Chiron Direct and the Spiritual Significance of 12/12/19

chiron 12/12 meaning

On December 12, 2019, we have a number of cosmic events taking place.

Some of us in the world, depending on our time zone, will experience the last Full Moon of the year. Moments after this, Chiron, the asteroid associated with healing will also turn direct after being retrograde since July. 

All of this unfolding on the already potent 12/12 makes it a stand out day in the month and a powerful day for healing, and ritual work.

While it is always good to do this work, choosing cosmically potent days like this can enhance the effects and quality of your work. They also allow you to work in harmony with the Universe thereby adding potency to the process.

Here are a few ways you can use the energy of Chiron, the Moon, and 12/12:

Chiron Direct on 12/12

Chiron is an asteroid known as the “wounded healer” and is currently moving through the zodiac sign of Aries

Regardless of our sign, we all have the ability to tap into this energy, especially on 12/12 as Chiron stations direct.

Anytime a planet stations, which happens when it starts and ends its retrograde, it is the most potent and we tend to feel the energies more strongly. 

It is on these pivotal days that we can really harness and lessons that are being sent our way if we only stop and pay attention.

While everyone will feel this energy differently, here are some universal themes that Chiron is guiding us to work on in this placement in Aries:

1.) Our physical health and wellbeing: Chiron rules over healing, and Aries rules over the head. We may need to pay attention to illnesses involving the head, sinuses or eyes and to look deeper to ensure we are taking care of ourselves and listening to the wisdom of our body.

2.) Our mental health and wellbeing: Chiron in Aries wants us to become authentic leaders of our own lives. It wants us to be proactive and to step out of the victim mindset. If we haven’t been doing this, we may receive a wake-up call or we may find that our thoughts around a particular situation or belief start to change.

3.) Our emotional well being: Chiron in Aries wants us to stand up for ourselves! If we have been failing to do so, or need to set some boundaries, issues in these areas may present themselves. This energy may also awaken old anger and push it to the surface for clearing.

4.) Our spiritual wellbeing: Chiron in Aries will be guiding us to ask- “Who am I?”We may have to get real with ourselves on a deeper level and to figure out if our motivation for doing something is aligned with the person we want to be.

5.) Our soul wellbeing: Chiron in Aries will be guiding us to reach levels of self-acceptance like never before. We all have wounds, we have all experienced traumas, and reaching a level of acceptance with this and knowing that despite it all we can still be whole, is the path to healing under this energy.

Do any of these themes or lessons stand out to you at this time?

There is strong potential for us to experience a breakthrough at this time on areas of healing that we have been working on. With the Full Moon vibes lingering too, we may experience a release or a letting go that allows us to take our healing to the next level.

If you are feeling frustrated, run-down, or plagued with obsessive or anxious thinking, you can use this energy to do some release work, to focus on self-care, or to reach out to a friend or professional for support.

You are not alone in your healing journey. Sometimes just taking that first step to reach out can be the hardest and scariest part. 

You can read more on Chiron’s Retrograde journey and Chiron in Aries here and here. 

Spiritual Significance of 12/12/19

On the 12th day of the 12th month of the year, the powerful numerology code of 1212 is activated, helping to raise the frequency of our light body, access high realms of consciousness, and bring a sense of completion to a greater cycle.

12 is a powerful number in numerology that represents wholeness and completion.

We have 12 months in the year, and 12 signs in the zodiac, and it is only once we have experienced all twelve of these states, that we can gain a bigger picture perspective and understanding as to where we have been.

Sometimes, it is only when we reach the end of a cycle, that we can really begin to understand the journey.

The awareness of the bigger picture and this sense of completion is the energy that number 12 holds, but on the 12th day of the 12th month, this energy magnifies.

This is even more so in 2019, as we have the Gemini Full Moon and Chiron moving direct all happening on 12/12 as well.

Full Moons have the power to illuminate things and Chiron moving direct will help us to experience breakthroughs on our healing journey.

We will be able to see the bigger picture with more clarity and feel a sense of wholeness in regards to where we stand and the journey we have traveled.

As 2019 is a number 3 year, 12/12 also holds the numerology code of 333 as well.

333 is an angel number that represents expressing our truth, being honest with ourselves and others, and communicating what we are really thinking and feeling.

333 can also carry a similar vibration to the number 9 which is a number of completion and endings.

It seems we are really going to be able to use this energy to connect with our truth in a way that brings healing, release, and closure.

On 12/12, we can also raise our energy field and activate our light body or personal Merkaba with more ease. This allows us to view the events of our lives from a higher state of awareness.

You can read more about 12/12 and the Merkaba here.

To experiment with this energy for yourself, try this meditation exercise below.

If there is something you are looking to gain clarity on feel free to journal about it after this meditation, or pay attention to your dreams or signs from the Universe to see if any further insights come your way.

1212 Meditation Exercise for Raising and Expanding your Energy Field:

1.) Lay down flat on the floor or sit upright in lotus position.

2.) Close your eyes and take 12 deep breaths to settle your mind.

3.) Visualize the top half of your body (from your knees up) surrounded in the light of a beautiful pyramid. See that pyramid pointing up into the heavens and connecting your body with the higher realms.

4.) Once that visual is strong in your mind, visualize another pyramid on the lower half of your body pointing down towards mother earth. Visualize the light of this pyramid surrounding the lower half of your body and connecting you to the planet.

5.) Once this pyramid visual is strong, sit with it for 12 breaths.

6.) When ready, imagine the top pyramid slowing starting to spin in a clockwise direction and the bottom pyramid slowly starting to spin in a counter-clockwise direction.

7.) Keep this visual going and just observe any feelings or sensations that arise in your body. Stay here for 21 breaths or for as long as you feel is necessary.

8.) When ready to close the meditation, stop the pyramids from spinning and see the light of the pyramids getting smaller and moving closer into your body until your body completely absorbs the light.

9.) Take 12 deep breaths here and begin gently wiggling your toes and fingers.

10.) Once you are ready, stand up and shake out your body. Drink a glass of water to help cleanse and balance your energy out.

Happy 12/12!

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