How to Clear Energy Blocks

how to clear energy blocks

Do you feel?

  • Tired or lethargic
  • Stuck or restricted
  • Negative or self-destructive thoughts
  • Unmotivated or lacking direction
  • Easily triggered by others emotions or reactions
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Pain or aches, particularly in the back and shoulders
  • Weakened immunity
  • Stress and anxiety
  • A lack of energy or constantly hungry
  • An inability to make a decision
  • Your libido is weak or insatiable
  • Irritability or erratic emotions
  • Constipation or digestive issues
  • A tendency to repeat the same mistakes
  • Ascension symptoms

These are all signs of energy blocks which can manifest in the body due to stress, fear, negative thinking and illness.

All through our bodies we have a network of energy channels that move from the top of our head down to the bottom of our toes and up again.

This energy system is responsible for making us feel vital and healthy, not just on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

This energy is sometimes referred to as Chi or Prana and is the driving life force of our body. In fact, it is believed that blockages in the flow of energy can manifest as disease.

There are 7 main energy centers of the body. These energy centers are known as Chakras and are responsible for delivering energy into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The chakras run from the crown of the head to the base of the navel and service different parts of the body.

Energy that comes in from the crown of the head floats down and out of the feet and energy that comes up from the base of the navel flows up and out of the head.

When this ebb and flow of energy is moving at a high vibration or optimum level it can manifest as:

  • Complete well-being
  • Feeling peaceful and calm
  • Being One with the Universe
  • Feeling in-sync with life and your purpose
  • Feeling full of energy
  • Feeling confident in decision making
  • Feeling very creative or inspired
  • Feeling balanced in all areas
  • Feeling positive and self-loving thoughts
  • Having a strong intuition
  • Being compassionate
  • Strong physical health

Blocks in our energetic pathways or chakras seem to be a part of modern life, so it is important to take time to clear these blocks so the energy can flow again. Some blocks may be harder than others to remove, but here are some DIY guidelines:

Tai Chi / Yoga/ Exercise

Moving your body is a great way to get energy flowing through again. Yoga and Tai Chi are particularly good as they focus on moving stagnant energy through and out of the body.


Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and to clear any mental or emotional blocks that may be present. By stilling and calming your mind you create more space for energy to flow.

Mantras/ Affirmations

Reciting a positive mantra or affirmation is a great way to restore your energy and raise your vibration. When you focus your attention on loving thoughts your energy responds in kind. See here for some positive mantras.

Crystals and Himalayan Salt

Crystals and certain salts hold cleansing powers that can help move stuck energy and increase the overall flow of energy. Place them on your chakras and visualise them clearing and restoring the flow of energy. You can read more here about using crystals for healing.

Reiki / Energy Healing

Energy healers work with the energetic body to help clear out any blockages, stagnancy or leaky energy. They usually do this by placing their hands a few inches away from your body while moving around your energy around accordingly.


The needles used in acupuncture are believed to help release blocked energy and to restore equilibrium to the Chi. Acupuncturists refer to the energy channels as meridians and place needles along these points in order to shift or move energy.

Detoxing/ Organic Foods

Eating a healthy organic diet that is free from processed foods is a great way to restore your energy and vitality. Food also has its own energy field and organic food has been shown to have a strong energy field, whereas processed or microwaved food has literally no energy field.


Spending time in nature is a great way to restore and harmonise your energy. Trees and plants all have strong, healing vibrations that can help fine-tune your bodies own energy pathways.

These are just a few ways you can help clear energy blocks and restore equilibrium to your body.

True wellness is not just the absence of physical disease, it is also feeling strong and optimum on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

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