again, if you are feeling any of this, use it as your opportunity to slow down, pause, and go within. Your inner self will have some wisdom for you here, so be sure to listen. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23, carries some healing energy, helping you to bring closure to something that has been weighing on you. You may also find yourself bringing closure to a work project. If you are thinking of switching jobs, this New Moon would be a good time to put your feelers out there to see what is available. This is a good time to explore, research, and daydream about what you wish to move to next. As we move into the new year, we have a Cancer Full Moon on January 6. There is a sense of chaotic energy around this Full Moon. It may be a very confusing time, and one where you are reassessing things in your life. Once again, you may find yourself having to reconsider how you are spending your energy. If you have been burning the candle at both ends or not listening to your body, this Full Moon may insist that you take rest and finally listen. By the time Capricorn Season comes to an end however, you will be feeling much more energized and ready to move forward on things that previously felt confusing or tricky to navigate.


Capricorn is a fellow earth sign, so this season always vibrates well with your soul. You may find yourself thinking about new projects to tackle or what lessons and adventures you want to create for yourself in the new year. Capricorn energy can be very ambitious, so breathe some of this in, but don’t overdo it! We have a lot of cosmic energy guiding us to slow down and be patient. This energy wants us to focus on building our foundation and consolidating rather than aiming too high just yet. The sturdiest buildings always have the best foundation, so use this time to focus on that. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23, offers the energy of new beginnings, but there is a little heaviness around it too. It seems that even though we may want to bring fresh new things into our lives, we may have to be patient. Chiron, the asteroid of healing, is very active under this New Moon, reminding us that we are worthy of new beginnings despite the old wounds and traumas we may hold. Chiron is actually known as the wounded healer, because it has been able to channel its wounds into powerful portals of wisdom and healing for others. Chiron reminds us that our wounds don’t make us weaker, but rather more compassionate, more wise, and more connected to our own innate healing abilities. These themes may come up for you under the Capricorn New Moon. You may especially feel them in areas relating to love and relationships. One of the core wounds in the myth of Chiron is abandonment, so if you are struggling in a relationship, see if you can reflect on where abandonment issues may be coming up for you or your partner. What are you or your partner really afraid of losing? If you need to cut ties with a relationship, you may find it easier to do so under the Cancer Full Moon, which peaks in the new year on January 6. Alternatively, you may find this Full Moon helps to resolve and complete whatever issues you were struggling with under the New Moon. As a Virgo, your mind-body connection is always very strong, so this is something to be mindful of as we wrap up 2022 and move into 2023. When you are overly stressed or caught up in your mind, you tend to see it showing up on a physical level. If you find this to be true, be sure you are making time to rest, quiet your mind, and practice self-care. As we journey into the new year, we have both Mars and Mercury in retrograde. Mercury is one of your ruling planets, so you are going to feel this more than most. With both these planets in retrograde, we may notice unresolved situations or feelings bubbling up to the surface. It is also easier for us to feel stuck in our heads or confused about how to proceed. This planetary energy can also lead to mishaps, miscommunications, and can easily trigger heated emotions. You have the skills and tools to navigate through all of this, but, just be gentle with yourself. Go slow, and don’t overcommit or take on too much. By keeping yourself in a state of balance, it will be much easier to remain level-headed and to focus on taking a grounded approach.


Your focus shifts to your home and family life this Capricorn Season. You may find yourself needing to juggle extra responsibilities in these areas or finding that you need to set greater boundaries in order to feel more at peace. While your home and family life may be drawing your attention, you may also feel a pull towards your career and professional endeavors too. In fact, you may find yourself playing a tug of war between the two. While this has the potential to create some added stress, Mars Retrograde is on your side. When Mars enters retrograde, it beckons us to reconsider how we have been choosing to spend our time and energy, and whether we have been focusing on things that are truly meaningful to us or not. Our time and energy are both limited and precious resources, so this is a good time to take stock and think about how you are choosing to spend your time, and if you like what results it is yielding you. Of course, sometimes we have no choice over where we need to spend our time, but we often do have a choice around how we wish to expend our energy. Mars will remain retrograde until January 12, so you will have a few weeks to work with this line of questioning and make changes if needed. Know that even the smallest of changes count! Also, keep in mind, that we usually have to wait for Mars to leave retrograde before we really have the answers we are seeking. Be patient with this process, especially since Mercury will also station retrograde too from December 29-January 18. With Mercury also in retrograde, it can create a slow-down effect in the Universe, and make us really pause and reconsider before moving ahead. Many of us are traveling and busy with holiday plans during that time of year, so it’s going to be extra important to take things slow and carve out time for rest. If something feels too much or you are hesitant to commit, listen to that voice rather than brushing it off or talking yourself into it out of obligation. While it is fine to do this sometimes, doing it all the time will only lead to burnout and resentment! The Capricorn New Moon on December 23 carries some beautiful healing energy around it. If you have been struggling physically, emotionally, or even mentally, this New Moon offers the opportunity to bring some fresh energy into your life, and with this fresh energy comes a healing. Healing can look different for everyone, so release any preconceived ideas about what healing you want, and stay open to the healing on offer. This strong healing energy comes from the asteroid, Chiron which is known as the wounded healer. Chiron has learned to take its wounds and channel them into powerful portals of wisdom, intuition, and healing for others. Chiron has learned to live with its wounds and accept them, knowing that some wounds are just too deep to ever fully heal. Like Chiron, you too can learn to accept your deeper wounds. You too can learn to love and embody the idea that you are perfect and whole just as you are. As a Libra, you are always putting yourself in other people’s shoes and shining your love in their direction. But under this New Moon, it is time to shine the love in your own direction. It is time to give the same compassion, kindness, and remorse you give to others to yourself. You may feel extra sensitive under this New Moon, or even extra grateful for any support you have received on your own healing journey. As we move into the new year, there tends to be this pressure to set goals and aim high for the months ahead, but our current planetary energy shows that we would be far better off resting, relaxing, and taking time to pause. If you are feeling this, give yourself permission to lean into it! See if you can take some time out to just rest and relax. Mercury, the planet of communication and travel will be retrograde from December 29 until January 18. With Mercury in retrograde, we may find ourselves prone to miscommunications and mishaps. Since Mercury rules over travel, we may also find ourselves experiencing delays. This is all pretty normal for holiday season travel anyway, so don’t worry! Just have a backup plan in case of any delays or baggage issues. And if you are met with any delays, trust in the Universe! Mercury is the messenger of the Gods after all, and any delays or travel mishaps that it may inspire are usually due to a higher reason. See if you can open to this idea, and trust that you are always right where you need to be! The Full Moon on January 6, carries some emotional energy. It may also highlight something in your work life or feelings around your purpose. Once again, you may find yourself thinking about how you wish to spend your energy, and if you there could be more room to dedicate to your passions and the things that excite you. Due to the strong emotional energy around this Full Moon, it may be hard to ground your feelings into something actionable, but this is ok. Allow yourself to feel. Give yourself space. As the Full Moon energies dissipate, it will become easier to create a plan and make the changes you desire.


As the Sun crosses into Capricorn, we experience the Solstice. A time when the Sun “stands still” and we experience either the longest or shortest day of the year. It is said that as the Solstice occurs, the energy grid of the planet shifts into a higher harmony and vibration. As a sensitive soul, you are in a prime position to feel this. Whenever we have strong vibrational energy like this, it tends to adapt to the energy of our own body, giving us exactly what we need. We may feel wiped out, indicating that we are in need of rest. Or, we may feel energized, indicating that it’s time for us to take action and get things done. Pay attention to your body, mind, and spirit as the Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st. Honor where you are at, and if you feel the urge, spend some time in nature, soaking up the beautiful energies that are on offer. Shortly after the Solstice, we begin a new lunar cycle with the Capricorn New Moon on December 23. This New Moon carries some gentle, healing vibrations, encouraging us to focus on loving ourselves, wounds and all. Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is very active under this New Moon. In mythology, Chiron was abandoned at birth and carried this wound of not being good enough, not being loved, and not being wanted. Eventually however, Chiron learns to take this wound, and turn it into a portal of wisdom, intuition, compassion, intelligence, and healing for others. Instead of trying to “fix” this wound, Chiron recognizes that some wounds are just too deep to ever truly resolve, and so he makes this his superpower. Our wounds can be valuable teachers and instigators of our true purpose and passions in life. Our wounds, although painful, can lead us down some beautiful paths, and that’s what this New Moon celebrates. This is a good time to reconnect with your wounds and to remember that even though they may hurt and weep, you can still lead a beautiful, fulfilled life. Chiron’s energy also guides us to turn our wounds into powerful portals of healing, especially for others. You may feel called to be in service of others, or you may find yourself wanting to share your voice or message with a wider audience. Put your thoughts, wisdom, and ideas out into the world under this New Moon, as they will all surely blossom! As we wrap up 2022, Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on December 29. This can leave us prone to miscommunications or just feeling foggy around our thoughts. If your mental chatter is loud, see if you can practice stillness and silence. While this is always valuable to do, it becomes extra beneficial when Mercury is retrograde! Mars will also be retrograde too until January 12. This is an energy we have been working with since October, but with Mars and Mercury both retrograde together, the end of the year may feel particularly sluggish and stagnant. We may even feel a little more confused than usual about how best to proceed. Whenever we have strong retrograde energy like this, it is always best to go within, reflect, and revisit the past before moving ahead. What wisdom does the past still have for you? During retrogrades, our past very often holds the key. Mercury is also the messenger of the gods, so pay attention to the intuition of your own inner “God.” Mercury will station direct again on January 18, just as Capricorn Season is preparing to end. Once Mercury is moving direct, you may begin to feel a little clearer and more certain about what you need to focus on in 2023.


The Sun has been shining in your corner of the zodiac, but now it is time to say goodbye. The Sun is bright and luminous; as it leaves your corner of the zodiac, things may feel a little dull. You may also feel a dip in energy or a feeling of being zapped. This come-down however, can help reveal all that was blinded by the Sun. As the Sun leaves, you can see with greater clarity all the gifts and rewards it has brought your way! In astrology, the Sun represents the core of who we are, so when it visits your zodiac, it allows us to feel more ourselves. It highlights and awakens our own inner flame, reminding us of what is important and what makes us truly feel like ourselves. The Sun can remind us of our inner light, our purpose, and what makes us feel alive. Take some time to explore these areas for yourself, as the trailing energy of the Sun will make it easier to connect. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23, is also a good time to think about what you wish to fill your life with. New Moons are always fantastic times of year for drawing things towards you. They are like a magnet, so set some intentions, plant some seeds, put your wishes out to the Universe and trust what flows! This New Moon falls at 1 degree of Capricorn, which is a supercharged degree for new beginnings. If you want to revamp an area of your life, this New Moon will have a lot to offer! But, keep in mind that Mars is retrograde, and Mercury is preparing to go retrograde too, on December 29. Having strong retrograde energy like this can create the feeling of one step forward, two steps back. So, don’t race ahead even if you want to start something new. Take your time. This is your chance to build a solid foundation rather than focus on how high you want to go. There will be plenty of time for that in the near future, so use this New Moon to call in, but don’t worry too much about taking big grand actionable steps just yet. Both Mercury and Mars in retrograde, are calling us to focus on our past and the wisdom we can take from the road we have already traveled. By revisiting the past, we can also celebrate where we are today. As we move into 2023, we have the Cancer Full Moon, which peaks on January 6. There is strong emotional energy around this Full Moon, and as a water sign, you may feel it stronger than most! Protect your energy at this time and have boundaries in place, not just physical ones but also spiritual ones. If you need, spend time in nature or work with crystals, and try not to take on the emotions of others as your own. You tend to be a sponge, and this Full Moon can suck you in if you are not firm with your energetic boundaries. Money matters may be on your mind under this Full Moon too. Be sure you are thinking with an abundant mindset, rather than one that is rooted in scarcity. As the emotions of the Full Moon pass, you may also find it easier to put some actionable steps into place around your finances if needed. This could include creating a budget, canceling some subscriptions, or finding alternative sources of income. In fact, if you have a side project or have thought about turning a hobby into a business, there is supportive energy under this Full Moon! With Mercury and Mars in retrograde until mid-January, focus on creating a foundation and putting a plan together. Come to the end of January and even into February and March, there will be a lot more supportive energy that will help you to push ahead and move quickly.


Welcome to your Season! The Sun is in your corner and shining brightly in your direction. I hope you are able to feel the warmth of the Sun, filling up your heart, reigniting your soul, and reminding you just how bright and special you are! You are a special child of the Universe, a rare soul that was sent here for a very specific mission, and the Sun in your corner is your reminder! When the Sun comes to stay, things can feel brighter, lighter, and more optimistic. If you have been getting caught up in your responsibilities or losing sight of your fun and playful nature, this is your reminder to bring it back! You are very good at doing the hard work, but you also need to make sure you find time for fun! For you Capricorn, finding this lightness usually involves releasing some control and readjusting your boundaries. Some boundaries will need to be firmer, but others will need to come down, allowing greater relaxation. You will intuitively know what is best for you. The Capricorn New Moon, on December 23, carries the energy of new beginnings. If your birthday falls within 2 days of this New Moon, know you will have the energy of new beginnings with you for the whole year! While there is strong new beginning energy around this New Moon, Mars is still in retrograde, and its friend, Mercury, is preparing to enter retrograde too on December 29. Having both these planets in retrograde together can create a slow-down effect. We can feel a little sluggish or even confused about how to proceed ahead or how to think. Our mind can become cluttered, and it can become easier for us to miscommunicate our intentions. For this reason, it will be important to take things slow, to pause, and to not rush ahead. Even though this New Moon promises new beginnings, we may have to be a little patient and use this new beginning energy to focus on our inner world rather than our outer world. Whenever we have strong retrograde energy like this, it is also our reminder to revisit the past, for there is wisdom we can take away from it. If you find past events or feelings coming back up for review, pay attention. While Mars will station direct on January 12 and Mercury on January 18, it will really take until February for the year to kick into high gear, so practice patience. 2023 also opens with a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer on January 6. This Full Moon will highlight your relationships and the giving and receiving that you experience with them. You may feel like certain relationships are demanding too much of your time or that you are giving without really receiving. Alternatively, it may be time for you to give back to someone that has given you so much. Finding this balance will be key, but it seems this Full Moon is encouraging you to focus on making this decision from more of an emotional, intuitive space, rather than a mental space. What does your heart tell you? Get out of your head and into your heart under this Full Moon. If your birthday falls within 2 days on either side of this Full Moon, this will actually be a bit of a focus for your year ahead. You may find yourself challenged with really learning how to listen to your heart. This really is a beautiful gift and something that can help to inspire so many other areas of your life. Learning to listen to your heart can also strengthen your relationships and allow your intuition to be a powerful guide for you. Having a Full Moon close to your birthday can also indicate that the year ahead may bring something to completion or harvest point. Just the same, if your birthday falls within 1-2 days of December 29, the day Mercury stations retrograde, you may find that communication becomes a theme for your year ahead. You may be learning how to express your voice and how to organize your thoughts in new ways. The same applies if your birthday falls within 1-2 days of Mercury stationing direct on January 18. And finally, if your birthday falls within 1-2 days of January 12, the day Mars stations direct, Mars themes may be important for you in the coming year. Mars rules over our ability to take action, our passions, impulses, and also our energy. You may need to adjust how you spend your energy and bring more focus to your passions. Overall, your birthday season is a busy one! So, make sure you spend it how you want to! There are always so many obligations around this time of year with the holidays, family gatherings, and travel. While this is all great, make sure it also feels aligned with how you wish to be spending your time. With all of this retrograde activity too, it may be wise to carve out some downtime so you can rest, relax, and recharge.


Capricorn Season begins on the December 21st Solstice, when the Sun “stands still” giving us either the longest or shortest day of the year. The Solstice also brings the start of a new season too. In the Southern Hemisphere, Summer begins, and in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter begins. This change of the seasons can be reflected in nature no matter where you live. Take a moment to look outside. What do you observe? How is nature responding to the changes the Solstice brings? Nature is very good at adapting, and that’s something we can all learn from! Change is not always easy, and yet this year may have brought lots of change your way! Perhaps you are still trying to wrap your head around everything that has transpired. Well, as we move into 2023, things will get a little easier, a little more settled, and a little more grounded. Saturn has been touring your sign for some time now but is nearing the end of its journey. If you haven’t already, you may wish to read about Saturn in Aquarius and all it’s expected to bring, but essentially, Saturn visiting your sign is a time of maturity. It is a time to get real with life. There is no sugar-coating when Saturn comes to stay. Saturn is also the planet of boundaries, so you have likely had to change and adapt when it comes to your boundaries and what you choose to tolerate. Saturn is very heavy, grounded energy, so you may have also felt tied or weighted down by something. Saturn is preparing to leave your sign in March 2023, so Saturn will be busy completing any lessons and helping ensure you have learned all you need to learn! As you wrap up these lessons, you may feel a little depleted and in need of rest. The holiday season is generally busy, but you may find yourself wanting to retreat or spend some time alone. While this is fine, you are also a very social sign, and it’s important to get in that human interaction and connection. With the pandemic, many of us have been devoid of human connection for some time, so it’s really important to make that a priority for your overall well-being. You don’t have to overdo it, but put yourself out there and make it a point to balance socializing and alone time. The Capricorn New Moon on December 23, carries some healing energy that has the potential to be quite uplifting and inspiring. If you need to make amends or want to create a deeper connection with those around you, this New Moon will be extra supportive. Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is very active under this New Moon. Chiron reminds us that even though we have wounds, even though we carry traumas, even though we are not perfect, we can still lead the life of our dreams. Chiron has learned the art of taking its wounds and turning them into powerful portals of healing, wisdom, and inspiration for others. Chiron knows some wounds cut so deep they can never heal, but instead of letting this hold him back, he has learned to use them to fuel his passions and purpose, and to give back. Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on December 29 until January 18, joining Mars, which also happens to be retrograde until January 12. Both Mercury and Mars in retrograde as we transition into 2023 may create some sluggish, confusing, and heavy energy. We may not be able to think as clearly or communicate to the best of our ability. We may also feel confused about how to proceed with something. Mercury and Mars in retrograde, beckon us to go back to the past. Past experiences and the wisdom of our past will be our guide. Our intuition can also be heightened with all this retrograde energy, so be sure to listen if something doesn’t feel right. Having patience and taking your time are also going to be good strategies here if you are unsure of how to proceed. The Full Moon on January 6, carries some emotional energy. Your attention may turn to family matters or having to be there for someone you love. This Full Moon can also stir financial or legal issues that need to be addressed. Even though there may be some emotion attached to this, see if you can approach things from a balanced mindset, where you are following your heart but also looking at the facts. And again, take your time if you can. Don’t be in a rush if you don’t have to be. Often when we jump ahead into something with lots of retrograde energy around, we have to eventually go back and readdress or sort something out that we missed or didn’t fully recognize the first time. As the Sun prepares to leave Capricorn, it is moving into your sign! You may begin feeling things wrapping up or coming to a completion point in some way. Once the Sun is in your corner, the focus will shift and things will be a lot lighter! You have lots to look forward to in the new year, so continue putting in the hard work of growth and learning, for you will be rewarded!


The Capricorn New Moon on December 23 carries soft, healing vibrations, reminding you that you are whole just as you are. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. It is through its wounds and traumas that Chiron has learned to be a force of healing, inspiration, and compassion for others. Through Chiron’s wounds and insecurities, he has found his highest purpose and calling. Some wounds cut so deep that they can never really leave us, but this does not need to prevent us from living a full and wholesome life. Chiron’s energy offers us this perspective, and as it will be strong under the New Moon, you can really benefit from this. You can benefit from breathing in Chiron’s energy and feeling in to just how worthy and deserving you are! If you have wounds and insecurities that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, this New Moon will offer inspiration and support to seek help and guidance. There are many ways this help and guidance may come, so stay open and see what you feel drawn to explore. As we wrap up 2022 and head into 2023, some sluggish energy is around. This is due to Mars and Mercury both being in retrograde. Mars has been retrograde since October, so this is not a new energy, but Mercury will join in on December 29, creating a slow-down effect. Mars Retrograde can sometimes create this feeling of one step forward, two steps back, and with Mercury also in the mix, it can amplify this energy. Mars will leave retrograde on January 12 and Mercury on January 18, so this energy is short-lived, but it is worth noting. With both these planets in retrograde, the key will be reflection, relaxation, and looking back to the past for clues on how to move forward. With all this retrograde energy, it’s the Universe’s way of slowing us down and getting us to think about our past before moving forward. The past has stories to tell, and there is something we need to take away from it. You may find past issues or thoughts of the past creeping back into your awareness around this time. Alternatively, you may just feel a little lethargic and need to rest and recharge your batteries. If you feel unclear on something or uncertain about how to proceed, know that this, too, is a sign to pause and go within. Once these planets are moving direct again, greater clarity will arrive. One of the positives of all this retrograde energy, however is that it is highly creative! If you can stop the mindless chatter in your head, this can be a highly creative and even ingenious time for you. Use this retrograde energy to explore creative avenues that have felt a little daunting, or simply use creativity as a form of therapy. You are generally good with going with the flow, so relax into all this energy and try not to push or force yourself to take on too much. The January 6th Full Moon in Cancer carries some sensitive and emotional energies. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, this Full Moon may give you no choice but to slow down and rest. Looking after your inner and outer well-being will be important at this time. This Full Moon will also encourage you to bring lightness into your being. When was the last time you made play a priority? Finding time to play, explore, and do things that fill you up is important, so use this Full Moon as your inspiration. 2023 is a year of planning and preparing for you. There will be a lot happening behind the scenes and a lot of inner work to do, but this will lead you to a higher calling and a higher purpose. You will feel more connected to your soul path and more aligned with where you are heading!

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