Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Season 2021-2022

capricorn season 2022

Capricorn Season begins on the December 21st Solstice when the Earth reaches its most northerly or southerly point from the celestial equator. As the earth reaches this destination, we experience either the longest or shortest day of the year. It also signifies the start of either Winter or Summer.

In tropical astrology, the zodiac is always aligned with both the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and it’s no mistake that Capricorn season is used to mark the December Solstice.

Capricorn energy is ambitious, hard-working, and knows all about perseverance. Capricorn is also represented by the Sea-Goat, a mythical creature that can scale the highest mountains and swim to the bottom of the deepest oceans.

It is the strength that comes from the energy of Capricorn that helps us to navigate the rocky hills and rolling waves that greet us as we navigate through this life. It is the strength that comes from the energy of Capricorn that helps us to make it through the holiday season and give us the motivation for the new year.

Capricorn energy is practical. It gives us the gift of being able to see through the clutter and get to the root of things. While it can make things appear too black and white at times, it is this approach that is sometimes needed to get things done.

Regardless of your sign, you can use the energy of Capricorn Season to boost your motivation and endurance levels. You can do this by grounding your energy, spending time with the trees or in the mountains, or tackling a challenging project (you may just surprise yourself with what you can get done during Capricorn Season!).

The highlight for Capricorn Season 2021-2022 is Venus Retrograde which is taking place in this zodiac sign. Venus will spend an unusually long time in Capricorn, helping us to take a practical approach when it comes to love, relationships, and money.

We also experience the rebirth of Venus on January 8, which represents the rebirth or opening of a new layer of our heart energy. This is both on a personal level and on a collective level. You can read more on this and Venus Retrograde here.

Let’s now take a look at some of the other key astrological events taking place during Capricorn Season 2021-

Capricorn Season Astrology 2021

December 21- Sun enters Capricorn/ Solstice

Capricorn Season begins on the Solstice where we experience either the shortest or longest day of the year depending on which hemisphere of the world we live in. The Solstice is a time where the energy grid of the planet aligns, and we are able to tap into the healing, soothing, and restorative energies of Mother Earth with greater ease. To tap into this energy, spend time in nature or find a way to honor the elements with your own ritualistic practices. Here is a ritual idea.

December 23/24- Saturn Uranus Square

This has been a long-running feature of 2021 but will now peak as we wrap up the year. This energy may manifest as a push-pull between needing to set boundaries and needing to honor our freedoms. We may also experience a shift between the old and the new. Saturn wants us to honor the past but Uranus wants us to delve into the future and innovate. In order to navigate this energy, we have to take the wisdom of the past but now birth it into the new. We have to move with the times or risk getting left behind. You can read more here.

December 25- Venus Rx conjunct Pluto

Venus is traveling retrograde and will meet up with Pluto once again. Venus and Pluto have already met twice this year, and this is the third meeting. There will be another meeting in the new year too, creating a signature that the Universe wants us to pay attention to. Venus represents love, relationships, and money, whereas Pluto represents power. This dynamic may highlight imbalances in power when it comes to our relationships and money. Venus and Pluto can also create powerful love, or powerful feelings of love that can be expressed in both a healthy way but also an obsessive way. Under this energy, be mindful of where you are giving your power away and see if you can become aware of what people, activities, and ways of being allow you to feel the most empowered.

December 28- Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system so moving into a new zodiac sign always creates some strong ripples. Jupiter entered Pisces earlier in 2021, but then left and returned to Aquarius. Now, it is back in Pisces where it will remain for most of 2022. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance and Pisces is the zodiac related to higher consciousness, spirituality, and creativity. All these areas are likely to be highlighted for us in 2022. In fact, having Jupiter in Pisces is likely to stir more compassion in our hearts and to get us thinking about the bigger picture vision. Jupiter in Pisces is also strongly supportive of any creative or spiritual projects. If your Sun or Rising sign is Pisces, this is also a positive omen for abundance coming your way! You can read more on this here.

January 1- Welcome to 2022!

2022 is a number 6 year in numerology, which means our focus is going to turn to healing, releasing karmic patterns, and getting organized! This is a year where we may find ourselves thinking about the bigger picture, strengthening our spiritual connection, and focusing on ways to heal the things in our lives that feel broken or uneasy.

January 2- Capricorn New Moon

It’s the first New Moon of 2022 and it’s a perfect time to make some ambitious goals! This New Moon has got a lot of energy and drive behind it to help us dream big and aim high. This New Moon is great for making positive changes in our lives too, especially as Uranus, the planet of change will be in a harmonious position. Our relationships may be highlighted under this New Moon, especially as Venus will still be in retrograde. Know that whatever manifests is simply helping us to reach a deeper and more meaningful place of being. More to come on this New Moon so stay tuned!

January 8- Venus Rx Conjunct Sun

It is a special day in our cosmic skies when Retrograde Venus aligns with the Sun! This moment represents the rebirth of Venus, and the official start of Venus as a morning star. Venus can be seen shining brightly in both the morning and the evening at different times of year. As she moves from one state to the next, it represents a metamorphosis in our own heart energy field. Morning star Venus is all about new beginnings when it comes to love, relationships, and our attitudes towards money. If you have been moving through a challenging time in any of these areas, you may begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel from this point forward.

January 14- Mercury Retrograde

It seems we are being asked by the Universe to slow down and reflect, even though we are just getting things started! Mercury Retrograde is a time of reflection and to think about our mental health, thought processes, and how we are choosing to communicate with ourselves and others. During this time things can feel slow, and if we push too hard or too fast, we may find ourselves dealing with delays or mishaps. Under this energy, go with the flow. Try to clear what is on your plate before adding anything new. If you want to use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to explore your subconscious and work in the dream world, check out the online workbook – Mercury Retrograde and Dreams, which was created along with Dream Oracle, Holly Emmerson.

January 17- Cancer Full Moon

The first Full Moon of the year falls in the sensitive and loyal sign of Cancer. The Moon loves to be in the sign of Cancer, but there are other strong planetary energies brewing at this time that may make this Full Moon seem tricky or a little harsh. Something may suddenly exit from our lives or we may find that we have to make a change and let go of something to make way for the new. The energy of death and rebirth is strong under this Full Moon. In order to navigate through this energy, we need to remain loyal to the things that are important to us and to the calling of our own soul.

January 18- Uranus goes direct

Uranus emerges from the underworld, ready to begin a new chapter of its journey through Taurus. This is a subtle energy, but we may find that things we started back in August of 2021, begin sprouting in a new and even brighter direction. As Uranus stations direct we may also recognize themes relating to farming, the food industry, and the financial markets. Uranus is considered to hold a highly innovative and tech-savvy energy, so we may hear of some new inventions around this time. You can read more on Uranus’ Retrograde journey here.

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