Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius Super Full Moon August 2022

aquarius full moon astrology 2022

Bring your mind back to June 14, do you remember what may have been stirring for you under the glow of that Super Full Moon?

Since June, we have been working with a lineup of three Super Full Moons, and now we arrive at the third and final Super Full Moon of the year on August 11.

Reaching this point on our journey may bring a feeling of culmination or closure. If you can identify something that was stirring for you back in June, you may find now that in August, you are reaching the end point of this journey or are at a point where a decision needs to be made.

Full Moons, but especially Super Full Moons, are always bringing to our attention what needs to be released from our lives. They bring our awareness to all that must be stripped away to keep us evolving and moving higher on our path.

August’s Full Moon falls in the air sign of Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer. The water bearer is a symbol of healing and transmutation. It has the gift of collecting “water”- the emotional, psychic energy of the world around us, in its vessel and clearing it using the power of the breath before returning it to the Earth.

As Aquarian energy will beam strong under this Full Moon, we can use it to connect with the gift of the water-bearer. We can use the power of our breath to transform dense, heavy, negative, or grief-stricken energies around us into something lighter, hopeful, and more loving.

Allow compassion to radiate from your heart during this time. Allow the August Full Moon to keep you feeling full and your heart overflowing with the love you have received and will continue to receive.

As the last Super Moon of the year, the August Full Moon may also bring us closure or guide us to finally reach a decision point on our journey. We may now know exactly which way we need to turn. We may now know which way we need to travel in order to reach our chosen destination.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma is very active under this Full Moon. Whenever Saturn is active, it can press on us to take greater responsibility for our actions and to ensure we are moving in accordance with our higher self.

If any actions you are taking are not in alignment with your soul, or if you are forgoing some of your responsibilities, this Full Moon may bring this information into your awareness.

The lessons that Saturn brings can sometimes be harsh, but they always bring opportunities for greater growth. With Saturn, as long as you are willing to show up, do the work, and take ownership over the direction of your life, it will lend its support and help you to reach heights you never dreamed you could. When you do the work that Saturn puts in front of you, it can bring success, honors, and rewards.

The August Full Moon is also closely connected with the Uranus North Node conjunction, which is a major cosmic energy we are working with all through the month.

This cosmic energy is set to shake things up and bring instability to the things that we once considered stable. This is happening on more of a global level than a personal one and may activate issues around farming, agriculture, natural resources, and finance.

We have already seen a lot of issues unfolding in these areas, but the Uranus North Node conjunction will continue to reveal things, helping us to ultimately make sustainable, longterm changes that will hopefully push us to a higher state of our collective destiny!

On a personal level, the Full Moon triggering the Uranus North Node energies may get us thinking about what we can truly rely on and how to navigate any sense of instability that may have cropped up in our lives. We may need to change our ways to adapt or decide if we really want to continue on the path we are traveling.

You can dive deeper into the Uranus North Node energies here, but ultimately this Full Moon will act as a catalyst to help bring more of this energy into our awareness and into the fabric of our greater society.

The combination of energy stirred under this August Full Moon has the potential to make it feel like a bit of a harsh one.

With Saturn and the Uranus North Node conjunction triggered, we may feel a bit heavy, or extra sensitive and emotional. In fact, when Saturn energy is strong, we can often feel smothered or stifiled. And when Uranus energy is strong, we can often feel unsettled, uneasy, or have this looming sense that change is on the way. The Moon then acts as an amplifier of our emotions, supercharging all of these feelings.

The best way to navigate through all of this energy is to remember the healing gifts that Aquarius can bring. Remember that we hold the power in our breath to regulate our mind, body, and emotions.

We have no control over what happens in the world around us, we have no control over the events that unfold, but we do have control over how we choose to show up, how we choose to handle things, and what we choose to give our energy to.

Make a conscious decision under this Full Moon to give your energy to all that fills you up. Make a conscious decision to choose to see things in a way that both honors your truth and brings peace. Allow your heart to radiate like the Moon, big, bright, and Full.

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