Intuitive Astrology: The Saturn Neptune Square 2016

saturn neptune square astrology 2016

The Saturn-Neptune Square went into full energetic effect around November 26, 2015 and since then we may have all been feeling the shifts of this aspect.

Neptune is all about illusions, dreams and creativity. When Neptune energy is near, often we feel inspired, creative and are drawn to all things spiritual. Neptunian energy can also paint our world with rose-colored glasses, making it hard to see the real truth of a situation.

Saturn on the other hand is all about rules and boundaries. Without Saturn nothing would ever get done. He gives us the drive and determination to succeed and also requires that we pay attention to the rules and regulations of society in order to do so. When Saturn energy is near, often we feel called to take on more responsibility and face the consequences or rewards of our decisions. Saturn can also color our reality in black and white, helping us to see things logically and straight to the point.

When Saturn and Neptune come together in the sky, Saturn challenges the dreamy visions of Neptune and forces us to see the reality. The rosy colors painted by Neptune suddenly melt away and we are left feeling confused and uncertain of what and who to trust.

It’s almost like the combination of Neptune and Saturn change the colors of the world around us into a grey, cloud like mush, which causes us to feel uncertain of our path forward and uncertain of how to take action.

Navigating through Neptune and Saturn together can sometimes feel like walking through a thick blanket of fog where the only thing we have is to guide us is our connection with ourselves, our heart and our intuition.

Saturn and Neptune can also expose lies, secrets of the past and the true motivation of those around you. In fact, you may have been seeing this manifest in your own life since November of 2015.

The next significant date for the Saturn-Neptune Square is June 18th, 2016 and around this time you may start to see more of this energy unfold.

Be prepared to have your rose colored glasses knocked off and the truth revealed to you. Be prepared to face reality and the truth of your decisions. Be prepared to break down barriers of judgement that are causing you to see everything in just black and white.

When Saturn and Neptune join forces in the sky, they also help us to balance both our spiritual and creative energy with the energy of groundedness and responsibility.

In fact, Saturn and Neptune working together can help us to take our more spiritual and creative ideas and bring more structure and planning to them.

This energy allows us to dip our toes in both the material and spiritual worlds, which can be the perfect recipe for manifestation work, for creating spiritual or creative businesses and for learning how to integrate spiritual practices into daily life.

Saturn and Neptune can also cause us to question our path, our purpose and what we truly believe. We may also feel drawn to go on our own spiritual journey and seek answers for ourselves.

Saturn and Neptune will also be helping us to break away from old beliefs and thought systems that have been clouding our judgement and stopping us from moving forward.

We will also be encouraged to break away from seeing things the way we want to see them and instead we will be encouraged to look deeper into the truth.

As we start to embrace this energy, we are all going to be given a new awareness that will help us look at things in a more meaningful and inspiring way.

In fact, the pictures and colors all around us are going change from either the rosy colored Neptunian way or the black and white Saturn way, into vivd, bright colours that allow us to see things from a new, fresh perspective.

To navigate through the Saturn-Neptune Square successfully, it is important that we stay open minded and try not to rush forward in making decisions, especially if things look foggy.

The main lesson with Saturn and Neptune is to be patient, trust our instincts and to be open to seeing and experiencing the truth.

The final significant date for the Saturn-Neptune square will be September 10, 2016 and at this time, most of us will be wrapping up the final lessons of this aspect.

As the months progress, try to pay attention to both the energy of Saturn and Neptune and see where you may have to change the colors of your world.

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