Intuitive Astrology: August Full Moon 2016

astrology august full moon 2016

The August 18th Full Moon in Aquarius is getting ready to bring about the end of a cycle that started back in March 2016.

This cycle would have impacted everyone differently but at the root of it all, this cycle was about clearing out the old so the new could emerge.

In many ways, this cycle was about combing through the cobwebs of your past to breakdown what is serving you and what is holding you back.

This would have been felt most strongly through the retrograde energy, which was at its peak from April to July.

During this time you would have been guided by the Universe to go within and really work out what it is that you truly desire for yourself.

You may have also discovered that your body was extremely sensitive during this time and may have started speaking or communicating with you through physical symptoms.

This cycle may have also presented fears that needed to be released and creative insights or energy that needed to be explored.

As you can see, there has been so much unfolding through this amazing cycle, but now it is time to say goodbye to this energy and welcome in the new.

For much of the year it may have felt like you were taking one step forward and ten steps back. You may have felt like you weren’t really getting anywhere or that you had no desire to make changes.

All of this is falling away now and the August Full Moon will bring one of the most climactic endings to this cycle.

Whatever this cycle needed to teach you, whatever lessons or journey you have been on since March, will finally come to a head on the Full Moon.

During this time you may feel a sense of completion or a desire to wrap up lose ends. You may even receive some sort of closure that you have been looking for since earlier this year.

August’s Full Moon is extremely potent and will be illuminating all of the lessons that you have needed to learn on your journey so far.

It will also help to bring forth a powerful realisation and feeling of gratitude about just how far you have come and where you are heading.

Old patterns and habits that no longer serve you will be swept away, and the Universe will be gearing you up to launch into a new cycle.

After the Full Moon, the sacred bridge or portal between the old and the new is going to open.

During this time it will be up to you to think about what energy you want to take into the new cycle and what you want to leave behind.

Do you need to repeat some lessons or are you officially done with them and ready to move on?

There is no right or wrong here, it is whatever you feel in your heart. So follow your intuition and wisdom and be fearless in letting go.

The more you can embrace the changing energy, release your fears and old ways of thinking, the further forward you will travel.

The time to release the past is here and the more you stay stuck in old thoughts and patterns, the harder it will be for you to cross this bridge.

Emotions may also be bubbling on the night of the Full Moon due to its potency. This is a very strong Full Moon due to the fact that it has mild eclipse-like energy.

Some astrologers call August’s Full Moon a partial eclipse because it is not strong enough to cast a shadow, but it does have a very similar potency to a regular eclipse.

Lunar eclipses are really just Full Moon energy times ten, so think of August’s Full Moon as being this energy times five.

When lunar energy is this strong, the good news is that the Universe makes it pretty obvious about which direction you need to turn.

As long as you stay open and surrender to the Universe, you will be guided as to the perfect direction.

In many ways, you will already know the perfect direction as you have been leading up to this moment since March.

Don’t hold back now, the time has come to release your fears and any old, outdated habits that you no longer need. The time has come for you to shed that old, heavy coat you have been wearing and step into the new.

Leading into the end of August we are also going to be entering into a Mercury Retrograde cycle. This is going to give us the time we need to adjust and welcome in the new energy that September is going to bring us.

If you need to take action on something, do so now. The Universe is ready and waiting. The manifestation potential this month is very high, so get creating!

Overall, August’s Full Moon is potent, positive and will be helping all of us to celebrate and feel gratitude for where we have been and where we are heading.

Want more? Check out my article on Huffington Post- August Full Moon 2016: Endings and New Beginnings 

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