Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius Full Moon July 2021

aquarius full moon july 2021

On July 23-24, 2021, we reach the peak of the lunar cycle with a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

This is actually one of two Aquarius Full Moons we will experience, as next month, we will also have another Aquarius Full Moon.

Having two Aquarian Full Moons back to back indicates that these Moons will work in harmony with one another. We may find that whatever is stirred for us at this Full Moon will be linked to the next Full Moon come August 22.

Having two Full Moons in Aquarius within a calendar year also puts an emphasis on this sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is an air sign that is represented by the water bearer.

The water bearer has the gift of being able to collect water, which signifies the emotions of the world, in its vessel and transmute them using the power of air. The water bearer is then able to pour them back down to the world, bringing a shift in consciousness.

It is this nourishing act that gives Aquarian energy a natural healing quality, and one that we can connect with on this July Full Moon. This is especially true because Chariklo, the Asteroid of Spirit Medicine is also active at this time.

Chariklo represents the spiritual side of our healing journey. It allows us to venture into unseen worlds to understand the higher purpose and spiritual growth that can occur when we find ourselves in a healing crisis.

Chariklo is currently in the sign of Aquarius and conjunct this Full Moon, adding a soothing and healing vibration. If we do find ourselves walking a healing journey of sorts, Chariklo in Aquarius beckons us to think about the spiritual side of our healing.

How can we understand things from the lens unseen? How can we choose to take what has transpired or whatever we are healing, and use it as fuel for our spiritual journey?

Chariklo mixed with this Aquarian Full Moon energy is also supportive of seeking alternative healing methods, particularly those that happen on an energetic level.

Working with crystals, energy healing, reiki, channeling, vibrational medicines, and alternative therapies are all likely to bring enhanced benefits under this Full Moon.

While the July Full Moon offers support on our spiritual healing journey, there is also some strong transformative energy present due to the location of Pluto.

Pluto is also very active on this Full Moon and represents the process of change, or death and rebirth. Full Moons tend to bring endings and completion, so we may find the “death” phase of Pluto’s energy more prevalent at this time.

What needs to fall away? What do we need to let go of in order to experience the rebirth that is waiting for us?

You may feel the desire to release something from your life under this Full Moon, or perhaps you may start to receive intuitive whispers about some changes that need to be made.

If these changes feel intangible at the time of this Full Moon, don’t worry, for the next Aquarius Full Moon come August may help you to see things with greater clarity.

Change is in the air under this Full Moon, and it’s likely that we will be called to shift direction, or perhaps morph and rebirth an area of our life that is no longer working for us.

You can be proactive with this energy by using the Full Moon to think about where you would like to see some changes. You don’t have to have all the answers, but keeping an open mind and staying curious to new possibilities is a good way to approach this energy.

Aquarian energy is revolutionary and likes to do things differently. It encourages us to step outside the box and to turn things upside down and back to front in order to find a new and better way.

Embrace this quality when it comes to your life. See how you can break free from any old habits or rigid ideas and practices, and find a new way of seeing or doing things.

Aquarian energy is very much centered around freedom too, so this Full Moon may inspire us to shift and let go of things that make us feel stuck or trapped in some way.

Under the light of the Full Moon, ask yourself- How can I bring more lightness and ease into my life? What do I need to let go of in order to achieve this? See what inspiration follows.

While the July Full Moon may stir the winds of change, as it fades, we should find ourselves feeling lighter and freer. We may feel like we have more guidance and support to lift something that has been weighing heavy on our shoulders.

If you are looking to do some energy healing work of any kind, the Aquarius Full Moon will also be a huge support. Schedule a reiki session, go to a sound bath, practice some yoga, do whatever you feel guided to nurture your Spirit.

Your Aquarius Full Moon Ritual for July 2021 is here

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