Intuitive Astrology Forecast April 2024

april astrology forecast 2024

April brings some of the biggest cosmic events of 2024, including a Total Solar Eclipse and the fated and rare meeting of Jupiter and Uranus.

All of this energy makes April a turning point month. Life will shift in new and interesting directions. You may just surprise yourself as to where you end up at the month’s end!

Let’s take a look at the key astrological events for the month and how you can work with the energies:

April Astrology 2024

April 1st: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, travel, technology, and our thought processes. It is believed that when Mercury enters retrograde, these areas are not generally favored. We are cautioned not to sign contracts, book travel, or purchase electronics and to be careful when it comes to what we say and post online. While all of this is very much part of the Mercury Retrograde energies, there is another side to it, too. When Mercury is in retrograde, our intuition becomes heightened, and our ability to obtain messages from our inner world becomes more pronounced. While it is not considered the best time to start anything new, it is the perfect time to go back to the past and reconsider what we may have missed the first time. If there are past projects we wish to reignite, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to take action.

April 3: Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Romantic Venus aligns with creative Neptune making for a beautiful flow of energy! Venus and Neptune coming together in Neptune can make us feel extra sensitive, soft, and sensual. We may be feeling more connected to our feminine side or more in touch with what brings us pleasure. Venus and Neptune is a highly creative energy too, so we can use this alignment to bring more creative inspiration into our lives.

April 5th: Venus in Aries

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into the fiery sign of Aries. Venus in Aries brings powerful leadership energy. We may feel like starting something new or taking steps in a new direction. This energy can sometimes make us feel impulsive or more driven by our passions. With the current cosmic climate however, we are best to channel this energy into exploring our creativity.

April 8th: Aries Solar Eclipse

The Aries Total Solar Eclipse is one of the most powerful cosmic events of the year. The Total Eclipse will be visible across North America and Central America, and is expected to be one of the longest Eclipses of our lifetime. It is said the countries that can see the Total Eclipse are going to be countries that are up for change and transformation. While Eclipses can stir transformative energy for everyone, Solar Eclipses are considered door openers. This Solar Eclipse can open new pathways for us and get us to see things in a whole new light. We may experience a deep ah-ha moment or moment of clarity. We may also decide to take a new step in a new direction. Solar Eclipses tend to reveal to us what we really want. Sometimes we are in touch with what we want, and other times, what we want may suddenly take us by surprise. This Eclipse is a powerful portal for manifestation work and is a great time to set some intentions for the future.

April 8: Sun Chiron Conjunction in Aries

Taking place at the same time as the Eclipse, the annual conjunction between Chiron and the Sun is a power day when it comes to our healing journey. Chiron represents the wounds we hold. These wounds come from our life experiences but can also be something we inherit from our upbringing, ancestry, or even past lives. As the Sun aligns with Chiron under the Eclipse, we may feel a healing breakthrough of sorts. If we have been on a healing journey, we may receive some powerful insights or perhaps deeper awareness or understanding of how our traumas have been operating. While the Sun and Chiron meet every year, having this conjunction at the same time and degree of the Eclipse makes it very special and something to definitely pay attention to. You can learn more about the Sun Chiron Conjunction here.

April 9-11: Mars Saturn Conjunction in Pisces

Mars and Saturn come together in the sign of Pisces. Although this energy peaks on these days, we can feel it building at least a week before. This can be a particularly volatile combination, and as it takes place right after the Eclipse, we may feel it more intensely than usual. When Mars and Saturn come together, we can get a combative energy. Mars adds fire and Saturn adds force, bringing some potentially volatile situations to the surface. Mars and Saturn coming together may also trigger our boundaries and where we may need to be firmer or perhaps let go.

April 12: Sun Mercury Conjunction (Mercury Cazimi)

Retrograde Mercury conjunct the Sun is one of the most powerful days in the retrograde cycle. It is at this point that we can activate a new way of thinking and seeing things. If we have been feeling foggy or confused about something, this is where we can start to get clarity. Things from the past that have come back around can now feel more manageable or solvable.

April 19th: Taurus Season Begins

The Sun moves out of fiery, passionate Aries into methodical and nurturing Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign, so with this move, we are going to feel more grounded. We may crave more structure in our day-to-day routine or feel the need to set some roots down. Taurus Season is a great time to focus on creating stability and security in our lives. It is also a time when we may feel more indulgent and in need of some restorative self-care.

April 20th/21st: Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

This is one of the rarest cosmic alignments we will see this year! Jupiter and Uranus come together every 14 years, however this is the first time they have come together in Taurus in over a century. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and Uranus is the planet of innovation and freedom, so as they merge together, we get a strong push for innovative energies and a growing desire for more freedom. Uranus is also the planet of advanced technology, so we could see some powerful technological advancements flow from this aligment. This could really usher us into the technology of the future and be the pathway to a whole new technological revolution. Jupiter and Uranus coming together in Taurus also turns our attention to the financial markets. We may see some volatility in the market or there could be big announcements that change the landscape of the global economy. On a more personal level, this alignment can bring a stronger urge for freedom, doing things our own way, and being more authentic to how we really think and feel. Uranus can sometimes bring radical, spontaneous, and unstable energy into our being, and we may feel the desire to lean into this more. Finally, Uranus is also the planet that rules over seismic activity, so we may see earthquakes or strange weather patterns.

April 21st: Sun Square Pluto

The Sun in Taurus will Square Pluto in Aquarius, bringing some heavy energies our way. We may feel pressured or feel a rising sense of difficulty when it comes to an area of our lives. As this pressure builds, we will find that transformation and change is the only way forward.

April 23rd: Scorpio Full Moon

We are done with Eclipses for now, but we are still very much feeling the waves of transformative energy that have been stirred over the last month. We are likely to be in a very different place than we were four weeks ago. We may be seeing things differently or perhaps ready to make a firm decision. The Scorpio Full Moon is always a highly sensitive time and a time when we feel more connected to our intuition and inner world.

April 25th: Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct in the sign of Aries. While Mercury is out of its retrograde, it is always recommended to wait until Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow before signing long-term contracts or making expensive travel or electronic purchases. Mercury will be out of shadow by May 15th. As Mercury stations direct, it often leaves a gift or some piece of information that can be helpful, so stay open to any messages or clues you receive on this day.

April 28th: Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Mars and Neptune come together bringing some fiery passion when it comes to our hopes and dreams. We may be feeling more passionate or more in touch with what motivates us and brings us joy. Mars and Neptune can also create a desire to escape reality. There are both healthy and unhealthy ways to do this, and with Mars in the mix, it can be easy to look before we leap or act hastily. Be sure you are nurturing your body and looking after yourself no matter what you feel inspired to do.

April 29th: Venus in Taurus

Venus moves into its ruling sign of Taurus. Venus is happy in Taurus and able to express its full potential. We may be feeling more romantic or craving comfort. Venus in Taurus wants us to feel comfortable in our skin and in our surroundings. This is a good time to bring more cozy additions to your home or wardrobe. Venus in Taurus is also a great time to schedule beauty appointments. If you are single or in a relationship, Venus in Taurus can add an extra layer of support to help you find a deeper layer of love and harmony.

April 30th: Mars in Aries

Mars moves into its ruling sign of Aries sending waves of passionate energy our way. We may feel more motivated and confident to tackle whatever the month has brought our way.

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