Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Super New Moon December 2022

capricorn super new moon astrology 2022

The last New Moon of 2022 falls on December 23rd in the sign of Capricorn. There is a lot to unpack with this New Moon, and many of the energies around it seem to be a hint from the Universe about what to expect as we move into 2023.

At the time of this New Moon, the Moon will be extra close to Earth, making it a Super Moon. While we won’t see the New Moon, its closeness definitely means we will feel it!

The Capricorn New Moon also falls at one degree of the zodiac sign, a highly charged and karmic degree that indicates new beginnings and the start of a new chapter. It is interesting to note that this was a theme for last month’s New Moon and will continue for the next three New Moons to follow!

This is also the second Capricorn New Moon of 2022. The first we experienced back on January 2, right as the year was beginning. It seems the Capricorn Sea Goat was our guide as we entered the year and will be our guide as we exit it too.

The Sea Goat is a mythical creature that can swim to the depths of the seas and climb to the tallest mountains, giving it a unique perspective and wisdom that no other animal can compete with. But, the Sea Goat is also at a disadvantage. While it has a tail, it doesn’t have fins. While it has two front legs, it is missing its hind legs. All of this can make it extra challenging for the Sea Goat, but through learning and some persistence, it can embrace all the gifts life has to offer.

Perhaps the symbolism behind the Sea Goat has sparked something in you. Do you resonate with the lessons of the Sea Goat? Is there something you can take away from this story?

The Sea Goat reminds us that we are each unique and special beings. We all have our talents; we all have our skills, and when we learn to harness them, we can experience the rewards that they have to offer.

The Sea Goat cannot climb like his mountain goat brothers and sisters, and it cannot swim alongside the school of fish, but it can own its own body, its own talents, and its own power.

How can you step in and claim your power under the Capricorn New Moon? How can you rise up despite your perceived flaws and shortcomings and connect with your right to pursue whatever calls to your heart and soul?

Under the Capricorn New Moon, Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is active, stationing directly on the same day. Chiron has been retrograde since July, but it has chosen this New Moon day to finally emerge from this cycle.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer for it, like the Sea Goat, has learned to take what it has been given and turn it into a strength and power.

Chiron was abandoned at birth, leading to suffering, trauma, and deep wounding. But over the years, Chiron has learned to use his wounds and traumas as powerful portals of healing.

By embracing his wounds, he has become a wise teacher, healer, and mystic. By embracing his wounds, he has found his own calling and purpose in life.

Many of us want to achieve our purpose, but our purpose is usually not some big, grand plan. Our purpose is quieter. More internal. Our purpose is not something we find, it is something we are. Our purpose lives within us, not outside of us.

Of course, sometimes we have to take an external journey to find our purpose, but really all we are doing is finding ourselves, and that is what gives rise to our purpose.

Your purpose lives inside of you and can be activated under this Capricorn New Moon. Set an intention to connect with all of who you are, for that is where you will find your inner flame. That is where you will connect with what your soul came here to do.

What our soul came here to do doesn’t need to have a name or official title. We also don’t just have one purpose. We can have many purposes that are activated at different times in our lives.

Under this Capricorn New Moon, connect with the purpose that feels most relevant to you and where you are in your life right now. See if you can work with that purpose and extract the wisdom it contains.

As the wounded healer, Chiron’s energy also brings some healing vibrations our way. If there is something you wish to heal, set an intention under this New Moon, for Chiron will light the way.

You can also charge up a crystal for healing and lay it on a part of your body that is in need. Working with your own innate healing powers will be amplified under this New Moon, so feel free to explore and nurture the healing power of your own body.

Right before this New Moon, Jupiter enters Aries, where it will remain for much of 2023. The sign Jupiter is in can color and shape the energies of the year ahead.

Jupiter in Aries indicates that 2023 is a year of independence, innovation, and new beginnings, and all of this energy is encapsulated under the New Moon.

Whatever seeds of feeling are planted at this time will likely be an etching of what 2023 may offer. Pay attention to the subtle thoughts, feelings, and themes that are stirring for you around this time, for they are likely to be the lessons and gifts that the new year will bring.

As we wrap up 2022, we have a lot of energy cautioning us to slow down, retreat, and make time for relaxation.

Shortly after this New Moon, Mercury will station retrograde, joining Mars, which has been in retrograde since the end of October.

Both these planets in retrograde together are signaling us to take our time, revisit the past, and consider the wisdom our past has shown us.

Under this New Moon, past events or feelings may emerge, and if so, know there is some wisdom to extract from their memories. See if you can take this approach with whatever comes up for you.

Your Capricorn New Moon Ritual is here.

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