February Lunar Eclipse Ritual for Peaceful Purging

february eclipse ritual

Eclipse season is always a powerful and potent time of year. Generally there are two Eclipse seasons in a year and each follow a theme or pattern. This theme or pattern can sometimes last for years and can bring about valuable life changing lessons.

Out of all the cosmic forces in the sky, the Moon is one of the most powerful. In fact, some people even resonate more with their Moon sign than they do their Sun sign.

If the Moon is powerful enough to effect an entire ocean, just think about what it can do to our own bodies and energy, especially seeing as we are predominantly water as well.

The Moon holds many mysteries and secrets and as it moves from New to Full you may be able to feel the subtle energies playing out in your life. There is nothing subtle about an Eclipse however, and this energy is likely to bring massive changes and a new wave of energy.

Eclipses open a portal into a new energetic pathway, so it is important to take advantage of them when they do arrive.

The upcoming February Lunar Eclipse of 2017 is the perfect time to start thinking about the new. It is the perfect time to start peacefully purging your life so you can welcome in a new gateway of energy.

This February Eclipse is very harmonious and helpful and indicates a time of powerful release and purging. It is time to create space in your life so you can welcome in the new. It is time to purge all that is no longer serving you, so you can make room for more of what is serving you.

If you are already feeling these energies, it may be the perfect time to think about creating a ritual.

Here is an Eclipse Ritual for Peaceful Purging-

Note: You can do this Ritual on the Eclipse or leading up to the Eclipse. Eclipse energy lingers so you can really do this ritual within two weeks either side of the Eclipse, which is February 10th or 11th depending on your time zone. You can also follow these steps over the course of a few days.

Step 1: Begin with the Physical Purge

It is time to clear the cupboards; spring cleaning has come early. Go through each room in your house and start clearing space. Remove objects that are no longer serving you or that you no longer use. Clean away any clutter and focus on creating space. Here is a more detailed clutter cleansing guide to help with this step.

Step 2: Move onto a Mental Purge

Sometimes the most effective purging can be from the thoughts in our mind. Start by making a list of all the thought processes that are no longer serving you or are causing you to feel stuck. Perhaps make a list of all the things you would like to change in your life, whether they are thoughts or something else. Get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper. Here are two resources to help with this step- clearing stuck thoughts and losing attachments to stories. Once you have written down all the things you need to mentally purge, fold your list up and get prepared to purge…(more on this later).

Step 3: Move onto a Spiritual Purge

Now that you have mentally and physically purged your space, it is time to spiritually or energetically cleanse your aura and your space. Start by using sage, essential oils or bells to cleanse your aura and then move onto your space. This will help to purify your energy and the energy of your surroundings so you can welcome in the new. You can read more about how to do this here- cleanse your aura and cleanse your space.

Step 4: Create a Ceremony

Once you have done the first three steps, you are ready to create your ceremony. Here is what you will need:

  • White Candle
  • Favorite crystal
  • Small bowl of water
  • List of mental items to purge from Step 2
  • Bells or singing bowls or wind chimes

1.) Find a quiet place and set up your ceremony with all the items laid out in front of you. Light the candle and begin by setting an intention. There is no right or wrong here, but you can try something like this- “I am ready to release and purge all of that no longer serves me in a peaceful and gentle way, I am ready to welcome in the new and I create space in my life to welcome in the new.”

2.) Take your crystal and begin to gently rub it between your hands, this will help to charge the crystal up with your energy. You can even repeat the intention again into the crystal.

3.) Take a deep, long breath in and out and then take your paper of things to purge. Begin tearing it into strips. Every time you tear it into strips, imagine your worries being released to the heavens. Once you have all the strips in front of you, very carefully light each strip on fire using the candle. Once the paper gets too hot to hold, place into the bowl of water. Please be careful! The paper does not have to be burned the whole way, this is just more symbolic.

4.) Once each strip as been burned, ring the bell or signing bowl or whatever musical instrument you have three times. Sit and breathe through each ring.

5.) Close your ceremony by giving thanks to all the lessons you have had and the new journey that is getting ready to unfold. You can even end on something like this- “I trust the Divine Universe to lead me where I need to go and to guide me to the next right step for me. I am open and space has been created for the new and I welcome it with open arms.”

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