Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 2020

sagittarius lunar eclipse 2020

The Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5, will be guiding us to stand our ground, claim our power, and allow the voice of our inner fire to speak.

It is the first in a trio of Eclipses, and as we walk this Eclipse Gateway over the coming weeks, we will discover a new path emerging, one that is very different from the path we were walking before.

Lunar Eclipses are like heightened Full Moons that bring shift, change, and breakthroughs.

What’s interesting is that this Lunar Eclipse falls at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, which just happens to be the location of the Great Attractor.

The Great attractor is a little bit of a mystery, but our entire galaxy is being pulled in this direction.

As the name suggests, the Great Attractor signals a powerful point of attraction in the Universe that can supercharge the energy of this Eclipse.

Not only does this Lunar Eclipse fall on this highly charged point, but for those on Pacific Standard Time, this Eclipse also falls at the magical 12:12pm.

This is also the first Sagittarius Eclipse we have had since 2010-2013, which also indicates the start of a new Eclipse cycle.

For clues on what this new Eclipse cycle may stir in your life, think back to 2010-2013 and see what significant, life-changing events happened during this period.

It’s not that you will be repeating these events, but you may very well find yourself leveling up or transcending what you learned at this time and replacing it with some newer and more advanced wisdom.

But now, let’s take a deep dive into this June Sagitarrius Lunar Eclipse to see what it may bring…

A Lunar Eclipse has ten times the potential of Full Moon, and often clears a path that helps accelerate our soul journey.

We may receive some news that something in our life is coming to an end. Or, we may find that we are called to release and let go of something that we truly thought was serving us.

We may have thought we were going one way, but often an Eclipse comes along to reveal a whole new path.

As this Eclipse falls in Sagittarius, we are likely going to find ourselves clearing thoughts, beliefs, and ideas in order to prepare for this new journey that is yet to unfold.

Under this Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, the planet Mars will also be very active.

Mars is the warrior, which is why this Eclipse very much plays into this idea of finding our inner warrior and inner flame, and allowing it to shine.

Emotions may be heated, but we have to learn to listen to ourselves. We have to learn to listen to our anger and frustration for there is wisdom to gain.

If we allow ourselves to sit in our emotions, we are likely to have a breakthrough. If we allow ourselves to feel our anger or feel the intensity of our emotions, we are likely to find the truth of what is bubbling underneath the surface.

All the voices you carry within you deserve to be heard. Sometimes we work so hard to silence the voice of shame or guilt or anger, but there is also a power in learning to stop and listen to what it’s saying.

If we constantly dismiss the harder or more abrasive thoughts and feelings when they arise, we never really get to understand them.

It’s not that we want to sit in our anger forever or allow our inner voice to become drowned by negative talk, but we also don’t want to ignore these voices and push them away.

We want to listen to them and discover what they really mean. We want to hug each and every one of them, and see the value in what they have to share and offer.

When we listen to ourselves; when we really take the time to go within and listen, we catch things we may have otherwise missed. We learn things about ourselves, and we open to a new truth.

It is not just our love and light that can teach us, but our pain, anger, jealousy, and resentment too.

These emotions are uncomfortable, and no one wants to feel this way, but it is so much a part of our human experience, and we can no longer ignore them or wish them away with false thinking.

We have to listen, find the jewels of wisdom that they offer, and then let them go.

We cannot rush this process. We cannot just let it go because it’s uncomfortable. We have to sit with it first. We have to own all of it. Claim all of it. And allow ourselves to rise with it so we can understand what is fanning our flames.

What ignites you? What gets you mad and angry? What fires you up is a clue to your power and your purpose.

For me, my anger often stems from disregarding my feelings in favor of what others think, or disregarding my feelings in order to play nice. This is very often at the root of my anger.

This realization only came once I sat with my anger. This realization now lets me know where I need to focus my attention and not give my power away.

This June Eclipse may also be stirring things in our relationships as Retrograde Venus is very active too.

If you have been having doubts about a relationship or feeling uncertain, this Eclipse may start answering your questions.

There is an illuminating factor to this Eclipse, so if you do have questions, if you have been feeling confused, set an intention and allow this Eclipse to show you the way.

Allow it to illuminate and bring you to the path that is best for your soul.

This Sagittarius Eclipse will work in harmony with the next two Eclipses, so there is more to the journey that will unfold.

By the time we have finished walking through this gateway of Eclipses, we are going to feel reborn.

We may enter this gateway feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure, but we will leave it with a clearer knowing, a stronger sense of our destiny, and more connected to our personal power.

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