Intuitive Astrology Forecast July 2024

july astrology forecast 2024

As I sit down to look at the astrology for the month ahead, I almost can’t believe it’s July already! July is one of the most magical months of the year as we experience the Sirius Gateway. The Sirius Gateway happens once a year during the first week of July and is when our Sun conjuncts the star, Sirius.

Many ancient cultures revered Sirius, as it was believed to be our Spiritual Sun. As our Sun and our Spiritual Sun come together, waves of high-frequency energy flow through the cosmic airways and into our being, recharging our spiritual and physical bodies.

In 2024, the Sirius Gateway will be amplified by the Cancer New Moon, which falls in the heart of the Gateway on July 5th.

The start of a new lunar cycle closely linked to the Sirius Gateway will bring fresh energy for all of us to work with. This will be a positive time that we can use to uplift our spirits, bring new hope, and recharge our beings.

When we have strong, powerful energy like this, it can also bring a releasing or a shedding of all that is blocking us or all that needs to be cleared. Sometimes, we can feel lethargic or run down, but as this passes, and as we listen to the wisdom that is on offer, we can bring transformation into our lives.

July also brings the second Capricorn Full Moon for the year, helping to bring closure and clarity to whatever was brewing for us around the end of June.

By the month’s end, we also have two new planets in retrograde including, Neptune and Chiron. This brings our total retrograde count to four. While most of these retrograde planets are working on subtle levels, we may feel the slow down as the month comes to a close.

When we have strong retrograde energy in the cosmic skies, it is the Universe’s way of guiding us to slow, down, reflect, and look over things once again before pushing ahead.

I hope wherever the cosmic energies take you this month, you are able to feel that life has slowed down just enough to allow you some space to recharge and reflect.

Let’s now take a look at the key dates for the month ahead-

Astrology for July 2024

July 2: Sun Square Lunar Nodes

Remember the Eclipses we had back in March and April? This is our time to reflect back on those months and see where we have landed. If you set intentions at this time, this would be the perfect day to go back and reflect on your progress. If things haven’t quite happened for you just yet, don’t despair; there is energy on this day that can help you to look at things in a new way or to take a new direction to achieve your goals and dreams. If the Eclipses of that time were particularly difficult, you could receive some information or support now that brings deeper understanding, or perhaps you may feel closer to receiving the closure you need.

July 2: Neptune Retrograde

Neptune enters retrograde in Pisces. This is a subtle energy that will help to expose what is bubbling underneath. Neptune Retrograde can lift the veil, helping us to see what is really at play. Illusions can come crashing down, or we can start to see that things weren’t what we thought them to be. While this can be a confronting energy to deal with, Neptune Retrograde can also inspire a new creativity, allowing us to see to see answers and solutions rather than blocks and barriers. Neptune will remain in retrograde until December 7th.

July 2: Mercury enters Leo

Mercury, the planet of communication enters passionate and heart-driven Leo. Our heart connection can strengthen under this energy, allowing us to more effectively communicate how we are feeling and what our heart is longing for. This is a good time to ask your heart what it needs and listen or journal the response. What you discover may very well bring a deep ah-ha.

July 2-7: Sirius Gateway

The magical Sirius gateway is activated during the first week of July, however it is strongest on July 4th. This is a powerful Star Gateway that helps to raise our vibration and unlock higher wisdom. Sirius is known as our Spiritual Sun, so under this energy, we can recharge both our soul and body. Sirius is also connected to the vibration of freedom and higher technology. If you are looking to step into a more authentic space, this energy can help with that. If you work in the tech space or want to innovate in the tech space, this energy can also be very advantageous. You can learn more about the magic behind the Sirius Gateway here.

July 5: Cancer New Moon

A beautiful, soft New Moon comes to remind us that it’s never too late to begin again. There is beautiful energy circling under this New Moon, encouraging us to stay optimistic and to see the softer side. How can we soften our anxieties and see the world from a more loving lens? Loving ourselves is a good place to start. This New Moon will help to amplify the high vibrational energies coming in from the Sirius Gateway. Use this energy to recharge your spirit and to set intentions for the months ahead.

July 6: Venus Square Chiron

Venus in Cancer will Square Chiron in Aries, creating some tension, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But not all tension is bad. This tension feels productive and is there to guide us to deeper healing when it comes to our relationships and the giving and receiving of love in our lives. This is very active energy that can help us take our healing to a new level.

July 11: Venus in Leo

Venus enters passionate Leo! Venus in Leo is a great time to put ourselves out there, focus on our appearance, and to be more fun and playful! Channel this energy by spending time with those that bring out the best in you. Allow yourself to feel pampered and beautiful, and let your playfulness come through.

July 11: Sun Trine Saturn

The Sun and Saturn come into a trine alignment, allowing us to be productive and make progress with greater ease. This is a good time to get things done and to perhaps tackle those difficult projects. Saturn is currently in retrograde, so under this energy, we may also receive more insights into the “homework” the planet of Karma has laid out for us. You can learn more about Saturn Retrograde here.

July 12: Venus Opposite Pluto

Venus in Leo aligns opposite Pluto in Aquarius. This can be a potentially challenging dynamic that can highlight power struggles in our lives. Where are we controlling too much? Where are we being controlled too much? We may feel the push and pull of this in our lives and in our relationships. Whatever comes up, see if you can step out of your ego and come into alignment with your heart. Stand in your power, but try not to engage in power struggles.

July 15: Mars Conjuncts Uranus

Mars and Uranus come together in the sign of Taurus, bringing a fiery spirit and perhaps even some upheaval. What makes this alignment even more interesting is that Mars and Uranus align on Algol, one of the most powerful (and perhaps notorious) stars in our Solar System. This is an interesting energy dynamic that could bring up rebellion, power clashes, and a strong need to protect ourselves especially, energetically.

July 15: Sun Square Chiron

As Chiron prepares to go retrograde at the end of the month, this is a power day to begin reflecting on your healing journey since December of last year. Chances are, you have done much growing and healing since this time. Use the energy of today to recognize all of your progress and know you are being supported to take action. If there is a new step you feel called to make on your healing journey, today is the perfect day to take it.

July 20: Mars in Gemini

Mars, the planet of action and energy, moves into Gemini. With Mars in Gemini, we may be feeling more social or ready to take on some challenging conversations. Our filters may be down, which could land us into trouble when it comes to oversharing, however, we may just find it easier to express ourselves and easier to get to the bottom of how we really feel. Just be mindful of coming across too harsh, or saying something you may regret later.

July 21: Capricorn Full Moon

This is the second Capricorn Full Moon of the year. The first was back on June 21st. We may be drawn back to this time period. Perhaps more information may come to light on issues that were circling at that time. We may also find that something is completed or put to rest that we have been struggling with for the last few months. This Capricorn Full Moon is calling for us to release and let go of things that are blocking us from realizing our true potential. Think about what fears or self-limiting beliefs are holding you back and see if you can release them to the Moon. Stay tuned for more on this magical Moon!

July 21: Mercury Square Uranus

Mercury, the planet of communication, makes a tense alignment with Uranus, the planet of innovation and freedom. Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury, so this is a powerful energy dynamic to work with! We may feel a little scattered and all over the place. We may find it hard to know which direction to go or how we really feel. We need to still our minds and go with the flow. Sometimes, the answers are not obvious. Sometimes, we need to think bigger or stretch our minds to new dimensions. It seems that is what the Universe is calling us to do here.

July 22: Leo Season Begins

We move out of the watery season of the crab and into the fiery season of Leo! Leo is a fun, vibrant, and playful energy to work with. Leo is known for its proudness, its flair, and its ability to seek pleasure and luxury. The Sun loves being in the sign of Leo and feels most at home in this sign of the zodiac. The Sun is our life force, and our recharger. Find ways to recharge your energy under the Leo Sun.

July 22: Sun Trine Neptune

A magical and creative day! Neptune is still in retrograde, but this alignment allows us to harness some of its creative energy. This is a powerful day for all types of creative endeavours. Allow your imagination to soar.

July 23: Sun Opposite Pluto

The Sun in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius. This is a powerful point on our journey when it comes to transformation. How have you transformed? What have you shed away? This is a good time to acknowledge the cycle of death and rebirth that you have most recently moved through. You may wish to read more about Pluto in Aquarius here.

July 25: Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury enters its ruling zodiac of Virgo. Mercury loves to be in Virgo and can help us to be more discerning and to pay attention to the smaller details. Mercury in Virgo can be critical however, so we need to ease up on ourselves and others. Give some grace.

July 26: Chiron Retrograde

To close out the month, Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, enters retrograde until December. This is a time to nourish and love ourselves despite our wounds. Chiron retrograde gives us a chance to go back over the parts of ourselves that have been exposed through trauma or wounding. It allows us time to digest, integrate, and to think about ways we can move forward. With Chiron in Aries, we are encouraged to release our fears and soldier on. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, for it has learned to harness and love its wounds as part of itself, rather than wishing things to be different. This is our chance to instill that type of acceptance in our own lives.

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