Intuitive Astrology: June Mutable Grand Cross 2016

june grand cross astrology 2016

One of the reasons the June New Moon is Gemini is so potent is because it will activate a Grand Cross formation in the sky.

In Astrology, a Grand Cross is when four planets line up to create a cross pattern and indicates a time of change, healing and transformation.

Grand Crosses are powerful and in June 2016 we are all going to be working with the energy of this Grand Cross for most of the month.

The energy will peak around the New Moon on the 4th-5th and continue up until the 10th. After that the energy of the Grand Cross will start to fade, however we won’t fully have an understanding of the Grand Cross until the end of the month when the energy has finally settled and we can see things with a newfound clarity.

The planets involved in this Grand Cross include Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter.

Venus will be in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo.

All of these signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo) have a Mutable energy, which means that while they have the ability to go with the flow and adapt, they can also bring about anxiety, chaos and confusion.

In many ways, this Mutable Grand Cross is going to make us feel confused and scattered when it comes to directing the course of our lives.

We are going to feel that change or shift is necessary, but perhaps we won’t be able to quite figure out how to approach it just yet.

Since March we have all been faced with a cycle of change, a cycle of getting to know ourselves better and what energy we want to put out in the world. We have been given glimpses of what this may look like, but then the retrograde cycle happened and we were forced to go within.

This state of going within is slowly coming to an end, and this Grand Cross is going to help amplify the energy of moving from the internal to the external.

All of the changes and movement that we have felt on the inside is suddenly going to start manifesting on the outside.

In order to best understand the energy of this Grand Cross, we can look at the individual planets. It is important to remember however, is that all of these planets will be working together and bouncing off each other, which will create a strong, potent energy.

Planets in the Grand Cross:

The involvement of Venus in this Grand Cross is going to be testing us in the areas of love and profits. Venus is going to be activated to really show us where we have been turning a blind eye and ignoring our intuition. She is also going to be showing us the beauty in all that we have achieved and helping us to see things from a different perspective.

The Venus energy in this Grand Cross is also going to help us to communicate how we really feel and express our emotions to the world. While this is a beautiful thing, we all may have to be careful about what we choose to express and what we choose to say to others. Emotions may be foggy or heated, so taking a deep breath before speaking may also be necessary.

Saturn’s involvement in this Grand Cross is helping all of us to see the truth and to look at things without stars in our eyes. Saturn is a realist, and it wants us to see things as they are. The only problem with this however, is that Neptune is also involved and Neptune is the master of illusion.

Together, these two planets are going to create a push-pull energy, which will make it difficult to see the truth and difficult to determine what we really want. These planets will also be challenging us to really tune in to the voice of our inner-self and trust our intuition when moving forward.

In fact, the best way to deal with this push-pull energy is to be slow in taking action and to follow your intuition when it comes to making decisions.

Jupiter’s involvement in this Grand Cross is simply going to amplify and expand all of this energy. Whatever Jupiter touches in the sky he expands, and that is exactly what his role is in this Grand Cross.

Jupiter also has a protective energy, which means that whatever manifests in your life from this Grand Cross is likely to be for your highest good and in line with your path of purpose.

Jupiter’s energy may also cause things to be viewed in extremes. Because his energy is all about expansion, your thoughts, feeling and actions may also be expanded during this time. This will not only help you to understand how you are really feeling about something, but it may also cause you to want to take decisive action.

Taking action on a mutable Grand Cross is not always the best option however. In fact, the energy of the Mutable Grand Cross is really about going with the flow and trusting your intuition.

Surrendering to the energy of the Universe is the best way when it comes to managing this energy, so avoid taking any action until you feel called to do so.

The beauty of this Grand Cross is that it requires very little effort from us. While things may feel all over the place or we may be feeling the impetus for change, all we really have to do is rest our minds and follow the trail of our hearts.

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