Intuitive Astrology: Cancer Solar Eclipse June Solstice 2020

cancer solar eclipse june 2020

Take a deep breath.

Breathe in to this moment, to this time.

Breathe in to the winds of change that have graced your life. They have been harsh, but they have also been helping to open you, to deepen you, and enrich your life.

The June 20-21st New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is the most powerful of the year. This is because it falls just moments after the Solstice at zero degrees of Cancer.

Zero degrees of any zodiac sign is powerful as it represents the field of infinite possibilities, but zero degrees of Cancer also happens to be the Global Axis, a highly charged point in the cosmic skies.

Having a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the Global Axis indicates an opening of a new timeline, a new world, and a new dimension of being.

It represents a point in our history, but also in our hearts, where a new world has dawned.

This is powerful energy that doesn’t just come and go on the day of this Eclipse. We feel it building before and, we feel it building for a long time after.

In fact, the steps and choices we make around this Eclipse have the potential to last for many years to come.

Through downloads I have received around this Solar Eclipse, I have seen that a new book, a new record is being written. It’s almost like planet Earth as a collective has finished one journey and is ready to start a new one.

It feels like big shifts are coming as we wrap up this old world and head into a new one, but we are ready. We have been preparing for this, and now the time has come. 

On this new journey that is slowly unfolding, more people will begin to awaken and tap into abilities they never knew they had. The discovery of these abilities will help to shift and change how we approach things as a society.

While we will feel this on an individual level, there is a greater sense here that this more about the collective and the journey of the planet as a whole.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse is an Annular Eclipse, which means that the Moon’s shadow will cover the center of the Sun, leaving a brilliant ring of fire.

This ring of fire is a symbol of creation but also destruction.

The dark shadow of the Moon represents the pains and struggles of the past but also a womb of infinite potential that is waiting to birth a new creation.

The ring of fire represents the fuel that is needed to birth this creation, but also the release that has to take place for this new creation be born.

Within all of us is this dark void, this blank slate of creation that is waiting to give rise to something new. But first, we must burn. We must melt away all that is no longer required.

This ring of fire Eclipse is like fuel for our soul purpose and our soul mission. 

Tune in to your desires, allow your inner fire and passion to lead you, and then set some intentions under this Eclipse.

Visualize what you would like to draw in to your life. Visualize what you want this new Earth to look like for everyone.

Peace, equality, justice, love, compassion, purpose, call it all in. Call in these powerful vibrations and allow them to be birthed inside of you for yourself and for all of humanity.

Imagine yourself as a vessel waiting to be filled while all around you, the old burns away.

There is no coincidence that this powerful Solstice Solar Eclipse comes right in the middle of two challenging Lunar Eclipses- the June 5th Sagittarius Eclipse and the July 4th Capricorn Eclipse.

Transformation and change is underway. We are simultaneously being shown what is possible and what is standing in our way.

Destruction may come, but as always, a rebirth will follow.

The Solstice and Cancer zodiac energy present adds to the heightened sensitivity of this Eclipse.

We may be feeling more intuitive and connected or we may be drawn to think about our feelings of safety, security, and comfort.

Cancer energy is all about feeling at home within the self, and learning to move through life connected to love and compassion.

We all deserve to feel at home inside ourselves but also on this planet too.

We all belong here, we all belong on this giant rock that is floating through the expansive, endless sky.

Cancer is the ruling sign of the Moon. The Moon is connected to creative, nurturing, intuitive energy, and perhaps this is where we need to focus our attention in our own lives.

The Moon is saying – hide no more for there is room for us all, there’s enough love for us all.

So, as we feel this potent Solar Eclipse brewing, be sure to give yourself love. Be sure to give others love. Recognize the healing that comes when you lead with love, not just for yourself but for others too.

The Cancer New Moon Solstice Solar Eclipse is a powerful one, but we still have one more Eclipse to go before we have a clearer understanding of what this Eclipse Gateway is destined to bring.

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