Intuitive Astrology Forecast for May 2022

may astrology 2022

The cosmic energy of May 2022 feels thick and heavy. There are so many energetic influences swirling through the Universe, and we may have to take extra steps to manage our energy levels and keep ourselves in a state of balance.

The two main astrological events of the month are the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and the move of Jupiter into Aries for the first time in 12 years.

The Blood Moon Eclipse is a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It peaks on May 15/16, depending on your timezone. A Blood Moon Eclipse is the most potent we can experience and represents a powerful transformation. Blood Moon Eclipses are highly prophetic and can activate our soul contract, bringing about situations that catapult our soul to the next stage of its evolution, sometimes quite abruptly! There is no doubt, we will all be feeling the effects of this Eclipse!

Jupiter moving into Aries will set the tone for most of the year ahead. Jupiter will enter Aries on May 10, staying until October when it will move back into Pisces for one final short stay. As Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, we definitely feel it when it moves into a new corner of the zodiac!

Jupiter in Aries brings a fresh new energy into the collective consciousness and gets us thinking about new beginnings. This energy is highly energetic and innovative.

As there is so much energy unfolding, I walk you through all the key astrological events of the month below. Ultimately, however, May is going to be a turning point month. We may feel stretched to our limits and both weary and excited by any transformations that may come our way. It is also likely we will experience the ending or closing of a chapter in our lives this month.

Your May 2022 Astrology Forecast

May 2- Venus Enters Aries

As Venus enters Aries, there is supportive energy in our cosmic skies for manifestation work and setting intentions. As May is just a big, bold month, this would be a good time to get prepped for the month ahead and to set intentions that are primed for your wellbeing. Schedule some self-care and take steps to recharge your energy. If your plate feels overwhelmingly full, this is also a good time to start creating space so you can better manage your stress levels.

May 10- Mercury Retrograde

The second Mercury Retrograde of the year begins in the air sign of Gemini and ends in the earth sign of Taurus. This Mercury Retrograde occurs between two Eclipses (the April 30 Solar Eclipse and the upcoming Blood Moon Eclipse), heightening its energy and making us extra sensitive to its effects. Mercury is the planet of communication, contracts, travel, and our mental state. In mythology, Mercury was considered the messenger of the gods. When Mercury enters retrograde, or the underworld as ancient astrologers used to say, its energy shifts to a more internal, reflective state. Information, intuitive insights, or psychic messages that have been hiding in the shadows can come up into our awareness. We are encouraged to use this energy to go slow, to look back over things, and contemplate before moving ahead. Mercury leaves retrograde on June 3rd. It may take until this point to truly understand what has been unearthed and how to proceed forward with any new information. More insights on this Retrograde to come.

May 10/11- Jupiter Enters Aries

One of the big cosmic events for the month and the year! Jupiter will stay in Aries until the 28/29th of October when it will dip back into Pisces. It will then return to Aries just in time for the December 21st Solstice. Jupiter in Aries brings more independence, more innovation, and a greater entrepreneurial spirit into the collective. Aries is the sign associated with new beginnings, so we may begin to feel things shift into a new state, especially since the pandemic has changed so much for so many. On a personal level, Jupiter in Aries can be a very motivating and energizing placement. Use this energy to fill your cup, to make time for movement, and to care for your physical body. You can read more and get your horoscope here.

May 15/16- Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The Blood Moon Eclipse is a Total Full Moon Eclipse. It gets the name ‘Blood Moon’ for the Moon is cast in a reddish hue as the eclipse reaches totality. Blood Moon Eclipses are incredibly potent cosmic events. They represent endings and closures. They can also reveal information that had previously been hidden. Blood Moon Eclipses are points where our soul contract is activated and we are given an opportunity to take a quantum leap into the next chapter of our evolution. Our consciousness often shifts, and after the Eclipse energy passes, we tend to see things in a whole new light. As this Eclipse falls in the sign of Scorpio, the transformative energies are magnified. We may also find ourselves reflecting on the cycles of death and rebirth that have taken place in our lives, or we may find ourselves moving through the crux of one. Just know that all things are temporary. Once the Eclipse dust settles we will be able to see the higher purpose unfolding from it all.

May 16- Algol and The Sun

Algol is one of the most notorious stars in astrology, however its reputation is largely misguided. Algol represents the power we obtain after having moved through different states or chapters of our lives. Algol is closely linked with the myth of medusa. Medusa started out as an Oracle Goddess, but eventually was turned into a gorgon with a head of snakes. Through this transformation however, she only became stronger. This is the essence of Algol, it teaches us to find our strength and power, no matter the transformations that have found us. You can read more on Algol and how to work with this energy here.

May 20- Sun aligns with the Pleiades

The Pleiades are also synonymous with the cycles of death and rebirth, so there really is a strong theme here! It seems we are really being encouraged by the Universe to honor and remember that nothing truly dies, it simply shifts from one state to the next. The Pleiades are also home to a highly advanced alien race, and when our own Sun aligns with its stars, we can receive psychic downloads and healing energy from these beings with greater ease. Many feel connected to the Pleiades. Their energy is often seen as a purple light, so if you are in need of some healing or energy upgrades, call on this purple light and work with the galactic healing rays it offers.

May 20/21- Gemini Season Begins

The Sun moves from earthy Taurus into the air sign of Gemini. With Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet in retrograde, the energies may feel a bit sluggish at this point. We may be a little worn out from all of the cosmic activity! As Gemini is an air sign, we can take steps to ease our minds, clear any mental chatter, and pay attention to our intuition. Gemini is the sign of the twins. One twin is mortal, the other immortal, signifying the balance between our human side and our spiritual side. Bringing these two states into harmony or balance may be needed under the Gemini Sun.

May 24- Mars Enters Aries

Mars enters its ruling zodiac of Aries, strengthening its energy! We now have Jupiter, Venus, and Mars, all in Aries. This sends some strong, fiery waves into our cosmic skies, which may be a welcome change of pace! With all this fiery energy, we may feel motivated to start new things, welcome new beginnings, and embrace the changes that have unfolded. Mars in Aries can also bring a boost of energy our way, encouraging us to shake off any anxieties through movement and caring for our physical bodies.

May 28/29- Sun Aligns with Aldebaran

Aldebaran is one of the luckiest stars in our night sky! It is considered one of the Royal Stars, and when it aligns with the Sun, we can feel its energy with greater ease. In Shamanic Astrology it is considered the Silver Gate, a portal where souls descend to Earth. Keeping with the theme of transformation, Aldebaran also holds energy that can help transform our minds into higher states of consciousness and eventually enlightenment. It can heighten our mental capacity, our intelligence, our memory, and our ability to retain information. You can read more on Aldebaran here.

May 30- Gemini New Moon

To close up the busy month of May, we have the Gemini New Moon. This New Moon brings an end to Eclipse Season. As the Eclipse Portal closes, the energies will simmer and lighten. We may feel fresh new energy emerging under this New Moon. We may feel our minds have been opened to accept new ideas and to release any thoughts of attachment. Our soul side and our human side may also be feeling a greater balance and acceptance.

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